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Chapter 65 - It’s Addicting to Watch Others Play as Well?

Chapter 65: It’s Addicting to Watch Others Play as Well?

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Upon hearing what Nalan Hongwu said, Fang Qi laughed; he had seen addicted players before, but seeing addicted viewers was a first for him.

“Sir, there’s a monster charging towards you!” A group of scarab demons ran towards Fang Qi’s character while his back was against the screen!

The scarab demons were chasing an honest-looking middle-aged mercenary as he ran towards Fang Qi.

Fang Qi looked at them and noticed that aside from the ordinary scarab demons which looked stronger and more powerful than humans, there was also an elite scarab demon that emitted lightning!

“Hey, Master! There’s a lot of bugs here!”

The name ‘Mizan’ appeared on this mercenary’s head as he quickly hid behind Fang Qi, and the latter’s face twitched unpleasantly. Why did I hire you back then…

Before the scarab demons arrived before them, Fang Qi quickly backed off two steps.

He used his Concentration Aura and threw the blessed hammer toward the monsters! Once the scarab demons were attacking, they would spit out large amounts of charged bolts!

Therefore, when they were sucked into the whirlwind created by the blessed hammer, charged bolts began exploding on Fang Qi’s screen.

Fang Qi’s expression darkened as he spat out blood and immediately ran away!

“That’s it?” The audience looked at the screen in shock. All the scarab demons were knocked onto the ground!

“Oh, I think I became stronger!” Just then, Mizan who had obviously leveled up slowly ran up to Fang Qi and attacked the monsters on the group, including the mini-boss!

“Sir, this mercenary is really strong; where did you hire him?”

“His attacks are so powerful!”

“He can fight a mini-boss on his own?”

Another gasp sounded behind Fang Qi, causing the latter’s expression to darken.

“Look for Greiz in Act II and ask for Mizan.”

“The mercenaries in Act II are so strong!” Nalan Mingxue and Lan Yan were watching as well, and they couldn’t help but exclaim, “Let’s hire him in Act II as well!”

The mercenaries in Act I were all archers who quickly ran out of HP and died as soon as they were attacked.

Therefore, after reviving them a few times, the players would stop using mercenaries.

But, the mercenaries in Act II are so powerful! a lot of people thought.

“He’s good!” Lin Shao’s eyes lit up. “Let’s hire this mercenary when we start tomorrow!”

“Yeah, let’s try!” Song Qingfeng was more than ready to play.

Nalan Mingxue smiled mysteriously. “Let’s see when we get there.”

The good news was that this was only an interlude, and Mizan was actually really helpful, allowing Fang Qi to successfully get to Arcane Sanctuary from Claw Viper Temple!

“The owner’s damage is so high!”

“He can kill all the monsters in his way!”

The viewers noticed that no matter where Fang Qi went, as soon as he waved his blessed hammer at his enemies, they all fell like harvested crops!

Even if he encountered a boss, the latter would quickly die under the attacks of Fang Qi’s blessed hammer and crystal sword and his mercenary’s swift strikes!

When An Cheng, Ouyang Cheng, and Bu Che arrived at the internet café with their friends, they rushed to Fang Qi upon seeing so many people huddled around him.

They were flabbergasted by what they saw on his screen. “Sir, how do you kill so many monsters?”

Not even An Cheng’s new staff could kill monsters so efficiently and effectively!

After a while, An Cheng noticed how awesome it was to watch Fang Qi play with such ease!

“How’s this possible?” No wonder Fang Qi’s level was much higher than the rest of them.

“How did you distribute your skill points?” Nalan Mingxue asked as she saw Fang Qi wave his blessed hammer in the air, knocking the Summoner right down.

Now all that was left in Act II was the boss, Duriel, who guarded the tomb of Tal Rasha!

Nalan Mingxue slowly analyzed the scene in front of her; she remembered that the blessed hammer only dealt magic damage, but all of Fang Qi’s items enhanced casting speed and didn’t increase magic damage.

