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Chapter 67 - The Disappearance of the Cloud Ocean Faction Disciples

Chapter 67: The Disappearance of the Cloud Ocean Faction Disciples

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Cloud Ocean Faction was located on the South Sea, surrounded by fog, tidal waves, and mountains. Before the establishment of Dajin, Cloud Ocean Faction was already a powerful cultivation faction that acted as a leader of all cultivators around the South Sea Region. The faction had enjoyed a long and glorious history!

Yanhai City was located next to Jiuhua, known for maritime trade with various factions and cultivators in the South Sea. It was also a city that was frequented by cultivators.

But today, something happened at a base of Cloud Ocean Faction, located in Yanhai City, causing the entire place to become all muddled up!

In the grand hall sat a short, skinny elder with grey hair. He was wearing a gown with cloud patterns on it, and his eyes glared at the young men bowing down in front of him intently.

“Wasn’t she with you? How did she disappear, just like that? Aren’t you elite disciples of our faction? How could you fail in protecting your Junior Sister?”

This elder was furious. If these disciples weren’t talented individuals that the faction had been working so hard to train, he would’ve already slapped them!

“What should I do if the Faction Master asks me for his daughter? What should I tell him?”

Upon hearing this, the disciples glanced awkwardly at each other.

“Go find her!”

“Yes…” The disciples bowed and were about to leave when the elder called them back, “Wait!”

“Yes, Elder?” A handsome young man who was leading the group bowed down and asked.

“Did she say anything before she disappeared?”

“Uh…” After some thought, one of them answered, “Junior Sister Ye said she’s going to play Diablo…”

“Di… what?” The elder was confused while the disciples glanced at each other.

“This is a clue. Don’t worry, Elder. We will find our junior sister?”

“Diablo… Doesn’t sound like something good…” Yun Lian, the first disciple of Cloud Ocean Faction in his generation, muttered worriedly, “It is an evil cult?”

“It sounds like one…” Yun Lan who was beside Yun Lian muttered to himself; he was with Ye Xiaoye right before she disappeared.

“What other clues do you have?” Yun Lian asked.

“That’s it…” Yun Lan thought about it and suddenly remembered something. “Oh, right, Senior Sister Zhou took Junior Sister Ye to Jiuhua City the day before yesterday. Since then, Junior Sister Ye had been talking about Diablo. Do you think it has something to do…”

“What are we waiting for?” Yun Lian exclaimed, “Contact her with your communication jade!”

“Who reached Junior Sister Zhou with their communication jade?”

At the same time, the sorcerers and sorceresses at the internet café fired fire bolts, immediately clearing the corrupt rogues out of the way.

Zhou Hongying picked up the dropped items as she asked, “Junior Sister Ye, don’t you have to go back to Yanhai City? Why are you here?”

“Uh…” Ye Xiaoye’s pretty face reddened as she stuck out her tongue playfully. “What’s the hurry, let me play for a while first…”

“…” Just then, Zhou Hongying’s communication jade vibrated.

“Junior Sister Zhou said Junior Sister Ye is in Jiuhua City!” Yun Lian pulled his sword from the wall and said in a hurry, “Come on, let’s go to Jiuhua City!”

“Let’s take the faction’s spiritual ship! We’re in a hurry!” Yun Lian’s cultivation strength allowed him to use Cloud Ocean Faction’s spiritual ship, which was a land-and-sea ship especially crafted for a prestigious faction like theirs. Therefore, they arrived in Jiuhua City in less than two hours!

They stood in front of the shop that had a glass wall and looked in to see everything that was going on.

“Is this shop run by the evil cult called Diablo? It doesn’t seem like it.”

“There are no cults that operate this openly.”

Through the glass, they could see many people sitting inside the shop.

Yun Lian led their group into the shop without further hesitation.

“This is delicious! Why is it so delicious!” Jiang Xiaoyue sat behind the counter and took tiny sips of the Spirit as she muttered to herself, “How can something this delicious exist in this world?”

