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Chapter 53 - I’m sorry, but I refuse

Chapter 53: I’m sorry, but I refuse

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“Are you… being serious?” Fang Qi finally came back to his senses after his mind blanked out for a few seconds.

“Of course!” The little loli replied, proud of herself, “You’ll feel safer under my protection! I can kill ten of those little snakes by myself!”

“Plus, I am skilled in the four arts, guzheng, chess, calligraphy, and painting. Also, I’m quite talented in spiritual spells.” She continued arrogantly, “If you let me work here, not only will I protect you, I can also teach you spiritual spells and martial arts. If your business isn’t good, I can reluctantly play some music for you to attract customers!”

“If you think I eat too much…” The little loli pouted her lips awkwardly. “I’ll control myself a little…”

“You’re saying that…” Fang Qi patted his forehead and asked, “If I hire you as an employee, I don’t have to worry about anything else? All you want is food?”

“It’s good that I can hire someone like you for such a small amount of money. With your protection, no one will have the guts to cause trouble here; it sure is a pie that fell from the sky… I’m touched… I’m lucky that a person with your status is willing to work at a shop like mine…” Fang Qi rubbed his chin and thought about it. Then, he asked, “So, do you know how to do laundry?”

“No.” The little loli shook her head.

“Do you know how to cook?”


“Can you clean?”

“Why would I do something like that!” The little loli responded angrily.

“I’m sorry.” Fang Qi shook his head. “I refuse to hire you.”

“What?” The little loli was dumbfounded. “Why?”

Fang Qi pointed at the hiring notice on his wall and said, “My shop is different from the others. All my employee needs to do is clean the shop and take in money! Nothing else matters!”

Suddenly, clip-clopping noises sounded. A luxurious car pulled by four one-horned monsters slowly stopped outside Fang Qi’s shop.

The little loli immediately got goosebumps; she had a feeling that whoever came had at least the power of…

“A peak King Warrior? The other one’s even more powerful?” she exclaimed and immediately hid behind Fang Qi.

“Little owner, we can keep playing today, right?” Nalan Hongwu got off the cart and handed Fang Qi a bag of crystals.

“Of course.” Fang Qi took the bag and weighed it in his hand. Then, he replied, “The two of you already know how to play the game, so I’m not going to interfere.”

Only after they walked inside the door did the little loli nervously walk out from behind Fang Qi.

Terrified, she stuttered, “T-they…”

“They’re just customers. What are you so scared of? They won’t eat you.”

Then, she saw a few cultivators who were on and above the Yuan River Realm walk into Fang Qi’s shop.

Every single one of them respectfully handed Fang Qi a bag of crystals before sitting down.

“Sir, give me a bottle of Sprite!” Song Qingfeng came early today and immediately ordered a bottle of Sprite.

“T-three crystals?” The little loli stared at the bottle Fang Qi handed Song Qingfeng and asked, “This… costs three crystals?”

Anyone could enjoy a giant table-full of delicious food in Jiuhua city with three crystals, as long as they didn’t go to the Wind and Moon Pavilion!

Even at the Wind and Moon Pavilion, they could still buy a bottle of delicious wine with three crystals!

But why is this shop selling a bottle of god-knows-what drink for that amount of money? Is this a shop that dupes customers?

“Aren’t they going to… cause trouble?” Half an hour into the shop’s opening, the little loli was dumbfounded. Therefore, she pointed at the customers in the shop and asked Fang Qi.

“What’s with your shop?” Suddenly, a few cultivators barged in; the little loli could tell from their auras that they had an abundance of essence, more powerful than the assassins from last night!

“How dare you charge three crystals for a bottle of drink and ten crystals to try out a game?” The cultivator in front demanded, “Do you think we’re stupid? Smash this place!”

“Let me!” The little loli smiled. “Then, you’ll see how powerful I am!”

Just as she rolled up her sleeves and was about to teach these cultivators a lesson, a streak of light lit up the front of Fang Qi’s shop. Then, the cultivators who were about to cause trouble all fell to the floor!

“My shop doesn’t welcome those who cause trouble!” Fang Qi immediately kicked out the troublemakers.

“How… is that possible?” The little loli’s mouth gaped upon witnessing what happened.

He threw them out… in the blink of an eye?

Moreover, she noticed that this shop was incredibly odd!

Countless customers came so early in the morning, and they were all masters with abundant essence!

Also, they all paid dozens of crystals in such an orderly manner, and the people who tried to cause trouble had been kicked out!

Most importantly, the owner said that he was never going to welcome them back?

What’s going on? Who in the world would come to this expensive shop whose owner had such a bad attitude? The little loli felt like her brain was going into overdrive!

Fang Qi clapped his hands and turned around. “So, my shop is different from the other shops. My employee doesn’t need to have any additional skills aside from knowing how to clean and take in money!”

“Unfortunately.” Fang Qi looked at the little loli with disdain. “You don’t have any of the skills I need!”

The little loli was petrified on the spot; this shop didn’t lack business at all! So, what she said before about reluctantly helping him to attract customers was completely unnecessary!

Moreover, once the protective system in the internet café was activated, the owner didn’t need to worry about the safety at all!

Most importantly, she had never heard of a shop that had the courage to throw people out and declare that they were never welcomed back!

What is happening? How could a shop as arrogant as this one exist?

“I guess my skills really don’t work here…” The little loli felt like crying. If the owner used the lightning strike that is as powerful as the one I just saw, he didn’t need me to save him last night…

Heartbroken, she muttered to herself, “Am I, a princess, going to be rejected by the first job I’ve ever applied for?”

“No!” She suddenly remembered something and stuck her chest out. “Cleaning and taking money are easy tasks. I’m smart enough to learn how to do these things!”

Having regained confidence, the little loli laughed, “Now, you don’t have a reason to reject me anymore, right?”

Fang Qi felt speechless.

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