Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 54 - Sir! Activate the Game for Me!

Chapter 54: Sir! Activate the Game for Me!

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[Employee Rules:

1. The employee must abide by all the rules in the shop.

2. Consider yourself to be a part of this shop.

3. The employee must clean the shop until no speck of dust can be seen.

4. The employee cannot make mistakes when taking in money.

If the employee does not abide by these rules, they will be fired immediately and never be hired back!

Salary: the owner will take care of the employee’s eating and living arrangements. Due to the employee’s huge appetite, she will not receive any salary at the moment.

Bonus: laundry, 1 crystal/month

Bonus: cooking, rewarded based on the quality of the food. (Please do not place inedible food on the table, or else the employee will be immediately fired and never hired back)]

“I… um…” Upon seeing Fang Qi’s expression, the little loli suddenly realized something and thought back to the second rule. Therefore, she immediately said, “My name is Jiang Xiaoyue, nice to meet you.”

She wiped off the sweat from her forehead and let out a sigh of relief as she muttered to herself, “Thank goodness I’m smart. I can’t believe this stupid owner would try to trick me!”

Just like that, after Fang Qi handed her the employee rules, the little loli officially became an employee of his shop.

Fang Qi nodded and pointed at the front desk. “When there’s nothing much to do, you can sit there. The prices are written on the blackboard behind you; just take the customers’ money according to the prices. If you make any mistakes…”

“I will be immediately fired and never hired back!” Jiang Xiaoyue snickered in disdain. “I’ve already memorized these simple rules!”

“Also, there are two bedrooms upstairs. You can go clean them near the end of the day when there are less customers. If there are new customers, and you don’t know how to help them, feel free to ask me.”

“Hm…” Jiang Xiaoyue looked around the shop suspiciously and thought, Why is there such a weird shop in the human world? This place is so expensive, but so many people are willing to come. Oh, and how good can a three-crystal bottle of drink taste?

She looked at the customers who were sipping their bottles of Sprite in satisfaction.

This is unbelievable!

With Jiang Xiaoyue here, Fang Qi had more time on his hands. Therefore, he headed out and hired a few carpenters to fix his roof. His system only modified the internet café on the first floor, so the bedrooms upstairs were still normal. He wondered if he needed to place a bed on the first floor.

Dejected, he asked his system, “Can’t we build a dorm for the internet café?”

[Your authority is limited; a dorm cannot be provided at this time.]

Damn ‘authority’ again! Fang Qi felt depressed.

Not only was An Huwei the chief commander of the Jiuhua Army, he was also the castellan of Jiuhua City! With a large force under his command, he ruled over Jiuhua, a city that incorporated aspects such as commerce and military. He was of real power!

But yesterday, not only was his deputy commander, Gong He, kicked out of a small shop, the VIP guest that went with him was also kicked out! If others found out what happened, how could he, An Huwei, still be that majestic in Jiuhua City?

A series of heavy footsteps sounded outside Origins Internet Café.

A tall, handsome middle-aged man with a wide forehead and sharp facial features walked into Fang Qi’s shop proudly.

Behind him stood the elite soldiers of Jiuhua Army. They were all wearing silver armor and emitting powerful auras!

The internet café was surrounded!

Another man stood behind this middle-aged man. It was Gong He, who had come with Nalan Ying yesterday.

Jiang Xiaoyue froze upon seeing the middle-aged man. Isn’t he the castellan of Jiuhua City? He is a cultivator at the peak of the True Lake Realm! The man standing behind him is an Ancestral Warrior! They even brought an army? What should I do? The owner is about to get in trouble!

“Sir!” Jiang Xiaoyue immediately called Fang Qi, who was immersed in his game.

Confused, Fang Qi looked at her and asked, “Did new customers come?”

“The castellan is here with an army to cause trouble at your shop!” Jiang Xiaoyue said with difficulty, “I knew it! You kept duping customers, and the castellan couldn’t take it anymore. We should run away!”

“Run away?” Fang Qi repeated calmly, “He’s just a new customer, no?”

Then, he stood up from his seat and walked towards them.

“New… customer?” Jiang Xiaoyue looked at Fang Qi in disbelief. Is the owner crazy?

“You’re the owner of this shop?” An Huwei glanced at Fang Qi icily and said, “Why aren’t you kneeling before me?”

“Kneel?” Fang Qi frowned and said, “I thought you were a customer, but you’re here to cause trouble?”

Then, he saw Gong He who was standing behind An Huwei. He said, “Are you going to do what the others did yesterday? I apologize for being blunt, but if you’re here to cause trouble, not only will you receive a lightning punishment, this shop will also never welcome you back!”

Upon seeing what was happening, Jiang Xiaoyue was at a loss for words. She covered her face with her hands, too terrified to watch whatever was going to happen next.