Moreover, none of his items had properties that increased skill level, unlike An Cheng’s staff.

Therefore, he should only be good at defense theoretically.

“Skills?” The others were confused and glanced in Nalan Mingxue’s direction.

When Fang Qi opened his skill tree, Nalan Mingxue quickly looked at Fang Qi’s most-used skills, which were level 3 Blessed Hammer, level 3 Concentration.

Then, she saw the properties of Concentration.

[Level 3 Concentration: Reduces the chance that your attacks will be interrupted.

Chance of uninterrupted hit: 20%

Increased Damage: +90%]

Everyone gasped upon seeing this!

As soon as this aura was used, all his enemies would sustain 90% more damage!

It basically doubled the collective damage!

“No wonder the owner’s mercenary is so powerful!”

“The skills of every class become stronger the more we play!”

“Does this aura work on magic spells as well?” Elder Fu quickly asked.

Fang Qi’s blessed hammer deals so much damage. Will the concentration aura increase the damage of magic spells as well? he thought.

The people in his team were all sorcerers, and necromancers’ curses only increased the physical damage received, which didn’t help the sorcerers! Therefore, necromancers weren’t much help to his teammates.

But if the concentration aura was effective on spells… Once they reached level 18 and learned the aura, An Cheng would be able to kill monsters in the blink of an eye!

To their disappointment, Fang Qi shook his head and said, “The concentration aura only increases the damage of the blessed hammer. Holy bolt, for example, wouldn’t be empowered.”

“It only works on the blessed hammer?”

“It is that strict!”

The viewers were once again left in awe upon hearing what Fang Qi said.

“So, you have the concertation aura, blessed hammer, and a close-range mercenary who also knows how to use blessed hammer? It is like killing two birds with one stone!”

“Wow… this combination is amazing!” The more the viewers thought about it, the more surprised they became!

“So the owner decided to not learn the ultimate combat skill, Fist of the Heavens, which requires level 30 and instead he leveled up his blessed hammer…”

The interesting thing about Diablo came from its different skills and items, allowing each player to create different styles even if they were of the same class!

For example, Fang Qi’s paladin character was supposed to be a close-range combat warrior.

However, Fang Qi’s transformed it into someone like a sorcerer with a suit of armor, who was skilled in both close-range combat and kiting enemies.

When there were a lot of monsters, he could cast spells at them. When he was fighting a strong boss, he could use both physical damage and magic damage! He completely overthrew the definition of a warrior!

Most importantly, his damage was really high!

“There are so much to the skill tree!”

“Watching the owner play is more useful than me thinking about it for a couple nights in a row!” Nalan Hongwu was in deep thoughts upon seeing Fang Qi’s skill arrangement.

Song Qingfeng, on the other hand, patted Lin Shao and Li Ping, the paladins on his team.

“Watch and learn, if you keep adding skill points randomly, you should just let Mizan lead the fight, and you guys can be his supporters!”

Lin Shao and Li Ping looked down and nodded as if they had just learned a lot.

Beside them, even Bai Lang and his friends realized that if the skills were learned in proper sequences, they could still be very powerful even if they had ordinary items!

Of course, good items would be even better.

At that moment, Fang Qi suddenly opened a portal, went back to the town, and exited the game.

“Sir, why aren’t you playing anymore? Go on!” The crowd froze. Not only were Fang Qi’s battles exciting, the viewers could also learn a lot from him! They didn’t have enough!

How could Fang Qi exit the game all of a sudden?

Fang Qi, on the other hand, glanced at the time and said, “It’s midnight; why aren’t you leaving?”

“It’s midnight already?” An Cheng was shocked; he thought he just walked in through the doors.

“What? Already?”

“I didn’t even notice!”

“Damn it! I have to go back to Yanhai City! It’s already midnight?”

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