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Chapter 820 - Shatter Casually

Chapter 820: Shatter Casually

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– At this moment, in the new shop at the East Continent –

Elder Xiao Yunhe and Elder Dugu Xiao were supervising the Heavenly Team in the regular season tournament in their region.

At this moment, Jiang Xiaoyue, with excellent talent and abundant experience from working with and playing games with Mr. Fang for years, had very good skills in the game.

Since this was only the first season, only a few masters could reach diamond.

In the system version, players needed their league points to reach a certain level to activate the Challenger rank. That was why there weren’t any challenger players right now.

On the other hand, since it was the first time that the players could compete in the ranking system, they continued to develop and expand their skills and strategies even though they were in diamond.

Reaching this level only showed that these players played better than others; it didn’t mean that the players could use any techniques freely.

On the screen, Xiaoyue played as the mid laner, Star Forger. Right now, she was level 5 and was going back to base to buy items. Her opponent was…

“Hehehehe…” Controlling the Wuju Bladesman with the Immortal Journey skin, Dugu Yi was wandering in the mid lane on a flying sword.

When he slashed, he always struck the weak points of the minions and killed them with one strike.

Restricted by the strength limit, he couldn’t fly too high but looked quite relaxed.

“Jungler, mid laner! Come to the mid lane for a gank!”

At this moment, the jungler of the Heavenly Team was the Grand Duelist controlled by Yue Bai. Elder Senior Sister Yu Yin had turned to the top lane after her ‘ATM’ Grand Duelist was mocked many times.

With Comet of Legend (E), Jiang Xiaoyue shot toward the mid lane swiftly like a surging wave in the river of stars. Meanwhile, Yue Bai’s Grand Duelist came up from behind the river.

The Star Forger shot toward the wandering Wuju Bladesman in the mid lane as swiftly as a sharp arrow while Starsurge (Q) transformed into a huge vortex of stars and shot out. Almost at the same time, a figure suddenly appeared behind the Wuju Bladesman. They attacked from both sides!

The Wuju Bladesman’s clothes were lit up by flames, and he couldn’t survive if they attacked him together.

The Starsurge was almost cast in front of his face. Even if they were lightly touched by this huge force, ordinary people would be dazzled and lose balance. If he was delayed for a split second, he wouldn’t be able to get out.

The attacks were too sudden for an average person to react.

But at this moment, the Wuji Bladesman controlled by Dugu Yi suddenly made a move to retreat.

“Want to dodge?” Humans couldn’t move as fast as the Starsurgem which traveled at the speed of a star core. Even though it was casted by a cultivator with a strength lower than level 7, it wasn’t easy to dodge.

But at this moment, the Bladesman suddenly changed into a sword shadow and vanished!

Then, a series of sword-clashing noises sounded. In the next moment, a shallow injury appeared on the Grand Duelist’s arm.

At this moment, the Wuju Bladesman had landed behind the Grand Duelist.

Taking two steps backward gave him enough distance to use Alpha Strike. If he had been a millisecond later, he would have been trapped. During the process, he didn’t make a tiny calculation mistake!

He dodged all the skills in this sudden sneak attack with Alpha Strike!

With his hands clasped behind his back, the Wuju Bladesman looked unruffled.


“So strong…!” Elder Xiao Yunhe who was watching the battle from behind yelled in a low voice, “No wonder they’re the strongest team in the East Continent Region…!”

“Yes!” Standing next to him, Faction Chief Feng Xuehe nodded slightly with an amiable expression. “These kids are still young and can’t compete with the seniors.

“But they are quite good.”

“Hahahaha!” Nothing was more enjoyable than seeing the growth of the disciples.

If the situation continued, maybe one day, even if he couldn’t do it, these disciples might be able to make the step forward.

While inhaling deeply, he looked at the sky outside the shop.

Perhaps the Heavenly Faction will expand and prosper under my guidance one day.

If I can do it, it’s well worth my efforts as the faction master!

At this moment, he suddenly heard a beep from his communication jade.

“Huh…?!” He took it out immediately and saw that it was from Elder Feng Yan.

[Faction Master! Bad news! We’re in big trouble!]

[What bad news?] Feng Xuehe was a little displeased. [Why are you so panicked? As a cultivator, where’s your calmness?!]

[Immortal! Immortal!?]

