Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 69 - Parents are Here? Don’t Worry, We’re a Proper Internet Café!

Chapter 69: Parents are Here? Don’t Worry, We’re a Proper Internet Café!

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After adding skill points, Nalan Hongwu and the others finally showed off the powers of paladins and killed their way to the Arcane Sanctuary!

Yun Lian glanced at the sky outside and cursed in his head, Crap! We came in the morning, and the sun’s about to set. We haven’t contacted the faction! The Elder is going to kill us!

“Junior Sister, we should head back!”

“Uh…” Ye Xiaoye nodded unwillingly.

But suddenly, someone shouted, “The owner is fighting a boss now!”

Fang Qi often used the word, boss, and now it was a common word in his internet café.

As soon as Ye Xiaoye heard this, she immediately ran up to Fang Qi and shook her head at Yun Lian. “Wait, I need to watch the owner defeat the boss first!”

At the same time, some other players ran up to Fang Qi. They stared at his screen intently as if they were the ones fighting the boss.

“He’s starting!”

“This boss looks really strong!”

Duriel was a giant bug that was the size of a hill. It charged at Fang Qi viciously as soon as the latter arrived in the chamber!

Despite its size, Duriel was extremely fast and exceedingly strong. Moreover, the chamber was so small that there was nowhere to even hide!

“Hey, watch out!” The audience was more anxious than Fang Qi.

However, it seemed like Fang Qi had predicted what Duriel was going to do. He activated his aura, Vigor, and quickly avoided Duriel. Then, he hurled his blessed hammer at it!

Duriel could only engage in close-range combat. Fang Qi switched between Vigor and Concentration while keeping a good distance from it, trying to strike the monster perfectly every time with his blessed hammer.

While he switched between auras and tried to avoid Duriel’s attacks, the audience noticed that he activated Concentration while he attacked and switched to Vigor when he dodged. He kept his calm while fighting the hill-sized monster in this tiny chamber!

“The owner’s so good!”

“His skills are amazing!”

“The boss didn’t even get to touch him yet!”

“Look, it’s charging at the owner!”

In the screen, Duriel’s giant body shook before charging toward Fang Qi like a speeding train!

“Move away!”

Yun Lan glanced at Ye Xiaoye, who was watching Fang Qi’s screen intently, and thought, What should we do? She won’t leave.

Yun Lian struggled as well. I haven’t been playing for long, but it is already nightfall?

“Junior Sister… let’s come back tomorrow and watch them kill monsters…” Yun Lian tried to talk Ye Xiaoye into leaving. “Junior Sister…”

“It’s going to be over soon!” Ye Xiaoye promised. “The owner’s going to kill the monster in less than five minutes! Just let me watch for a little longer!”

Ye Xiaoye stared at the screen as she reassured her senior brothers. “If my dad tries to scold us, I’ll take full responsibility, alright? Why are you all so scared?”

Just then, a chubby-looking middle-aged man walked in through the doors. He was wearing a white robe, and his hair was up in a tall hairpiece.

This man placed his hands behind his back and looked extremely nonchalant. His expression was stern and emitted light and maturity, frightening people to their cores as soon as their eyes met!

The middle-aged man glanced around the internet café and walked over upon seeing the familiar figures standing there.

“We’re not scared…” Yun Lian explained, “But…”

Just then, someone tugged at the corner of his robe, “E-Elder Senior… Brother…”

“What? Why are you stammering…” Yun Lian turned around and saw the white-robed, middle-aged man who was standing behind him. This man’s expression was nonchalant, but Yun Lian immediately felt an unbearable sense of pressure surge up to him!

“Chi…” Yun Lian shuddered. The Faction Master came all the way here? We are in big trouble!

At the same time, Fang Qi’s battle against Duriel was at its most critical moment!

Duriel’s body emitted a strong ice energy, freezing the air around the chamber and creating thick frost around Fang Qi. There was no room for him to hide!

Then, Duriel lifted its giant pincers and clamped down at Fang Qi!

“He’s screwed!” The audience was extremely anxious; they didn’t expect this boss, that seemed like it was only capable of close-range combat, to freeze the player remotely!

