Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 58 - Don’t Fight! Play the Game First!

Chapter 58: Don’t Fight! Play the Game First!

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Nalan Jie felt like dying after Nalan Hongwu slapped him on the head. What did I do wrong?

Why can’t I kill Andariel if I’m Level 2? He cried out in his head, No, I have to level up and become stronger, or else I will fall behind!

Three hours later…

The black-cloaked cultivator was more confused than ever. “It’s been so long. Why haven’t we heard anything?”

By this time, Nalan Jie had reached the Dark Wood. On the screen, humongous beasts were chasing him! The wild beasts were big in size, but they all ran like the wind. The one in the middle with grey and white fur, in particular, was faster than all the other ones!

Damn, I’m running out of stamina ! Nalan Jie suddenly realized as he saw that his stamina bar was nearly depleted.

Exhaustion suddenly overcame him, and he couldn’t run anymore!

The assassins had less HP, specialized in close-range combat, and ran out of stamina faster. Therefore, fast and ferocious beasts were their nemesis!

Nalan Jie’s character was immediately surrounded! Then, his screen went black!

With a screech, bloody letters appeared on his screen, [YOU HAVE DIED!]

I died, just like that? Nalan Jie stared at his screen, unwilling to accept the reality.

What am I supposed to do now? How can a person kill a monster like that? Nalan Ji sank into deep thought.

Suddenly, the communication jade on his waist vibrated.

“Hm?” He held it up and slapped his leg. I almost forgot about this!

Then, he sent them a message, “Come over!”

As soon as the cultivator in black saw the message, his expression darkened. “Let’s go! He sent us a message!”

A few minutes later, Fang Qi saw a cultivator wearing a black cloak viciously barge in along with two other men.

As soon as he saw Nalan Jie, he asked quietly, “Who should I kill?”

“Is someone causing trouble?” Fang Qi stood up from his chair.

“Kill?” Nalan Jie froze, “Help me kill the Treehead Woodfist! Sir, activate three more games for me!”

“Hm?” The three newcomers looked at Nalan Jie in surprise as if they had just saw a ghost. “Uh…what’s going on?”

Upon seeing that they were just customers, Fang Qi’s face twitched as he cursed in his head, Are they being bullied by the monsters? Why do they look so vicious? It’s just a game.

An Huwei and a team of elite soldiers walked up to the internet café. With him were two middle-aged cultivators; one of them was short and fat, and the other one was wearing a black robe.

“Brother An,” Bu Lei, the man in black, opened his mouth and said, “Is Diablo really that fun? Na… that person plays it as well?”

“Of course!” An Huwei laughed, “I played for six hours yesterday, I am already at level 4! I even obtained two yellow rare items!”

An Cheng who was following behind them felt speechless.

Ouyang Cheng said quietly, “Uncle An, we found a bunch of gold unique items already…”

“Shut up!” The short and fat cultivator immediately glared at him. “Listen to your uncle! What do you know?”

Ouyang Cheng: “…”

An Huwei looked at the small shop in front of him and chuckled, “We’re here.”

Then, he patted his chest and said, “My guards are all level 4 experts who each have at least a yellow item. They’ll help you!”

The other two middle-aged men replied, “How can we ask that of you?”

“Don’t worry about it!”


Jiang Xiaoyue sat behind the counter and watched as customers flooded into the shop; she was shocked. Old players like Song Qingfeng came in the morning; they all paid for six hours of computer time and a bottle of Sprite.

New players, on the other hand…

Jiang Xiaoyue blinked her giant eyes and thought, Isn’t that the Castellan? Not only did he come so early in the morning, he even brought two more people with him!

“Sir! Activate two Diablo games!” An Huwei shouted, “Also, get them each a bottle of Sprite!”

“Sprite?” Ouyang Zhen and Bu Lei glanced at the glass bottles the little loli handed them. Then, they asked curiously, “Huwei, why are the drinks here so expensive?”

An Huwei laughed, “The drink here is extremely exquisite! Give it a taste! I promise it’s ten times better than the best wine at the Wind and Moon Pavilion!”

“Is it really?” They each took a sip and immediately felt a refreshing taste shooting from their throats right to their limbs!

They both shivered in delight!

“This drink…” They glanced at each other, detecting the hint of shock in their expressions.

What does the drink taste like…? Jiang Xiaoyue smacked her lips curiously. Why do they all have the same expression on their faces? Is it really that good?

“Hahah, I told you!” An Huwei slapped his friends on the shoulders. “Drinking this before battle will give you more strength!”

“This is great!” Ouyang Zhen exclaimed, “Are there any more? I want to buy a few boxes!”

“Me too!” Bu Lei shouted, “Little girl, how many more bottles do you have left? I want a few boxes!”

They immediately want more after one taste? Jiang Xiaoyue imitated Fang Qi’s tone and replied with disdain, “Each person can only buy one bottle a day!”

“There’s a rule?”

“What kind of rule is that!” They were immediately angered. “Tell the owner to come here; I want to talk to him face to face!”

“…” Jiang Xiaoyue was speechless. Who are these people? Why would they get mad because they couldn’t buy a drink that doesn’t even increase their spirit energy?

An Huwei seemed to have anticipated their anger and laughed, “Don’t get mad. The shop has rules even that person has to abide by. Let’s play the game instead!”

“Uh… is that so?” The two middle-aged men felt dejected. But again, if that person couldn’t even drink more than a bottle a day, how could they?

Jiang Xiaoyue, on the other hand, stared at their bottles of Sprite suspiciously.Did the evil owner put an addictive substance in these drinks as well?

“Oh, where are those little brats…” Ouyang Zhen enjoyed the intoxicating taste of Sprite as he opened the game under An Huwei’s instruction. Then, he glanced around and wondered, Where did they go?

As soon as An Cheng and the others sat down in front of their computers, Elder Fu smacked the back of their heads and asked, “Why are you here so late? We’re already on the third level of Jail!”

An Cheng didn’t know how to respond. Would anyone believe him if he said that his dad forced him to discuss the game?

“I’m coming, open a portal for me!”

“F*ck, you started without me again!” Li Haoran quickly ran in through the door.

“Come on! Let’s go kill Andariel! Once we do, we’ll be done with Act I!”

“Hurry up!” Nalan Hongwu glared at them. “I’ve been waiting for so long!”

“Uh…” Ouyang Zhen and Bu Lei looked at each other. “Those brats are playing with that person?”

Feeling awkward, An Huwei rubbed his nose and said, “I think the little brats are playing with that person to defeat Andariel…”

As soon as he said this, the other two men also felt embarrassed. How could they be worse than their sons?

“Let’s hurry up!” An Huwei said awkwardly, “Later, we can ask those brats for some items. I heard that the game gets harder the more we play it.”


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