Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 57 - Kill Andariel at Level 2?

Chapter 57: Kill Andariel at Level 2?

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That night, players began leaving the internet café, and Fang Qi sent Jiang Xiaoyue upstairs to tidy up the bedrooms.

“Sir, we want to watch the movie version of Resident Evil!” Two young men wearing warrior suits walked in and shouted.

[Task: Sell 100 Resident Evil One: Movie Version tickets (completed)

Task reward: Diablo II: Virtual Reality Remake, Act II]

Fang Qi sat on his chair as he read the System’s notification.

Those who played Resident Evil at his shop mainly consisted of students from Lingyun Academy and warriors. Of course, a lot of cultivators came here to figure out what a ‘movie’ was.

After all, Fang Qi’s shop created a trend within Jiuhua City.

After selling 100 movie tickets, the shop now had Act II of Diablo II. At the same time, Fang Qi found out how to obtain Act III.

[New task: Sell Diablo II: Virtual Reality Remake, Act I to 80 customers.

Completion: 28/80

Task reward: Diablo II: Virtual Reality Remake, Act III.]

However, Fang Qi didn’t have much time to play at night. He got a new bed for his room, and the roof had been fixed.

Jiang Xiaoyue, the person who let go of the perpetrator, was sent to sleep in the other bedroom upstairs. The night was calm. Fang Qi cultivated on his bed, and nothing out of the blue happened.

Fang Qi’s night was peaceful, but the others weren’t as lucky.

An Cheng, on the other hand, was forced by his father to chat about Diablo all night.

“Cheng, how do I go into Tristram?” An Huwei asked curiously, “Apparently, I have to find some kind of tree…”

“Oh, do you have any good items? Give Dad some… I’m level 4 now. Why don’t we explore the Inner Cloister together tomorrow?”

Why did I tell my dad to play? He played for an entire day but is still at level 4? An Cheng covered his face as his head began to ache.

“Oh, and I asked your Uncle Ouyang and Uncle Bu to come play with us tomorrow…”

An Cheng was completely speechless…

At the same time, in the Blue Flame Pavilion.

“M, Uncle-Master… Are you still forging spiritual artifacts?” A female disciple was shocked to see Li Haoran walking out of the artifact-forging room.

“Yeah, I was enlightened today,” Li Haoran replied. Then, he asked, “Did anyone buy the spiritual artifacts I created yesterday?”

“Uh…” The female disciple froze for a second and said, “I think… someone bought one.”

“Mhm.” Li Haoran nodded. Then, he picked up some materials and went back into the room.

Of course, some couldn’t sleep because they were worried.

Nalan Jie clenched a delicate jade cup in his hand as he glared at the east of the city.

“What is that small shop’s background?”

“Should I… send more people…?”

“No!” Nalan Jie squeezed the cup so hard that it broke into pieces. “You’re all useless! What’s the point of sending more people? I will go check out the owner of the shop myself tomorrow! Then, we’ll decide what to do next!”

“Okay!” A cultivator covered in a black cloak walked out from the dark.

“Oh, right!” Nalan Jie said in all seriousness, “Tell Master Wu and Sword Master Yu to wait for my orders!”

“Is that really necessary?” The cultivator in black was surprised.

Nalan Jie’s expression darkened as he asked in a low voice, “Have you ever wondered why a small shop with no background can be so fearless and arrogant?”

“I think the shop has something to do with that sister of mine! If that’s the case, I might not be able to kill her right now, but I can cut off her wings…”

“You’re right, Young Master!” the man in the black cloak laughed evilly.

The next morning, Fang Qi saw a handsome middle-aged man in a black silk robe walking up to him as soon as he unlocked the doors to his shop.

“Getting new customers so early in the morning?” Confused, Fang Qi asked Jiang Xiaoyue to greet him.

“Sir, how can I help you?” Jiang Xiaoyue imitated Fang Qi and pointed at the blackboard. “Our shop provides the following games.”

“Diablo II?” Confused, Nalan Jie read the words on the blackboard. “Resident Evil… One?”

“Sprite?” Nalan Jie took a deep breath in and sneered in his head. That sister of mine sure took great pains to invent these secret codes!

With my status, I should choose the most expensive game!

“Diablo II, Act II,” he said arrogantly.

“I’m sorry,” Fang Qi said with a poker face, “You have to pass Act I in order to activate Act II.”

“Uh…” Nalan Jie froze for a second and said after, “Then, I’ll play Act I.”

He didn’t care for Diablo; all he wanted to do was to find out more about this shop!

After Fang Qi explained the game to him, Nalan Jie quickly began playing.

“What… in the world is this?” Nalan Jie shouted as he experienced the life-like world and freely controlled a character that wasn’t himself. He was shocked!

“It’s a game,” Fang Qi looked at him and said with contempt, “Aren’t you here to play?”

“Uh…” Nalan Jie didn’t know what to say, so he nodded his head. “Yes, I’m here to play!”

In order to not expose himself, Nalan Jie played the game awkwardly.

He chose to be the assassin. After reading the quest he was given, he held his wrist blade and shield and charged out of the encampment.

He waved the wrist blade in his hand and chopped a zombie in half.

Then, Nalan Jie took in a deep breath and exclaimed, “This is just a game? But it’s so realistic!”

Then, as if he hadn’t had enough, he chopped a few more monsters.

“Hm…” He rubbed his chin and thought, This game is interesting…

“What should I do now?” He clicked open his mission list. “Kill all the monsters inside the Den of Evil to gain the trust of the encampment’s leaders?”

“Den of Evil…? Let me see…”

“Did I just level up?”

“What’s this for? A skill tree? Dragon Talon? Tiger Strike?”

“A man of my status must choose Dragon Talon!”

“This is the game the owner was talking about?” He removed his virtual reality headset and looked around the internet café.

Then, he suddenly saw familiar faces, sending goosebumps up his spine!

Elder Fu? And…

“Get me two bottles of Sprite!”

Nalan Hongwu looked around the internet café as he opened Diablo. “Why aren’t An Cheng and the others here today?”

Grandpa plays this as well? Nalan Jie gasped as he was completely dumbstruck!

“What’s going on with them?” Nalan Hongwu complained, “I’m waiting for them to team up so we can kill Andariel. I can’t believe they stood us up at a time like this!”

Team up? Nalan Jie suddenly remembered Fang Qi saying that this game had a ‘multiplayer mode’.

Excited, Nalan Ji immediately stood up and shouted, “Grandpa, can I team up with you?”

“Jie?” Nalan Hongwu laughed, “When did you get here?”

Wow, Grandpa is in a good mood today. I can’t believe he’s laughing! Nalan Jie became excited. Today’s my lucky day!

He immediately answered, “I just started playing as an assassin. I’m really good; I killed half of the monsters in the den already.”

“Oh?” Nalan Hongwu wanted to find new teammates, since An Cheng and the others weren’t here yet. No one is an assassin yet…. are assassins good? he thought.

“What level are you? What are your items?”

Then, Nalan Hongwu glanced at Nalan Jie’s screen, and his expression immediately darkened.

He slapped the latter on the head and yelled, “You’re level 2, and you want to kill Andariel? Go away!”

In a bar near the internet café, the cultivator in black sat with a few other men who were all weirdly dressed. He muttered to himself, “Weird… It’s been so long. Why haven’t we heard anything?”

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