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Chapter 59 - Wang Tai Stands Out

Chapter 59: Wang Tai Stands Out

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Not including Fang Qi, An Cheng and Bu Che’s batch of players had the fastest progress.

They had already arrived at the Inner Cloister. Soon, they would arrive at Andariel’s nest.

Nalan Hongwu and Elder Fu’s levels weren’t high, but they were both extremely skilled in combat. In a sense, they were more advanced than An Cheng and the others.

After a while, the monsters became harder to defeat, and the old men slowly caught up to the young men’s levels.

Right now, their team had two paladins, three sorceresses, and even a druid, making them strong and unstoppable. Although they hadn’t passed Act I yet, killing monsters along the way had been quite successful.

On the other side of the internet café, Song Qingfeng and his friends had passed the Barracks and charged into the Jail!

Today, they were sitting next to Wang Tai.

They were all long-time players, so they knew each other well and often interacted with each other. While his character was running between locations in the game, Song Qingfeng took a few sips of Sprite and glanced over at Wang Tai’s screen.

As soon as he saw what the latter was doing, his jaw almost fell off. Wang Tai was working alone and trying to defeat the Smith by himself! He didn’t have any teammates to help him!

The Smith in the Barracks had transformed into a powerful demon.

When players first started fighting it, the Smith forced them to retreat, making them cough up blood in just two punches!

Why is he fighting the Smith on his own? Does he think he is the owner?

Wang Tai usually played for about four hours a day. Even if he played for longer than that, he never reached six hours!

Song Qingfeng couldn’t help but watch him play since the latter’s progress was unbelievable.

He saw Wang Tai’s character holding a staff and hiding in the corner of a wall. In the room before him, a clay golem and four skeletons were fighting with seven monsters and the Smith!

Wang Tai quietly looked inside and chanted two spells.

Creepy and dark-red lights suddenly shined above the monsters’ heads!

Then, he sat down behind the door, waiting for something to happen.

In the meantime, Wang Tai removed his virtual reality headset and took a sip of Sprite, feeling dejected.

Today was his first day buying this drink. Why is it so expensive?

“I can’t believe Qi didn’t even give me a discount!” Wang Tai muttered to himself, “What’s the point of knowing him for so long?”

“But… it’s delicious…” He squinted his eyes, feeling happiness and pain of drinking Sprite at the same time, as Song Qingfeng looked at him in bewilderment.

The others only have time to drink when their characters are running between places, but this guy is drinking Sprite while fighting the boss?

“Aren’t you afraid of dying?” Song Qingfeng asked, not sure what is going on.

“Why would I be? I’m not the one fighting.” Wang Tai used his mouse to control his character and threw in a couple more spells.

Song Qingfeng glanced at Wang Tai’s screen again. The weaker monsters had all fallen to the ground! The Smith was still fighting with the clay golem, but it didn’t seem like the latter was going to die anytime soon!

In addition, four skeletons had surrounded them, attacking the Smith as well!

Why is his method of fighting the boss look so different from mine?

Song Qingfeng felt like swearing. “What’s your class?”


After Wang Tai finished using his magic, he quickly backed off. As soon as he heard Song Qingfeng’s question, Wang Tai immediately started complaining as if he finally found someone he could vent his frustration with, “I don’t know why Qi would tell me to choose a class like this one; I can’t even engage in combat. When I encounter monsters and demons, I die as soon as they touch me, and I have to hide away. It’s just a good-for-nothing character.”

Then, he awkwardly scratched his head. “I’m too embarrassed to team up with others…”

Song Qingfeng looked at Wang Tai’s character, feeling insanely jealous. This was because he just saw a big explosion in the room, signaling that the Smith had been killed!

The Smith was killed by four skeletons and a clay golem?

How could Wang Tai say that he was too embarrassed to team up with others!

However, he had a point. After all, warriors all believed in battle and combat, so hiding away in a corner was indeed a little embarrassing.

In this time and age, warriors and even cultivators all engaged in fierce combat, making the necromancer seem somewhat like a coward.

Therefore, Wang Tai constantly felt like during combat, his skeletons were telling him to go away and not disturb their battles.

It was awkward, very awkward!

“Fatty, why don’t you join our team?”

“What?” Wang Tai thought he heard it wrong.

“I said, why don’t you join our team?” Song Qingfeng and the others all chose close-range characters. So far, they had two paladins, two barbarians and one assassin.

Dying was something that was common for them when they fought bosses. Although they started the game early, it took them a long time and countless deaths before they even passed the Barrack.

Moreover, Lin Shao and Li Ping’s paladins were so weak that Song Qingfeng had nothing else to say!

One wanted to specialize in combat and would charge towards bosses fearlessly. However, he could be defeated in the blink of an eye.

The other one wanted to specialize in auras but unfortunately was still trying things out, so he had several auras but was not good at any of them.

They were still at level 12, so it would still be a while before they could learn the more powerful skill, Blessed Hammer, which required level 18.

How pathetic!

As Song Qingfeng asked Wang Tai to join them, Lin Shao shouted, “F*ck, Brother Song, we’re struggling to stay alive here. Why are you slacking off?”

“Stop with the nonsense!” Song Qingfeng rolled his eyes at him. “We’re adding a teammate!”


Soon, the five of them watched as Wang Tai walked through the portal with a staff in his hand and a clay golem by his side.

He saw the corpses of the monsters that his new teammates just skilled, and he summoned his skeletons.

“Skeletons?” Lin Shao and the others burst into laughter. “Fatty, your skeletons will die very soon. What can they do?”

Xu Luo, on the other hand, put his sword back into its scabbard and walked up to Wang Tai, patting him on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, we’ve known each other for a while, and we’ll help you pass today!”

Just then, blood-red goatmen that seemed to have been drenched in blood for days charged towards him.

“Monsters are coming, be careful!” Lin Shao and the others who were just chitchatting quickly prepared for combat.

Wang Tai also cast two spells, and his skeletons rushed up to the monster!

“Skeletons versus the goatmen? The skeletons are going to die right away!” The group was just about to rush up and help Wang Tai when they saw the skeletons waving their weapons in the air, immediately creating a giant gushing wound on the first goatman’s stomach!

Moreover, they noticed that the skeletons barely sustained any injuries after being attacked by the goatman. Rather, a bloody wound appeared on the goatman’s body, exactly where it struck the skeleton!

“What’s going on!”


After a few strikes, the goatman howled and fell onto the ground!

Then, the second, third… All the monsters that charged towards them were quickly annihilated!

“Are these just skeletons?”

“What skills did you use?”

The others finally noticed Wang Tai’s extraordinary skills and asked him about his spells.

[Amplify damage: cursing a group of enemies and increase the amount of damage received by 100% (effectiveness is lowered when used on elite monsters).

Radius: 2.6 yards

Duration: 11 seconds]

[Weaken: cursing a group of enemies and decrease their damage output by 33%.

Radius: 6 yards

Duration: 14 seconds]

[Iron Maiden: cursing a group of enemies, reflecting damage back at the attackers.

(effectiveness is lowered when used on elite monsters).

Damage returned: 200%

Duration: 12 seconds]

“Woah!” Everyone gasped upon seeing these curses and turned their attention to Wang Tai, looking at him as if an old john had encountered a naked woman!

The five of them specialized in physical attacks and close-range combat!

Therefore, these curses were extremely useful to them!

“I think we’re ready to go kill Andariel!”

“Should we…”

“Let’s go kill Andariel and show those sorceresses how strong we are!”

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