“What arrogance!” An Huwei snickered and waved his hand. “Close down this shop and arrest the owner…”

Before he could finish speaking, an elder with white hair glanced over at An Huwei.

The castellan immediately froze upon seeing this elder as if he were a mouse that just encountered a cat.

Then, his mind went blank!

“Na… Na…”

“The master is playing a game!” Elder Fu said unhappily, “You all need to be careful!”

“Yes, yes!” An Huwei’s face was filled with terror.

“Dad?” Just then, An Huwei heard another voice.

“Cheng?” An Huwei was shocked to see An Cheng, his son, here as well!

Confused, he asked, “Why are you here as well?”

“To play Diablo!” An Cheng took out a few crystals and said, “Sir, get my dad a bottle of Sprite!”

“Go on.” Fang Qi gestured at Jiang Xiaoyue. “It’s in the fridge over there.”

“Oh,” Jiang Xiaoyue responded, completely bewildered by what was happening here.

Baffled, An Huwei looked at the green glass bottle in his hand and asked sternly, “Cheng, what are you up to?”

“Uncle An!” Ouyang Cheng explained, “This is a unique drink that only this shop has. You won’t be able to buy it anywhere else!”

“How good can the drink of a tiny shop be?” An Huwei scolded impatiently, “You little brats need to get your heads together! How can a drink like this compare to the wine at Wind and Moon Pavilion? How can you ask me to drink this? Save it for yourselves!”

Upon hearing this, Bu Che laughed, “Uncle An, how can the wine at Wind and Moon Pavilion compare to Sprite? Did you know that the Sprite is made of mineral water from under the snowy mountains, which had been tempered by thousand-year-old volcanic rock.”

Ouyang Cheng chimed in, “The honey is produced by bees that collect pollen from a kind of spiritual flower called the ‘Ice Heart Flower’. It can help with concentration and staying calm.”

“Once you drink it, thousands of bubbles will jump on your tongue, making you feel as refreshed as ever. It’s created by an advanced spiritual artifact called the high-efficiency silent compressor, which compresses the bubbles into the drink…”

Jiang Xiaoyue’s eyes widened as she looked at the bottle of Sprite she just handed An Huwei.

A drink like this exists in the world?

“Your small shop sure pays great attention to the details!” Upon hearing their conversation, Nalan Hongwu looked at Fang Qi and said, “Come on, kid, get us each a bottle to try out!”

Even Duke Nalan is giving the drink a try? An Huwei looked at the excited elders in bewilderment.

Then, he quickly came back to his senses and said, “Allow me to try it for you first. I’ll find out if this drink really is as good as these little brats say!”

Then, he closed his eyes and took a giant swig!

Tens of thousands of tiny bubbles jumped on his tongue as the cold, sweet, and sour drink went into his mouth. The bubbles stimulated his taste buds, making them more sensitive than ever! A refreshing pleasure shot right to his head!

At the same time, the cool feeling entered his throat and slid all the way down to the bottom of his stomach!

An Huwei immediately opened his eyes in surprise!

“How is it?” Upon seeing An Huwei’s reaction, Elder Fu asked, “Did they exaggerate?”

“It’s delicious!” An Huwei shouted, “I’ve never tasted anything so unique and delicious!”

“Is it really that good?” The elders immediately got up from their chairs. They quickly grabbed the bottles of Sprite and took a sip.

The zesty cool feeling opened all the pores on their body!

They both opened their eyes wide!

This drink… is so refreshing!

“Hahaha! What a great drink!” Nalan Hongwu laughed, “I didn’t think I would get to drink something as amazing as this before I died!”

Elder Fu drank his Sprite as he glanced at An Cheng and the others. “You play Diablo too?”

“Yeah…” An Cheng seemed to realize that these two elders were of high status, and he replied awkwardly, “I’m not good at it though; don’t laugh at me.”

“You look like you’re playing pretty well!” Nalan Hongwu patted An Cheng on the back and said, “Do you want to play together?”

“Sure!” An Cheng’s eyes lit up. “We need close-range fighters. The two of you are paladins, right?”

“Perfect!” Nalan Hongwu responded, “I’ll open a room, and the rest of you can join!”

Dumbfounded, An Huwei stared at his son and Nalan Hongwu. Then, he pointed at himself and asked, “Then, what about me…”

Nalan Hongwu rolled his eyes at him and replied with contempt, “Go play on your own; you haven’t even activated the game!”

“Activate the game…?” An Huwei looked at Nalan Hongwu and his own son.

He felt like crying; how could Nalan Hongwu treat those little brats better than him?

Therefore, he immediately shouted, “Sir, activate the game for me!”

Jiang Xiaoyue was at a loss for words. What kind of shop am I working at?!

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