As a complete foodie, she was ready to burst into tears when she got to drink Sprite. Still excited, she asked the people who walked in, “Would you like to play games?”

“Hm?” Yun Lian looked at the loli sitting behind the counter and thought in confusion, Is this a new style that evil cults are trying out?

“We’re looking for someone!” Lan Yan slammed his spiritual sword onto the counter and asked grimly, “Where is computer 36?”

“Why are you being so vicious?” Jiang Xiaoyue glared at him before pointing at a seat inside the shop. “It’s right there; follow the numbers on the table.”

Soon, they found computer 36. Before they could walk up to her, loud shrieks and shouts sounded before them.

“The Countess! I found the Countess! There are so many monsters here, come over!”

“Frost bolt! Frost bolt! Clear the corrupted archers first!”

“There’s an elite monster here! Kill it!”

“Stay in formation!”

“AH! I’m shot by an arrow! You guys keep going!” The disciples heard the crisp voice of a female and immediately glanced at each other. “That’s the voice of our junior sister!”

“She was shot by an arrow? Where is she? Where is she?”

Then, they quickly found the blue-robed girl sitting in front of computer 36.

“Junior Sister, are you okay? Where did you get hurt?” The group of disciples immediately swarmed up to her.

“What do you mean.” Ya Xiaoye switched to keyboard and mouse mode and turned around in confusion. “Why are you all here?”

“Weren’t you shot by an arrow?” Yun Lian quickly took out a bottle elixir from his inner pocket. “I have medicine with me. Eat this!”

“I…” Ye Xiaoye was at a loss for words and pointed at the screen in exasperation. “I was talking about the game!”

Why would they give me a bottle elixir when it is my character who was injured?

“Game?” The disciples followed Ye Xiaoye’s finger and glanced over at the screen in front of them. A pretty sorceress was hiding in a corner, drinking potions.

“What kind of game is this?” The disciples looked at each other in shock!

“Diablo!” Ye Xiaoye replied, “Didn’t I tell you yesterday?”

Setting the game aside, Yun Lian sighed in relief upon seeing that Ye Xiaoye was fine. He muttered to himself, “It’s a false alarm; Diablo is just a game…”

“But… Junior Sister Ye, everyone’s looking for you. You need to come back with us right now.”

“No, I’ll go back with you in six hours.”

“S-six… hours?” The disciples looked at each other.

“Yeah! I paid already, so I have to finish the game! I still have an hour or two left,” Ye Xiaoye explained in all seriousness.

“Forget it. Since we’re here, and our junior sister is fine, if she wants to play, let her play.” Yun Lian smiled bitterly.

“Oh, right. Do you guys want to play?” Ye Xiaoye continued fighting the Countess as she asked them.

“Should we?” The disciples looked at the time and thought, If Junior Sister Ye is going to play for another hour for two, we might as well pass the time. Why not?!

“Sir, activate four more Diablo accounts!”

“What in the world is this?” After Ye Xiaoye defeated the Countless, she helped the four of them start the game.

“Oh my god!” The four disciples gasped, “I didn’t know a game like this existed!”

“Games could be played like this?”

“Of course!” Ye Xiaoye said proudly, “The game here is really fun, and the best has yet to come! You’ll experience it later!”

“It gets better?” They were shocked to hear this, and Ye Xiaoye patiently explained, “Yes! Choose the sorcerers and sorceresses; they know a lot of spells!”

“Okay, we’ll all choose the sorcerer and sorceress.”

“Hey, I noticed that I learned a new spell as soon as I started the game. Did any of you?”

“Hey, so did I!”

“Me too!” The disciples looked at each other in amazement.

“Oh, right, go to the Den of Evil to level up, and you will be able to learn new spells,” Ye Xiaoye instructed. “Then, open your skills tree, click on the spell, and you would learn it.”

“It’s so simple!”

“All we have to do is click?” They were amazed by what they heard.

Five hours later…

– In Cloud Ocean Faction’s Yanhai City base –

The white-haired elder smacked the table. “Why aren’t they back yet? Have they all disappeared?”

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