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Chapter 56 - Addicted to Diablo

Chapter 56: Addicted to Diablo

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“The game they’re playing is called Diablo?” After Fang Qi explained the games to him, Bai Lang thought back at what he just saw on the screens and seemed to slowly understand what was going on.

“But… is it really that magical?” Bai Lang was a cultivator with abundant spiritual energy who had traveled across the land.

However, he had never heard of something so astonishing.

Jiang Xiaoyue listened intently next to him; she had heard Fang Qi introduce the game countless times and couldn’t help but mutter, “Is the game really that good?”

Humph! I bet he’s exaggerating! Jiang Xiaoyue thought angrily.

Bai Lang also doubted the validity of Fang Qi’s words. However, if the castellan was even playing this game, there must be something good about it. Since he was here to obtain information, he might as well give the game a try, right?

For a cultivator like him, ten crystals really weren’t that much. He wondered if the game was really as fun and exciting as it seemed.

“Should I try?” Bai Lang frowned as he took out ten crystals. However, instead of handing it to Fang Qi, he asked again, “Are you sure your game is worth that much?”

Fang Qi replied casually, “Do all the customers in my shop look like idiots?”

If the game wasn’t worth it, there wouldn’t be so many people.

“Okay, then I’ll give it a try!” However, he was still doubtful. “But if I try it and realize that it’s not good, I’ll make your life miserable, even if your shop is popular!”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Xiaoyue immediately rolled her eyes. She saw with her own eyes how cultivators who were stronger than him had been kicked out of the shop in the blink of an eye.

However, she still had doubts about the game. What’s so fun about it? It’s just fighting in a different location.

If the game was really that simple, Diablo wouldn’t have become so popular!

After he entered the game, Bai Lang saw the dark cloudy sky, dirty encampment, and pedestrians who were walking around. This world would make players quickly immerse into the oppressing atmosphere that existed in the game.

Bai Lang felt an urge to go on an adventure.

“Hello, stranger!”

“He-hello!” Bai Lang froze since he didn’t expect someone to greet him. Then, he began asking about the encampment.

While chit-chatting with Warriv, Bai Lang quickly obtained information about the game, including Tristram’s tragedy as well as the legend of the monastery…

Bai Lang was a cultivator who explored the world, and his character in the game was an adventurer as well. Therefore, he felt like he was still in the real world and had just accidentally walked into a magical place.

“Don’t worry, I will kill all the demons here!” Bai Lang said upon listening to what happened in the encampment.

The more he played, the more he realized how charismatic the game was.

“I should play for a little while longer…” Bai Lang muttered to himself, “I’ll leave once I kill a mini-boss, level up, and find out what the Frozen Armor is…”

Half an hour later…

The middle-aged male cultivator and the female cultivator in red were becoming impatient outside.

“Daoist Zhan, Brother Bai has been in there for so long. Why isn’t he coming out? Do you think something happened to him?” The woman in red asked, and her face filled with worry.

Confused, Zhan Yan stroked his long but smooth beard and said, “Brother Bai is active, but he always considered the bigger picture. Why isn’t he out yet? Did something really happen to him?”

“Should we go in and see?”

“Yeah,” Zhan Yan replied, “If something really happened, we can help him out.”

“That’s a good idea.”

The two of them walked into the shop and were relieved to see that the soldiers didn’t stop them.

Quickly, they saw Bai Lang who was playing Diablo intently.

“Brother Bai!” the woman in red called out.

“Brother Bai!” Zhan Yan quickly walked up to him and asked, “Are they not letting you leave?”

“Uh…” Bai Lang scratched his head upon seeing them so anxious. “Why did the two of you come in?”

“It’s been half an hour, but you were still in here.” Zhan Yan replied, “She was worried about you. Are they not letting you leave?”

“Yeah,” the woman in red quickly chimed in. “We still need to go find… It’s important, and we can’t waste any more time.”

“It’s been half an hour?” Bai Lang hadn’t had enough of the game yet. It’s already been half an hour?

“Wait!” Bai Lang felt embarrassed. “Give me thirty more minutes. I need to kill the boss in the Den of Evil first!”

“What? Den of Evil?” The other two immediately sensed danger. “Should we help you?”

Bai Lang thought back at how much fun An Cheng and the others were having. Also, playing together meant that they would complete the quest faster!

He immediately nodded his head and yelled “Yes! Sir, can you activate their games? We want to play for an hour!”

“Why do we have to activate games to fight in the Den of Evil?” The two were confused.

But soon…

“Daoist Zhan! Release some more charged bolts!”

“Frost bolt, frost bolt!”

“I’ll deal with Corpsefire! You guys kill the fallen shaman!”

“Endure one more hit! The boss is about to explode!”

“Why is the name of this item written in yellow?”

“Skeletal Sneaker’s Boots! I didn’t know something like this could exist!”

They were excited to see an elite item appear in front of them!

“This game is interesting!” Zhan Yan’s eyes lit up. “We want to play for another hour!”

Jiang Xiaoyue walked up to them and asked curiously, “Didn’t you say you have something else to do…?”

“Uh…” They glanced at each other, not sure what to do.

They didn’t even get to try out the elite item yet. Were they really going to leave now?

“Why don’t we…” Bai Lang suggested. “Try out this yellow item first… You guys will be able to learn new skills as well. Then, we can leave…”

“Sounds good.” Zhan Yan replied, “We can go later. That thing’s not going to run away.”

“Yeah, this game is really interesting, let’s play for a while longer.”

After another hour…

“This skill, Inferno, is awesome!”

“When I use this Frozen Armor, monsters freeze as soon as they touch me. It’s awesome!”

“Why don’t these spells exist in real life…”

“These spells… are so intricate! Maybe they really do exist!”

“Hurry up, let’s keep looking!”

“We’re here at the Burial Grounds! We’re about to encounter the Blood Raven!”

“Another hour please!”

Jiang Xiaoyue was speechless.

After taking their crystals, she suspiciously stared at Fang Qi and wondered, Did he put addictive substances in this game?

The more she thought about it, the more cautious she became. Is the shop owner an evil cultivator?

At this thought, Jiang Xiaoyue felt like crying. She muttered to herself, “Why do I feel like I’m working at a bad place…?”

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