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Chapter 55 - A Weird Little Shop

Chapter 55: A Weird Little Shop

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Jiang Xiaoyue originally wanted Fang Qi to see how strong she was, but the longer she worked at the shop, the more she realized that she was nothing compared to this shop!

“Sob… Why did this happen to me…” Jiang Xiaoyue felt like she had sustained 10,000 points of critical damage!

An Huwei didn’t understand what Diablo II was. He just saw a scene in front of Nalan Hongwu with images on it.

After entering the game, he was immediately dumbstruck!

“Did I just go into another world? Am I someone else now?” An Huwei looked around in shock. “Are illusions this real?”

After Fang Qi explained the game to him and taught him some basic skills, An Huwei realized that this was the game they were all talking about!

He could go on an adventure and fight in a virtual world? He could become someone else?

He felt an excitement he never felt before. No wonder even Duke Nalan is addicted…

Therefore, An Huwei’s interest was immediately peaked.

“I can’t believe something this exciting exists!”

“Dad, when you first start, you should go to the Den of Evil to level up!” An Cheng wanted to help his dad, so he reminded him.

“The Den of Evil? Sounds dangerous…” An Huwei’s expression darkened as he shouted, “Gong He, select a group of elite soldiers to attack the Den of Evil with me!”

“Yes sir!” Last time, An Cheng kicked out Gong He just as he was about to cause trouble. Therefore, he didn’t land on Fang Qi’s blacklist.

He quickly pointed at the elite soldiers in the first row. “You, you, and you, step out! Go to the Den of Evil with the Castellan!”

Soon, An Huwei, Gong He, and a few elite soldiers were ready for battle!

Even Fang Qi froze upon seeing what they were doing. This sure is a new way to play!

On the other side, Nalan Hongwu, Elder Fu, An Cheng, and the others had battled their way to the barracks inside the monastery!

“Fallen! There are so many fallen!” As soon as the gates of the barrack opened, they saw herds of fallen charging up at them. Elder Fu shouted, “Sorceresses, go find the fallen shaman, and don’t let it raise the dead!”

Nalan Hongwu waved his blessed hammer in the air and whirled it in circles!

“What the f*ck? What kind of skill is this? My accuracy increased dramatically!”

Spells could be dodged in this version of the game; that was why the skill, Blessed Aim, was so critical. Light circles appeared under An Cheng and the others’ feet, and their magic spells instantly hit the fallen shaman in front of them. The fallen shaman roared in pain before falling onto the ground!

“Wow!” An Cheng turned around and saw the fallen shaman dying. He and his friends gave Nalan Hongwu a thumbs-up and said, “Paladins sure are strong!”

The latter laughed, “You brats aren’t bad either!”

Amused, Fang Qi watched them praise each other as he sat back down in front of his seat.

“Humph! How good can it be?” Jiang Xiaoyue pouted in disdain as she watched they play.

When a cultivator reached Yuan River Realm, the spiritual energy in their body could be gathered into a mighty river and allow one to control energy-consuming spiritual artifacts and fly to places.

A lot of cultivators came and went from a city like Jiuhua. Those who were looking for treasure or searching for ancient ruins often stopped to rest in a big city like this one.

“What’s going on here?” Bai Lang was an out-of-town cultivator. Along with him were two other cultivators, a middle-aged man and a woman in red.

They decided to meet up on this secluded street before going to obtain a rare spiritual herb.

However, when they arrived, they saw a lot of soldiers of Jiuhua Army!

The woman in red was dumbstruck as she muttered, “Do you think they figured out our plan?”

“That’s impossible!” Bai Lang laughed, “This kind of spiritual herb is rare, but it’s not worthy of summoning the Jiuhua Army. Moreover, we’re inside the city, so it should be fine. I’ll go ask.”

Bai Lang walked up to ask them some questions, and the soldiers of Jiuhua Army’s attitude wasn’t bad, but…

“The Castellan and the Deputy Commander of Jiuhua Army are attacking the Den of Evil with elite soldiers?”

Bai Lang was confused. Isn’t this place called Origins Internet Café? Where did the Den of Evil come from?”

He glanced towards the direction the soldiers were pointing and saw the Castellan sitting right there!

While he pondered, he suddenly saw a man in blue walking into the shop.

“Is that person from… the Blue Flame Pavilion?”

As soon as Li Haoran walked in, he saw An Cheng and the others inside the barracks.

“Why didn’t you wait for me?” Li Haoran shouted as he quickly placed some crystals on the counter. He glanced at Jiang Xiaoyue and murmured, “Why is there a little girl here today?”

However, he didn’t have time to think too much about it. He sat down in front of a computer and quickly clicked open the game. “Come on, what’s the room number? I’m going to wait for the quest, Tools of the Trade! Open a portal for me!

Bai Lang asked the soldier beside him, “Huh? I thought they are in the Den of Evil? Why are they in a barracks now?”

“How would I know?” the soldiers replied; he looked confused as well. “If you want to know what’s happening, just go in; no one’s stopping you!”

These soldiers were aware that the Shadow Guards had been kicked out the day before. Although they weren’t told to leave, An Huwei also didn’t say anything about closing down the shop. Therefore, they didn’t have the courage to disturb Fang Qi’s business.

Bewildered, Bai Lang walked into the shop. “Diablo II, Act I: eight crystals? Resident Evil One: five crystals? What in the world?”

Then, he glanced over at Nalan Hongwu’s screen and saw a giant monster that looked as strong as an ox.

“The Smith appeared, come here, come to me!”

“Huh?” Bai Lang heard screams, and he quickly walked up and stood behind Nalan Hongwu. The latter’s character was holding a shield in his hands while an incredibly strong monster charged up at him!


The devil sent Nalan Hongwu flying with only one punch!

“This monster is so powerful, I can’t defeat it. Come here and help me!”

“Uh…” Bai Lang froze. This old man is just sitting there, what is going on?

“I’m coming!” Bai Lang heard someone shout out beside him. Then, he saw some sorceresses barge in, attacking with ice, fire and lightning spells!

“Use static field to weaken it first!”

“Bu Che, call on some spirit wolves to fight it first!”

“You guys go on first; I need to drink a potion first! My body’s falling apart!” Nalan Hongwu howled in pain as he chugged health potions behind them.

Then, Bai Lang saw a pack of wolves running up to the demon on the screen but they were immediately sent flying!

“Stop it! Don’t let it come close!” An Cheng shouted as he used his magic!

“What’s going on?” Bai Lang watched as they screamed and yelped in their seats as if they were dying.

Could it be the people on the screens…?

He suddenly thought of something incredible.

“Hey, you guys!” Fang Qi stood up with a grim expression on his face. “Can you turn off the ‘external communication’ option when you’re playing games? Everyone within a 400-kilometer radius can hear your screams.”

Then, he turned around and looked at this person he didn’t recognize. He asked Bai Lang, “Are you a new customer? Would you like to play Resident Evil or Diablo?”


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