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Chapter 821 - If I Could Hear Dao in the Morning, I May Die in the Evening Without Regret!

Chapter 821: If I Could Hear Dao in the Morning, I May Die in the Evening Without Regret!

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“Faction Master… what should we do?!” Elder Xiao Yunhe looked at Faction Master Feng Xuehe and asked.

At this moment, the Xiaoyao Ancestral Master and people from other major factions also stood up.

“Seniors, what do you think?” Even the Heavenly Faction Master must show respect to seniors like the Xiaoyao Ancestral Master. Feng Xuehe bowed slightly and asked them.

Everyone looked grim.

“This isn’t a small issue.” They exchanged a look; they had never looked so grim before.

The Xiaoyao Ancestral Master looked at the people of Heavenly Faction and said, “Tell us what happened without omitting any details.”

Soon, these people told them the details of what happened to Elder Feng Yan who was guarding the back mountain and the Ancestral Master’s Shrine.

The black-robed Elder Dugu Xiao from the Heavenly Faction said angrily, “We’ve worshipped these immortals for generations in the past thousands of years with incense sticks. Our faction was in the danger of collapse several times and had to be on guard of the invasions from the godly palaces from the West Continent. However, we received no protection from these immortals. Despite the death of our elders and faction masters, we managed to survive! We just treated them as if they didn’t exist!”

“But now…” Elder Dugu Xiao sneered, “The moment that our Heavenly Faction obtained some progress, they begin to threaten us and give us pressure.”

“Yuck! They just don’t want us to progress!”

“But…” The white-robed Elder Xiao Yunhe sighed, “The thing is that we are no match for them. Fighting those existences is like hitting a rock with an egg. We must think carefully.”

The Xiaoyao Ancestral Master, Dugu Yi, and others exchanged a look and squinted their eyes.

– Meanwhile, in shops like the one in Jiuhua City and Half City –

The cultivators and warriors obviously had also received the same message.

The Taixi Faction Master, the leader of one of the Three Saint Factions, sat in the grand hall in the faction and felt dejected.

“It has been so many years…” The old Daoist dressed in a purple robe looked at the dark sky out of the hall with a lost expression. The dark sky looked as if a destructive catastrophe was brewing. He couldn’t help but wonder if the gods would get so angry that they would turn the mortal world upside-down.

“I had dreamed of seeing an immortal. Today, I finally got my wish, but…” He had never looked so melancholic and lost before.

Even he, a famous major faction master, sat on this couch in a daze with coldness in his heart.

“Stay away from them and forget the past. This is the only way that you can still live.”

These words were tossed out casually.

To forget certain things meant that they would return to their previous state.

“Faction Master…” Beside him, Elder Disciple Ling Wanyin tried to speak but didn’t know what to say.

Yes, in the shop, they were not as powerful as those experienced old players. Maybe they were just insignificant figures here.

At this moment, Ling Wanyin felt like an ant that would be turned to dust by one casual trample of the huge ancient ship full of immortals and gods.

Others might have a little bit more confidence with prizes from the shop.

Yes, facing such existences, these people only had a little bit of confidence.

However, people from other factions such as Ling Wanyin had no confidence at all.

Perhaps a small voice whispered from within, Let’s back off this time… after all, they are true immortals… not the weak demons or monsters that we had faced in the past. The place where these existences stand is the destination that we have dreamed about!

The only compromise that they needed to make was forgetting some unrealistic dreams they shouldn’t have harbored and living as they had lived before.

– In Connate Cliff –

“They will remain alive by paying such a small price. I think they know what to choose…” In the distant peak in the void, immortal clouds surged up in the Innumerable Immortal Sea while the clouds beyond the sky looked as radiant as silk.

There was an extremely magnificent immortal palace hovering high in the air. Standing in the great hall of the palace, Gui Ye told the immortals around him with conviction.


This was the last memory that they wanted to lose.

“In here, I witnessed vast worlds that I’d never dared to imagine. In here, I realized the true meaning of being a cultivator. There are many other things here I’ve learned.”

“Faction Master…”

The purple-robed old man stood up slowly. “Wanyin…”

His face seemed to have aged even more, but his turbid eyes turned brighter. “I remember a saying, ‘If I could hear Dao in the morning, I may die in the evening without regret.’”

“My… memory isn’t good; do you remember this saying?”

“Yes,” the most outstanding disciple of the Taixi Faction bowed and answered, “It’s from the Li Ren Chapter of the Analects of Confucius. It’s a book that records the words and deeds of an ancient saint.”

While supporting himself with an ebony walking cane, the faction master walked to the front of the hall with Ling Wanyin’s help.

Suddenly, a hot white lightning bolt exploded on the square before him, and thunder resonated in the sky. Many low-level disciples hid in their rooms and shivered.

“Today, I think I’m such a person… who just heard Dao.” His slightly bent figure stood straight under the lightning bolts flashing in the sky. While pointing at the sky, he said, “Perhaps I’d rather die for it?”


The winds howled while thunderbolts danced wildly, illuminating this cultivator who stood tall and proud between the sky and the land. It seemed like the flashes of lightning were engraving the soul of this cultivator, who had spent all his life on the pursuit of Dao, into the sky.

– Jiuhua City Shop –

“To stay away from the shop…” The old cultivators from the Wuwei Daoist Alliance in the Jiuhua City Shop looked out of the shop.

At this moment, the low-level cultivators and warriors didn’t even dare to venture out, but there were still many people in the shop.

They were people who would look calm even if Tai Mountain collapsed before them.

“Immortals?! Tribulations?! We’re not afraid!” Nalan Hongwu said coldly.

“They think that we don’t dare to do anything even if they unleash godly punishment?!” In the Half City Shop, Demonic Woman Ning Bi revealed the intense murderous spirit that she had never shown in the shop. Like a prehistoric major demon, she showed her chilly fangs.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of!” In the Yuanyang City Shop, Gu Tingyun said chillily.

“If you dare to touch one inch of the mortal land…” On the shore of the Heavenly Abyss Sea, the two black figures revealed their chilly gazes. “We’ll make you repay one hundredfold!”

On Sanfen Field in Wind and Cloud, the old Sword Saint showed people the unyielding spine of a swordsman. With his sword spirit that even the world and the fate couldn’t distinguish, he unleashed that dazzling sword strike named Sword 23.

When the Qionghua Faction fell from the sky in the Legend of Sword and Legend 4, only the young man who took control of his fate from the Heavens could create the miracle of shooting down Qionghua with one arrow.

Although those things were in the past, they had obtained courage from these memories. They lifted their heads and stood tall. This world witnessed their growth of not only strength but the vision and courage which were the integral parts of cultivators and warriors!

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