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Chapter 822 - Trailer of Wrath of the Lich King, and Countdown of Journey to the West and the Beginning of the New Era!

Chapter 822: Trailer of Wrath of the Lich King, and Countdown of Journey to the West and the Beginning of the New Era!

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[System upgrade progress: 45%]

At this moment, Fang Qi received a message from the System.

[Task: Challenger’s Tutorial School (Intermediate)

Task Target: 1) Help the muggle students become masters, 2) Help 80% of the students reach Grandmaster Level (Battle Skills), 3) Help the best students become challengers

Completeness: 1) 65%, 2) 33%, 3) 0%

Task Reward: The Soul of Cinder*1, System Upgrade Big Gift Bag*1, 5-day access to the new upgraded system cultivation room]

[Synchronization Pendant Upgrade: After upgrading, it can store energy. The limit of stored energy is broken down into ten levels, and 10,000 magic crystals will be the equivalent of one level. Each level can be used to reduce the synchronization percentage requirement and increase synchronization time.]

Mr. Fang got the Synchronization Pendant when he first received the Game Cultivation Room. It was used as a medium between the cultivation room and the game characters. Mr. Fang looked at the pendant dangling before his chest and wondered, This was also upgraded?

Besides the upgrading of the pendent, he saw more new content.

[Dungeon Fighter Online’s new expansion is updated. Host can choose a date to release it.]

[World of Warcraft’s new expansion: Wrath of the Lich King has begun its promotion process. The cinematic trailer of Wrath of the Lich King has been released.]

[The Journey to the West is 95% complete and will be done in three days. The countdown begins.]

[Wukong, the Monkey King, Champion Gift Bag in League of Legends will be released in one week. The promotion will begin in three days.]

[While the System is upgrading, the Host must manage the shops well and keep things in order.]

“The initial upgrade… is completed?!” Fang Qi looked at the System Interface in pleasant surprise and with expectation.

As the promotion of the new expansion of World of Warcraft began, another horrifying godly weapon – Frostmourne began to reveal a part of its horrifying power.

– In the Canglan City Shop –

“The trailer for the new expansion of World of Warcraft?!” As local knights in Canglan City, the knights of the Golden Griffin Knight Legion came to the internet café each day regardless of what happened.

Today, they came to the shop each holding an umbrella.

The moment that they sat down, they saw a QQ message popping out.

Although the release time wasn’t set yet, and many groups of players hadn’t seen Illidan in the current expansion yet, let alone the Warblades of Azzinoth, not everyone was a fan of PVE, and not every player craved for these things.

However, every World of Warcraft player knew about the storyline, which meant that they could still watch the trailer of the new expansion despite their slow progress in the game.

Right now, the Lich King was a distant legend for the World of Warcraft players. Only the players of the small game, Warcraft, in Qzone knew that the Lich King brought them the same horror and suppression as the three destructive demon lords in Diablo 2.

The horrifying spirit energy that could erode the minds of ultimate masters was especially creepy.

“What’s this Wrath of the Lich King?!” The knights of the Golden Griffin Knight Legion and the elves who had just entered the shop immediately watched it.

Nearby, St. Leidon and St. Willy who had just opened Diablo 2 also looked over.

This game was one of the games that they had obtained during the promotion activity of ‘buy ten and get one free’ in the shop. It was one of their favorite games, and they played many games such as Dark Souls, Diablo, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft.

Although the saint-level masters were more interested in the first three games and picked two of them to be their main games, they were also interested in the story of World of Warcraft.

Immediately, they began to watch it.

In the chilly ice which had been frozen for countless years was the vague shape of an ice-sealed throne.

In the chilly ice that had been frozen for countless years, one could see the cold armor with black metal glares and the figure sitting on its eternal throne. On its righthand-side stood a silverish-grey two-handed great sword that had a special shape.

Frostmourne was the godly weapon that was forged by demons and contained the great evil power of the Lich King. The goat demon head engraved on the crossguard and the strange and mysterious runes on the body of the sword gave people a strong sense of its evil power.

At this moment, gloomy blue flames leaped up in the dark holes inside the armor. Then, the eyes lit up.

Before them was a wasteland covered in ice and snow. There was no life or anything signaling the existence of life.

When the accumulated snow was brushed away, the ice underground which contained endless frost that had accumulated for many years began to crack.

“Bone Dragon-!?” While the viewers exclaimed, the most horrifying undead legion in the world spread all over the mountains and fields!

– Meanwhile, in the Yuanyang City Shop –

“It’s said that Dungeon Fighter Online’s new expansion is releasing today?” The people from the Ultimate West Realm were still playing Dungeon Fighter Online. They had tried other games, but this was their favorite.

Of course, streamers such as the Black Light Sword Saint who had become famous due to Dungeon Fighter Online didn’t forget this game. After graduating from the old expansion, they had gradually decreased their time in the game.

When they heard about a new expansion, which was said to be an unprecedented major expansion, was going to be released, they returned to the game immediately.

On the other side, others such as Nalan Mingxue and Song Qingfeng found that their wish had come true; a new expansion had indeed come out.

“Should we enter the game and check it out?” Song Qingfeng asked.

Although it was an old game, they had many memories about it.

King’s Ruin, Screaming Cavern, and the Vilmark – Area 50 with the mechanical bull…

They wondered what happened to the elf girl named Seria whom they had rescued.

Besides, the new expansion would open the Second Awakening, and it was worth a try.

“Anyway, I don’t have matches today and can take a break.” Nalan Mingxue logged into the game cheerfully.

“Say…” Song Qingfeng looked up at the sky outside the shop subconsciously and said worriedly, “Are we really in trouble?”

“Those immortals and gods… I wonder how powerful they really are. Will they…”

Perhaps those existences could destroy this world with a wave of their hands.

“Don’t think about things that you can’t control.” Nalan Mingxue looked at her screen and saw her level that stopped at 70. After clicking open her friend list, she found that most of them had turned grey.

But some of them were still online.

A private message popped out.

[Sia whispered, “Ya? You’re online?!”]

“F*ck… What are these new sets of equipment?” Song Qingfeng watched as Nalan Mingxue choose to browse the equipment and found that Sia was wearing some equipment that they never seen before. “They look awesome…”

[Yeah. I came back to have a look.] Nalan Mingxue still remembered that these people who had lived in the bitter cold big snow mountains naively claimed to guard this beautiful continent. She replied quickly, [I wonder what is going to happen in the new expansion that is about to be released today.]


The Arad Continent was still beautiful and vibrant, not losing any glory and glamour due to the departure of any players.

The streets of Hendon Myre and the West Coast looked the same as they had been.

In the forest, the elf bard played light music, looking relaxed. Suddenly, as if sensing something, he looked up at the sky involuntarily.

At this moment, countless players all looked up at the sky without thinking.

Countless birds flew out from the beautiful jade-green forest surrounding Hendon Myre. There were so many of them that they looked like black surging floods.

Alarmed, they left their nests where they had lived in peace for countless years and flew to the distance.

Or more accurately, they fled!

The black sky and black birds drew a sharp contrast with the snow-white Hendon Myre, a miracle in the desert. The nightly breeze blew by and seemed to be singing a sad eulogy for Hendon Myre.

Countless adventurers walked out from the taverns and dojos onto the streets. Looking up at the sky, they seemed to sense that an unimaginable big event would happen in this world.

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