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Chapter 64 - Watch the Owner Play

Chapter 64: Watch the Owner Play

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‘Raise the cup and toast to the moon, my shadow, the moon, and I count as three people.”

Drinking alone under the moonlight was indeed elegant. Ji Wuyou, in a golden robe, sat in the courtyard as he poured himself a cup of delicious wine. The clear, transparent wine shone brightly under the moonlight.

He picked up his cup and slowly tasted the wine inside, his actions elegant and fitting to his royal status.

Even though there was no one around him, his actions and attitude remained unchanged as if his elegance and nonchalance were habits that had been carved into his bones.

Just then, a shadow appeared in this courtyard like a ghost, landing in front of his table. The shadow proceeded to get down on one knee respectively.

“What information did you get?” Ji Wuyou asked casually, and the black shadow approached him and whispered into his ear.

“Nalan Hongwu? He goes to this small shop every day?” Ji Wuyou placed his cup down in bewilderment. “First Nalan Mingxue, then Nalan Jie, and now even Nalan Hongwu…”

His expression was a mixture of confusion and solemnness. “Nalan Hongwu has always been liberal when it comes to the younger generation, so why did he gather Nalan Mingxue and Nalan Jie? Did he realize something?”

He continued muttering to himself, “The Nalan Family’s powers will be extremely advantageous to us. I’ve been secretly helping Nalan Jie to get the family leader position, we are about to succeed… Nothing can go wrong!”

“What about that shop? Did you get any information?” Ji Wuyou suddenly asked.

“I haven’t gotten any information,” the black shadow replied. “It’s an incredibly mysterious shop, and no one knows where it came from. Apparently, not even the Nalan Family knows.”

Ji Wuyou squinted his eyes, and his expression turned icy. “What is it about this shop that gathered Nalan Hongwu, Nalan Jie, and Nalan Mingxue? What are they trying to do!”

Compared to all kinds of small incidents, the most attention-grabbing news of the day was An Cheng buying runes with crystals.

As an old player of Resident Evil One, Liang Shi passed the game a long time ago. However, he continued playing, just so that he could be the first player to pass the game with just a dagger.

Using a dagger to pass the entire game tested the players’ patience and skills. Usually, Liang Shi and his friends talked about the techniques and strategies. But today, their topic was different.

“I heard that Song Qingfeng and his friends obtain a rune while playing Diablo today, and someone bought it for five crystals!” Blackie asked in bewilderment, “I wasn’t there. Did it really happen?”

“It did.” Liang Shi replied, “I was right there at the time and saw An Cheng give them five crystals.”


Yunshan Tavern had become a gathering spot for game discussions. Frequent visitors of this tavern were also frequenters of Origins Internet Club.

“If that’s the case, it makes sense for Diablo to be so expensive!” someone added.

Activating Act I of Diablo II cost eight crystals, which was significantly more expensive than Resident Evil One. However, people slowly began coming to terms with how pricey the game was.

“If we play and find some of these items, can we make some money as well?”

Liang Shi laughed as he shook his head, “Don’t overestimate your luck. Plus, you would have to come across a rich boy like An Cheng. Even if anyone can obtain these items, who’s going to buy them?”

“Anyways, it’s surprising for someone to buy something that’s in a game!” Blackie chuckled.

“Someone sold something in a game for five crystals?” Everyone at Liang Shi’s table was customers of Fang Qi’s internet café. But upon hearing this discussion, other customers were also engaged. “What is it?”

In fact, other than Yunshan Tavern, even people at Lingyun Academy and Wind and Moon Pavilion were discussing what happened as well.

“The son of the Castellan spent five crystals to buy a virtual item in a game called Diablo?”

“The Castellan was there too. Not only did he not stop his son, he even wanted to buy that same item for 20 crystals!?”

“How’s that possible? What is it? Why would someone buy an intangible item for five crystals!”

Everyone was bewildered upon hearing what happened!

An Cheng, the person who started it all, organized a party on the third floor of Wind and Moon Pavilion. He invited five people, all young masters with great power who lived in or around Jiuhua City.

As they chatted and toasted each other, a young master wearing a red robe and jade pendant asked, “I heard that Brother An spent five crystals on a toy today, and now you’re treating us at Wind and Moon Pavilion. Did something that good happen?”

“A toy?” An Cheng laughed aloud, “If that’s the case, consider this a celebration!”

“Oh?” The red-robed young master continued asking, “You’re in a great mood today, Brother An. Why is that?”

An Cheng was in a great mood!

After he put the runeword into his staff, even his dad and Nalan Hongwu wanted to buy it off of him.

Too bad that Nalan Hongwu’s team needed An Cheng’s powerful sorcerer character and Nalan Hongwu was a paladin. Therefore, An Cheng got to keep his staff, and Nalan Hongwu kicked An Huwei away.

After seeing the other players looking at him in admiration and the explosive damage he felt in the game, An Cheng felt like the five crystals was money well spent!

“It’s nothing.” An Cheng laughed, “You’re all old friends of Bu Che, Ouyang Cheng, and I. Whenever something good happens, you always tell us. I would therefore never forget about you guys when we find someplace good!”

The young master in red laughed, “Brother An, what is this place you speak of?”

Then, An Cheng, Ouyang Cheng, and Bu Che explained the game in Fang Qi’s shop to them.

“Something like this exists?” Xu Hongchen, the young master in red, exclaimed in shock. A man of his status had seen many things, but he had never heard of such a game.

The other young masters in the room all stood up and said, “I trust Brother An’s taste; when can you take us to this interesting place?”

The first batch of players of the day reached their playtime limits a long time ago.

However, the internet café was still as popular as ever, especially the area behind Fang Qi’s seat.

At this very moment, the corner where Fang Qi sat was the most crowded place in the entire internet café!

A while ago, Bai Lang watched An Cheng’s sorcerer character for a very long time and enjoyed the power of that great staff which was empowered by a runeword.

Nalan Hongwu was An Cheng’s teammate, and he was having a good time just attracting the monsters and letting An Cheng kill them easily with fire spells! He had never had such an easy time before!

However, although An Cheng and the others’ playtime was up, the rest of the players still wanted to see more!

Suddenly, someone wondered how the owner, whose character was completely equipped with items powered by runewords, was doing.

“Should we go watch the owner play?” As soon as someone said this, they all swarmed up to Fang Qi, including Bai Lang and Nalan Hongwu.

Confused, Fang Qi looked at them, causing Nalan Hongwu to glare at him anxiously and shout, “Why are you looking at us? Play the game!”

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