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Chapter 68 - Being Watched

Chapter 68: Being Watched

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Of course, the disciples of Cloud Ocean Faction didn’t disappear.

Yun Lian had already reached Tristram, a map in Diablo. He rubbed his chin, thinking, Leveling up together can help improve the coordination between disciples and help us gain actual combat experience. Although Dajin has been peaceful, we never know for sure.

A lot of disciples in our faction are too weak, and they can’t travel outside the fraction to experience real training. However, these disciples are too inexperienced. If they really encountered danger, they probably won’t be able to use all of their powers…

But this game… might change our current situation…

“Elder Senior Brother, there’s a monster in front of us! Why are you just standing there!” One of the disciples shouted while Yun Lian pondered.

“I’m coming!” Yun Lian immediately ran up to them.

“Let me familiarize myself with the game first. Then, I’ll be able to report to the Faction Master!” Yun Lian muttered to himself as he ran up to his teammates.

Just then, Ye Xiaoye walked up to him and said,” Elder Senior Brother, we’re not leaving?”

Yun Lian’s expression darkened. “Let me… figure out this game for a little longer… I need to finish this mission first.”

“Perfect!” Ye Xiaoye nodded upon seeing that her senior brothers had all familiarized themselves with the game. “I’m going to go watch others play.”

“Uh…” Yun Lian’s expression darkened even more. Why is she watching others play when I’m right here?

Ever since people got ‘high’ watching An Cheng’s sorcerer play the other day, another form of entertainment became popular inside the internet café – watching others play games.

After learning the style of play known as the Blessed Hammer Paladin from Fang Qi, the other players understood the benefits of watching others play.

Therefore, even when their times were up, the players stood behind others, enjoying themselves as they watched.

This form of entertainment immediately became favored amongst customers!

“Come on, the owner’s looking for better items and won’t be fighting Duriel for the time being. Let’s go play!” Nalan Hongwu gestured at An Cheng and others.

An Cheng, Bu Che, and Ouyang Cheng were level 19, while Nalan Hongwu and Elder Fu were level 18.

“I need to switch up my skill points first.” After the quest, Den of Evil, all players got a chance to switch up their skill points. Nalan Hongwu didn’t know what it was about back then, so he didn’t waste his chance. Now that he knew how to arrange his skill points, he decided to go back.

“Elder Fu, aren’t you going to do the same?” Players like Nalan Hongwu and An Cheng were considered experts since they were close to finishing the game, so a lot of people watched them play daily.

Fang Qi was searching for better items and watching him play right now was a little boring. Therefore, people like Bai Lang, who had reached their playtime limits, came to watch them play.

Confused, Bai Lang glanced at Elder Fu.  He knows how to reasonably add skill points now, so why isn’t he switching up his skills?

The good news for An Cheng and his friends was that their sorcerer characters matched their elemental attribute in real life, and they each tried to master one category of spells. Therefore, they were doing well very in the game.

“Not yet.” Elder Fu stroked his beard and clicked open his skills tree; his offensive aura, Holy Fire, was at level 8!

“The owner said Holy Fire is really powerful in the beginning and doesn’t require any good items to be powerful, so I added all my skill points to it. I’m going to switch them up later anyways, so might as well find out how strong this skill can be!”

“That’s a good idea,” An Huwei, Ouyang Zhen, and the others immediately walked up to him, and a group of more than a dozen people quickly followed.

“Let’s go out of town and look for the Halls of the Dead!” After switching up his skill points, Nalan Hongwu returned to Lut Gholein in a hurry.

Lut Gholein, often called the Jewel of the Desert, was the main trading port in the Aranoch Desert. It served as a natural barrier between the east and west of Sanctuary.

Lut Gholein wasn’t big in the original game, but the players could see how grand it was in the interlude animation.

Standing from a faraway dune, one could see countless lights from the homes of the residents in the city, lighting up the nightly sky and blocking the horizons of the faraway ocean. One glance wasn’t enough to witness its beauty!

Nalan Hongwu and the others were in this great city!

However, due to their current low levels, they had to spend the night at Atma’s small hotel in the corner of the city.

The only reason they could stay here was that they raided Radament’s nest and helped the owner seek revenge. They were content with their current situation since they almost ended up on the streets the night before.

The hotel provided wine and drink, but only mercenaries in this world would drink the wine that was made to the locals’ taste. An Cheng and the others sat on a table inside the hotel and got up with their weapons upon seeing Nalan Hongwu’s return.

“Let’s go!”

Elder Fu waved the saber in his hand. “I’ll get to try out my newly-upgraded Holy Fire.”

As soon as they left the city, they saw a golden desert. Lut Gholein was surrounded by deserts on all three sides, while the last side faced the ocean.

Soon, they saw countless sabercats and scarabs immediately respond to their presence!

Elder Fu didn’t know how powerful Holy Fire could be, so he didn’t put too much skill points into it. However, he decided to add all his skill points to Holy Fire today!

“Fu, kill the monster!”

After Holy Fire was activated, it would burn the surrounding enemies. Soon, a dozen monsters of all sorts chased Elder Fu.

Seeing that there were a lot of monsters already, Elder Fu used Holy Shield, and a white light flashed.

“I activated Concentration! Let’s kill them!” The magic power in Nalan Hongwu’s hands transformed into a blessed hammer!

At the same time, the power of Holy Fire adhered itself to Elder Fu’s blade. As white lights flashed, the monsters were killed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The herds of monsters fell to the ground!

A lot of the scarabs didn’t even get to shoot Charged Bolts before falling onto the ground!

At this time, An Cheng and the others finally caught up to Nalan Hongwu and Elder Hong. Upon seeing them, they stared at the corpse on the ground and then at the two paladins before them.

“My god, the two of you killed them all?”

“You inflicted so much damage!”

The crowd watching them couldn’t help but gasp in awe.

What kind of new combination is this?

“Holy Fire really does have high damage.” Elder Fu gasped, “With an accelerated attack speed of the skill, Zeal, and the additional damage of Concentration, it’s not weaker than Blessed Hammer!”

There was another advantage; the mana usage was greatly reduced. Unlike Nalan Hongwu’s attacks, which drained his mana after killing one herd of zombies, he still had quiet a lot of mana left.

Nalan Hongwu burst out laughing, “You were right not to change up your skills. If we work together, we’ll slaughter them all!”

“With Holy Fire active, they can basically kill one monster with two strikes. If Blessed Hammer is used, one strike will kill a monster!” An Huwei and the others couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Now, I want to play as a paladin as well now!” Bai Lang said dejectedly.

“Brother Bai, cultivators like us should never fight monsters head-on,” Zhan Yan said sternly,.”Did you see that they had to get the sorcerers in their team use Teleport to get them here? The seven of us are all sorcerers and sorceresses. Once we all learn how to use Teleport, our progress will be faster than theirs!”

“You’re right!” Bai Lang bucked up upon hearing this. “Teaming up with warriors will hold us back! The sorcerers and sorceresses don’t have to worry about traveling times!”

“He’s right!” Ye Xiaoye chimed in excitedly, “Even though Teleport is a lightning spell, we can learn it separately!”

As they watched An Cheng and the others kill monsters, the audience discussed fervently amongst themselves…

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