[What immortal?!] Feng Xuehe asked immediately.

At this moment, he seemed to realize the severity of the situation.

He looked up at the sky which had been always gloomy lately. Without a thread of sunshine, it looked like the atmosphere before a catastrophe.

[Huge catastrophe… a huge catastrophe is coming!]

[Our Heavenly Faction… is in danger!] In the Ancestor Master’s Shrine, the pale-faced old cultivator tried to get up, but he fell again after a few stumbling steps.

No… my essence is messy in my meridians, and I can’t activate cultivation strength to fly…

He quickly reported the strange phenomenon that happened in the back mountain.


As if he had heard a loud thunder from the clear sky, Feng Xuehe’s face instantly paled.

[This… it’s not something that we can joke about! Elder Feng Yan, is it true?!]

Looking at the gloomy sky, he knew without a doubt that it was an omen.

“What’s happening…!?”

“Faction Master, what happened?!”

“Forbidden… godly punishment?! Hahahaha!” A pathetic and helpless laughter sounded in the shop.


A roaring gust blew into the shop and messed up his Daoist hat.

Another horrifying lightning bolt flashed in the sky above the shop as if it was the fury from the Heaven.

“I was wondering about the strange phenomenon lately…” one elder said in a grave voice.

Meanwhile, the same news came from the Three Saint Factions in the distant Continent of Immortal Relic.

Even the West Continent had the same situation.

On the first day, a windstorm came and turned the world into darkness.

On the second day, a rainstorm came as ocean water poured onto land!

At this moment, the peaceful and serene Silver Moon Forest was engulfed in a heavy storm that the elves had never seen before.

Countless elves scrambled to seek shelter while the river broke through the banks. In the beautiful White Creek City, creek water poured into the streets, and the elves with low strength hid in their rooms and shivered.

While bringing hands together before their chests, they seemed to be praying for their god to take away the catastrophe.

The neighboring nation of the Morning Light Empire was the homeland of Merlin, a current employee of the Canglan City Shop.

This ancient nation of knights looked like a withered old tree.

It was late in the night, and two figures could be seen hurrying along the street in this ancient nation of knights.

The Radiant Light Godly Palace was still brightly lit.

“Get in line! Don’t push!”

“My Lord… will we have a chance to go up to the ultimate god nation to serve the gods so long as we’re pious enough?”

“Do you think anyone can serve that existence?!” The priest looked at the old man who was dressed in ragged clothes and mocked, “Of course, you must show your piety!”

Embarrassed, the old man dug out some silver coins with the heraldry of the Stan Empire. “This is all I have… can you show mercy…”

“You don’t even have any magic crystals?!” The priest looked cold.

“I beg you…” A little girl who was about five years old and had a ponytail pulled on his arm and said, “My grandpa…”

Pale-faced, the old man coughed in obvious physical discomfort and begged, “Can you make an exception…”

Impatient, the priest brushed him onto the ground and shouted, “Do you take me as a beggar?!”

“Grandpa… Grandpa!” The little held onto the old man and cried.

“Mr. Senior Priest,” a younger priest dressed in a priest’s robe said in a low voice, “The tribute that we collected today… hehe… is almost enough.

“The rest…”

“Continue!” The senior priest said with a snort, “Who said that it’s enough?”

He pointed at the long line behind them and said, “There are so many devoted followers; who said that it’s enough?”

“I can tell you clearly,” the priest said in a cold voice, “The humans in this world have angered the gods, and godly punishment will come soon. When it comes, none of you sinners can escape!”

The people standing in the back of the line all went crazy.

– In the Innumerable-Immortal Sea in the endless void –

On the cliff over the surging white clouds, a figure looked down on the world.

His gaze turned toward the world beyond the sky instead of the land beneath his feet.

“Mr. Gui Ye!” A figure behind him bowed with respect.

“You’re wondering… why I made such a big fuss out of this insignificant incident and some overconfident mortals?”

“I dare not.”

This figure waved his hand, and a streak of horrifying immortal lightning shot past a flying bird and crashed toward a huge golden roc in the sky.

In the next moment, the flying bird turned into dust!

He said with a snicker, “While we move forward in a huge ship, an ant happens to rest on our path. Do you think the ant will be shattered, or will this huge ship will be knocked over?”

“Do you understand now?”

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