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Chapter 823 - Destruction Era!

Chapter 823: Destruction Era!

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When the players first started the game, it was a relatively peaceful game that didn’t have fierce battles in cities as in the Legend of Mir 2 or encounters between the opposing factions as in World of Warcraft. There were only battles of wits and courage in the Shadow Thunderland.

From that bright blue Storm Pass covered in white snow, they stumbled their way to Empyrean and then Pandemonium.

It was an uneventful story of adventures.

But their peaceful life was turned upside-down in this instant!

On their way to Empyrean and Pandemonium, the adventurers increased their strength continuously and began to understand some of the cores in this world.

At the beginning of the universe, everything was chaotic. One day, a great will appeared and created everything including the Arad Continent, and his power illuminated this land.

He gradually gained a name – Origin Light, Carloso.

When there is light, there is darkness. When the world was created, darkness also fell in this endless universe. Accidentally, it was turned into 12 powerful gods by the powerful people of Terra.

They could be called gods, Bellatrixes, or apostles.

However, light was opposite to darkness, and a war finally broke out between them and destroyed everything. After Carloso was defeated, the 12 powerful existences only had awareness left in them and drifted in the endless universe again.

This was the beginning of the entire Arad Continent.

The origin and the creator of the world was defeated, and the tens of thousands of laws in the universe were broken. That was why the Arad Continent had such strange phenomena, including weird transfers and the endless appearances of abyss demons coming from alternate dimensions.

At this moment, countless players were looking up at the chaotic sky above Hendon Myre and the West Coast.

The depths of this void was at a location in another dimension.

The whole space rotated around this center while countless dimensional fragments began to gather under the suction of this force.

Not only the oasis-like and beautiful Hendon Myre, but the whole Arad Continent began to turn desolate. More and more people noticed the weird phenomenon in the sky, and they stared at it, forgetting whatever they had been doing. For an unknown reason, they had an ominous feeling in their minds.

In that unknown dimension, a confused warrior walked over slowly.

No one knew where he came from. At this moment, nebulas spun in his chest as if a mini-universe was hidden in it.

In the shadow under light, they seemed to see the creator of this world in the depths of the universe.

In the light and flames, the most magnificent figure in the universe condensed slowly before this confused warrior.

Dressed in a holy golden battle robe, this figure had a halo, which represented the beginning of the world, behind his head while his figure began to gather and solidify.

Then, he reached out his arm toward the mysterious warrior.

When their hands touched, a radiant golden light beam turned everything around them golden.

Carloso had once disintegrated into countless shadows and disappeared. Now, these shadows began to solidify behind him with dazzling golden and holy lights.

Like the countless shadow doppelgangers, the warrior before Carloso was the last shadow doppelganger, and he finally returned.

Streaks of golden light rotated and shone on this desolate alternate dimension.

The energy, perhaps the most powerful in the universe and had once scattered in different places, now combined into one.

While the energy gathered, a part of it spilled out during the process.

The golden lightning bolts and white-hot energy beams spilling out were insignificant to Carloso, but they violently spread out from this dimension like countless huge ancient dragons that were running wild.

Then, the space cracked.

Among the countless rolling mountains, countless star lights gathered in one spot and then exploded violently!

A beam of lightning energy pierced the sky that was covered in dark clouds!

A hole appeared in the sky as if it got penetrated, and people could see the dazzling river of stars in the endless starry sky.

Even the river of stars lost its color when this bright beam appeared.

The horrifying energy instantly squeezed out everything including air, lightning bolts, gusts, and trees…

Pushed by this horrifying energy, everything in the world spread out like surging ocean waves like a destructive light shield!

The land cracked, and giant pieces were pushed up and formed tall cliffs before shattering. The seemingly endless energy spread out in great waves with explosive force.

“Look over there…!” The Ultimate West Realm players in Hendon Myre pointed at the other end of the world and said in horror.

Countless people heard his yell and looked over.

What a sight they saw…

A lightning bolt connected the sky and the earth.

With lights that seemed to come from the endless chaos, everything exploded in the distant horizon.

The streak of extremely horrifying energy expanded at a visible speed. Instantly, it grew as high as the sky and continued to enlarge!

Even from the distance, they could still sense the tremendous force of that energy.

“What’s that-!?” Sia pointed at the distance in horror and yelled.

Beside her, Gabriel and Luo Piaoling also looked over.

Countless players who were online also turned their gazes over.

“What’s that?!”

“What’s happening over there?!”

“What’s up?!”

All the people in the city and the neighboring cities were yelling as they watched the energy, containing turbid gusts, rainstorms, thunder, lightning bolts, and even mountains, sweeping across every corner of the world between the sky to the land.

It had turned into a horrifying destructive light wall. It had been far away when people spotted it. However, when they reacted, they could already hear the howls of winds, the roars of the thunder and the land, and surging ocean waves.

When they tried to do something subconsciously, everything was shattered ranging from the distant high mountains to the snow-white West Coast port and the miraculous Sky Tower leading to Empyrean.

The land behind them would be the next to be turned into dust in this catastrophe.

At this moment, the bold promises that the players had made when they first stepped onto this continent echoed in their minds.

This beautiful continent was a part of their youthful dream.

Ultimate Slay: Tempest.

Ghost 7: Furious Blache.

Extreme Overkill.

One by one, the names of these powerful skills… their hoarse roars in prior battles flashed across their minds.

“A sword may conquer the flesh, but only your heart may conquer the mind…”

“The core principle of martial arts is to become one with nature…”

Their trainers’ teachings echoed in their ears.

“Luo Piaoling…” Sia pulled on the sleeve of the warrior standing beside her.

Vaguely, they remembered that these so-called barbarians who had lived in the big snow mountains had been fascinated by this beautiful world at first glance.

They had once playfully promised that if one day, someone tried to destroy this world, they would fight to the death without any regrets.

“Nooo-! Ahhh-!”

“Tempest-!” They saw a figure charging at the destructive light wall.

In the darkness, countless lights flashed as the surrounding space was shattered!

However, in the next moment, everything including the person who used this skill was swallowed by this horrifying energy!

“Extreme Overkill-! Ahh-!” Gabriel yelled hoarsely and charged forward like a madman.

Then, his whole body, together with the once unrivaled sword energy, turned into dust. Blood mist sprayed around like a shower.

“Ghost 7: Furious Blache!”


Everything was swallowed!

Everything on the continent where the warriors had adventured on and guarded together was destroyed.

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