Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 66 - An Exasperated Jiang Xiaoyue

Chapter 66: An Exasperated Jiang Xiaoyue

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After he closed the shop, Fang Qi calculated his earnings and realized that although the system took most of the crystals, he still got to pocket a lot.

As the number of customers increased, all 50 computers were taken during rush hours. Therefore, he made at lease six or seven hundred crystals a day.

Although he only got to keep 10% of the earnings, it still came to a couple dozen crystals. He now had more than 300!

That wasn’t a small amount; 300 crystals was enough to buy a flying spiritual artifact!

I can basically afford a car now! Fang Qi thought happily.

Jiang Xiaoyue, on the other hand, sobbed as she cleaned up the shop. “… When can I earn money… I want to drink Sprite… I want to play Diablo…”

– The next day –

What were Jiang Xiaoyue’s favorite activities of the day? Breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

As a loli, she had no other hobbies and didn’t even get to drink a bottle of Sprite.

On the other hand, Fang Qi gave her a task every day, and that was to watch him and other customers drink Sprite.

Perhaps Fang Qi didn’t do this on purpose, but that was the reality.

– Next day morning –

“Qi, you’re here to buy buns again?” His neighbor, Auntie Wang, looked at him kindly. “Three orders? Did your strength increase again? You have such a hearty appetite!”

“Yup.” Fang Qi paid Auntie Wang and carried his three orders of buns back into the shop.

He was too lazy to explain to others how Jiang Xiaoyue had to eat two giant orders of buns for breakfast. Even if he did, no one would believe him.

He opened his internet café early today, so there weren’t any customers yet.

The two of them sat behind the counter by the door.

Jiang Xiaoyue ate elegantly but quickly, making Fang Qi wonder if there was a black technology spatial storage in that stomach of hers. How can she eat so much stuff?

After finishing her first bun, Jiang Xiaoyue suddenly noticed that Fang Qi was staring at her and immediately became cautious. “Stupid owner, what are you looking at?”

“I think I have to deduct your salary,” Fang Qi said in all seriousness, “or else, you’re going to eat me poor!”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Xiaoyue gritted her teeth so hard that it looked like she was about to bite at Fang Qi.

Then, she saw Fang Qi swiftly taking out a bottle of Sprite and drinking a sip.

Ah… why does he keep doing this to me! Jiang Xiaoyue felt like crying!

“Sir, get me a bottle of Sprite!” After his first sip, Xu Zixin walked in and asked for a bottle of Sprite.

“Your drink is the best!” Xu Zixin smiled as she took a giant swig.

I really want to try this drink… Jiang Xiaoyue glared at Fang Qi with disdain

However, Fang Qi took another sip of Sprite happily before asking her, “Why are you looking at me?”

Watching others drink Sprite and play Diablo everyday slowly lowered this loli’s resistance and willpower!

Do I really have to cook and do laundry for this stupid owner?

No! I’m a person with principles! Jiang Xiaoyue sneered in her head. I know he’s doing it on purpose; he can’t deceive me!

“Sir, get me a bottle of Sprite!” An Cheng and the others arrived as well.

“Sure.” Fang Qi opened the fridge and glanced down. “There are only five bottles left?”

He froze for a second after counting the remaining bottles of Sprite.

“There’s only five bottles left?” Jiang Xiaoyue walked up to Fang Qi and stared into the fridge.

After giving Ancheng, Bu Che and Ouyang Cheng three bottles, there were only two bottles left.

Just then, two elders appeared by the door. “Young man, get us two bottles of…”

“Ah! Stupid owner! I want to drink Sprite! I’ll learn how to cook, okay?” Jiang Xiaoyue finally lost her cool.

“Uh…” Fang Qi didn’t know the emotional struggle Jiang Xiaoyue went through to get to where she was, but he looked at her and said, “What does learning how to cook have to do with Sprite? Plus, even if you started now, you won’t make enough money to buy a bottle of Sprite.”

“Lend me three crystals, alright?” Jiang Xiaoyue held a bottle of Sprite in her hands, unwilling to hand it over.

“Lend you crystals?” Fang Qi froze for a second but didn’t refuse.

Then, he placed three crystals onto the counter. “A bottle of Sprite costs three crystals. Once you learn how to cook, we’ll decide on how many months it’s going to take for you to pay me back.”

I should go back, get a couple thousand crystals, and throw them all on this stupid owner’s face! Jiang Xiaoyue felt like crying. But… No, I can’t. If I go back, I won’t be able to leave… I haven’t even played Diablo yet…

Therefore, she clenched her teeth and said dejectedly, “Can you lend me another crystal?”

“For what?”

“To buy a cookbook…” Jiang Xiaoyue’s voice was as quiet as a mosquito, and she lowered her head so much that it seemed like she was really embarrassed.

Song Qingfeng, An Cheng, and the others began playing Act II of Diablo. They had passed Act I and had all hired Mizan, the honest-looking mercenary, after seeing his power in Fang Qi’s game yesterday.

However, when Song Qingfeng went back to Act I and tried to get better items from Andariel, Mizan was nowhere to be seen.

When they turned around, they saw him shivering in a corner…

An Cheng’s fate was much worse. When he used his portal, he and Mizan were accidentally teleported into a herd of scarab demons.

Mizan immediately ran off, leaving An Cheng, a sorcerer, alone in a bunch of monsters…

After countless incidents, they slowly began to understand this mercenary…

At times, Mizan angered them so much that they felt like cursing.

Look at what you did, Mizan!

Shen Qingqing re-read the official novel in her hands and made sure there weren’t any errors before heading over to Fang Qi’s shop.

She and Fang Qi had come to an agreement; Fang Qi would provide the plot while she would write the stories. She was also responsible for finding a place to publish the novel.

As a loyal fan, she wasn’t thinking about making money when she decided to write a book about Diablo. The profits would be split forty-sixty.

Neither of them really cared about this money, so they came up with something basic.

– Inside a grand hall in Yanhai City –

A pretty girl muttered to herself, “I really want to play Diablo… Why did Dad tell me to come to Yanhai City rather than Jiuhua City? I want to go on missions with freedom like Senior Sister Zhou…”

“Junior Sister Ye, what’s Diablo?” Confused, the disciples accompanying her asked.


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