At this point, Fang Qi wouldn’t be able to run away even if he used Vigor to accelerate! They all knew that Duriel’s pincers would immediately injure or even kill Fang Qi from the sheer size alone!

Just then, they saw Fang Qi suddenly taking out a staff!


Right before Duriel’s pincers clamped, a shining light surrounded Fang Qi!


Chipped rocks flew all over the place as the entire chamber shook.

However, Fang Qi appeared in another location!

Everyone was shocked! What is going on? What did he do?

“It’s a staff that can activate Teleport!” An Cheng rushed over to watch as well, and he immediately recognized what it was, as his character was a sorcerer.

Usually, items that added levels to skills only worked for unique classes, but the ones that had limited times of uses could be used by all players.

If one was lucky, he or she would be able to buy it from a shop when it refreshes. The item that Fang Qi used was commonly known as a TP Staff.

That was how Fang Qi avoided the deadly attack!

“How did he think of this?” The audience was in awe.

“What a great move!” Bai Lang clapped loudly as he complimented Fang Qi, “The owner’s awesome!”

“His skills are crazy!” An Huwei and the others gasped, “He’s so good!”

“I didn’t know that paladins could be played this way!” Nalan Hongwu nodded as he made a mental note.

Upon witnessing such a lively atmosphere, Ye Songtao asked with a stern expression, “What’s going on?”

Yun Lan and the other disciples immediately hid behind Yun Lian, immediately exposing him. Therefore, Ye Songtao’s gaze landed on him.

“Uh…” Yun Lian answered awkwardly, “They’re playing Diablo.”

“Diablo?” Confused, Ye Songtao looked at Yun Lian, waiting for an explanation.

“The name of this game is Diablo.” Yun Lian felt like killing himself as he answered, “Junior Sister hasn’t played enough yet, so she’s watching the owner play.”

“She hasn’t played enough yet…?” Ye Songtao’s expression darkened as if he was on the verge of exploding. “She’s watching the owner play?”

“The owner is so good!” Ye Xiaoye shouted. Then, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Elder Senior Brother, I told you to let me finish watching!” Ye Xiaoye said unhappily as she continued to stare at Fang Qi’s screen. “What are you so scared of? My dad’s not a tiger; he won’t bite!”

Upon hearing this, Ye Songtao’s expression became as ugly as it could be!

“It died!” the crowd cheered.

“He killed Duriel without getting hurt!”

“He ran away from death with his TP Staff! What a great battle!”

“You’re awesome, Sir!” Ye Xiaoye chimed in.

“Who’s awesome?” Suddenly, she heard a low voice behind her.

“The owner!” Ye Xiaoye answered, but her expression quickly froze as her heart sunk.

Then, she turned around slowly…


“You still remember that I’m your dad?” Ye Songtao scolded her, “What do you think you’re doing? Why aren’t you training and instead playing games all day?”

“The faction’s examination is in a few weeks; how can you be still playing around?”

“You have the most resources in the entire faction; why aren’t you grasping that opportunity?”

“Aren’t you ashamed of yourself after all that the faction has done for you?”

“What are you going to tell the elders who have placed their hope on you?”


The crowd, originally watching Fang Qi play Diablo, turned their attention to the noises behind them. Even Fang Qi turned around and saw Ye Xiaoye being scolded. Is that her father?

“This girl sure likes to play…” Someone sighed.

“What is she going to do…” A few people looked at Ye Xiaoye sympathetically since they knew her dad was going to teach her a lesson for playing games right before the faction examinations.

Ye Xiaoye glanced around helplessly. It was clear that she was lying when she said she wasn’t afraid of her dad!

The more I’m scared of something, the higher the chance that something will appear. Why is my dad here? Ye Xiaoye felt like she was going to die. Damn it, I’m screwed this time…

From the corners of her eyes, she glanced at Yun Lian and the other disciples. However, no one was brave enough to step up and help her when the faction master was this furious!

Zhou Hongying, who brought Ye Xiaoye here in the first place, was even more nervous than the rest!

In Fang Qi’s old world, teens who played games at an internet café right before an exam were immediately taken home by their parents. A girl like her was a classic bad example and would be taught an unforgettable lesson!


“Don’t worry, we’re a proper internet café,” Just then, Fang Qi stood up to calm the masses.

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