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Chapter 52 - Buns for a Little loli?

Chapter 52: Buns for a Little loli?

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“Food in the human world tastes so much better… Plus, there are so many more things to do here…”

Normally speaking, no one but patrolling city guards should be walking on the streets at this hour.

But at this moment, a little doll-like loli who looked to be in her early teenage years appeared on a street that was supposed to be empty. She tapped her mouth and said, “I’m so hungry…”

“What should I do? I spent all my money on food and don’t even have anywhere to sleep tonight… I can’t believe they would kick me, a princess, out when I was sleeping! AHH! Stupid humans!” The little loli clenched her teeth angrily.

Then, she suddenly noticed a weird noise.

“A monster?” She glanced towards the direction of the noise and felt a thick demonic aura!

Moreover, she sensed a human being surrounded by this aura. He seemed to be suffering from a spiritual spell and couldn’t move. His life was hanging on the line!

“A demon dares to attack someone in Jiuhua City?” The little loli opened her eyes wide in disbelief.

“But that human is no more than a little Master Warrior…” She frowned and murmured, “If that’s the case, he’s going to be killed soon, right?”

Then, her bright, giant eyes lit up. “If I save this human, he’s going to thank me, right? Then, to pay me back for saving his life, he’ll buy me delicious food every day!”

“What a great opportunity!” she exclaimed as she blinked her beautiful eyes.

Fang Qi worked hard to break down his enemy’s spiritual spell. This demon was obviously really strong!

“But… to assassinate me?” Fang Qi smiled dangerously.

“Do you know that a master can cultivate both magic and martial arts?”

White light gathered in front Fang Qi, subsequently becoming a light hammer!

It was the Blessed Hammer!

Just as he was about to use his blessed hammer, which he had spent a long time gathering, the snake shadow that was trying to kill him suddenly disappeared!


What happened? Fang Qi froze.

Then, giant pieces of shattered roof tiles came crashing down, forcing Fang Qi to look up!

A little loli wearing a white palace dress stood under the silver moon, and her dress fluttered in the wind. She was wearing white boots, and she was stepping on a giant black snake whose head was bigger than her entire body!

The little loli clapped her hands together and smiled. “Little snake, you’re no match for me. If you want to live, you should run away!”

The extremely arrogant demon snake seemed to understand that it was in danger. Therefore, it immediately transformed into a puff of green smoke, disappearing into the night!

Fang Qi was dumbfounded by what had just happened.

He was so shocked that he forgot that he was holding a blessed hammer in his hands!

What in the world just happened?

“Uncle, I just saved you from the little black snake. How are you going to thank me?” the little loli jumped off from the roof and asked.

Uncle? Little black snake? Fang Qi looked at himself and then towards the direction the giant demon ran off to.

Although practicing martial arts and injecting myself with the T-Virus made me taller and bigger than before, I’m in no way an ‘uncle’! Are you sure you are talking to the right person? he thought.

The little loli stuck out her undeveloped chest and paced back and forth in front of Fang Qi as if she were waiting for him to thank her.

“I just saved your life!” she said.

Fang Qi was confused and therefore didn’t respond.

Their surroundings became so quiet that he could hear the sound of a needle dropping onto the floor! The little loli blinked her eyes upon noticing Fang Qi’s silence and looked at him with curiosity. “Are you overwhelmed?”

Fang Qi replied, “WTF, there’s something I really want to say!”

“Oh, I know! After all, you’re just a little Master Warrior, and the demon was in the Yuan River Realm! It’s normal that you couldn’t defeat it.” The little loli generously waved her hands at Fang Qi and said, “So, Uncle, don’t be so embarrassed, haha!”

What? Fang Qi was flabbergasted; he really needed to get something off his chest!

The little loli reached out her hand and tried to pat Fang Qi on the shoulder. However, she was too short and therefore got his arm instead. Then, she said with much anticipation, “If you want to thank me for saving your life, you can treat me to food! I like steamed lamb, steamed bear claw, steamed deer’s tail, roast duck, roast chicken, roast goose, boiled duck, marinated chicken…”

“I own an internet café… not a restaurant!” The veins on Fang Qi’s forehead were about to burst. This little girl didn’t even ask for my permission before letting the giant demon snake run away! Was she sent by my enemy to dupe me?

Where did she get the audacity to ask him for all that food?

“What’s an… internet café?” The little loli placed her hands on her cheeks and asked Fang Qi in all seriousness, “What’s there to eat at an internet café?”

Finally, Fang Qi couldn’t take it anymore. He glanced up at his collapsed roof and said, “Do you want to leave on your own, or should I throw you out?”

“I’ll leave, I’ll leave! Why are you being so mean!” The little loli was shocked that the man she saved was treating her so terribly.

“You really don’t know what’s good for you! Why are humans all like this; it’s infuriating!” The little loli raised her chin and pouted. Then, she sneered and stormed out of Fang Qi’s shop.

After she left, Fang Qi looked at his broken bed and the giant hole in his roof; it was so big that he could see all the stars in the sky.

He sighed, “Once I find out who did this, I’m going to put them all on the black list!”

Since Fang Qi didn’t know where to sleep, he opened his shop as soon as the sun came up.

Auntie Wang opened her bun shop around this time every morning.

After Fang Qi pasted his hiring notice on the wall, he went to her shop and bought a big order of meat buns. Then, he began eating it outside his shop.

“Qi… your roof…” Auntie Wang noticed his collapsed roof.

Fang Qi responded awkwardly, “I don’t know why, but it suddenly collapsed.”

He couldn’t tell her the truth.

“Did it hurt anyone?” Auntie Wang asked.


“Oh, that’s good,” Auntie Wang said. “Ask Carpenter Yang to fix it for you later. Worst comes to worst, you can sleep at my house tonight.”

“Hm?” Fang Qi looked up and saw the little loli from last night. She was looking at him, but when their eyes met, she turned around and pretended not to see him.


Fang Qi thought, Did she wander around all night?

He looked down and went back to eating his buns.

After a few seconds, he glanced up and saw the little loli looking his way again.

“Do you want one?” Fang Qi held up a bun and asked her.

“Humph! I don’t want your stupid bun!” She turned her head around, obviously still upset about what happened the night before.

However, her stomach suddenly began to growl, and her face reddened from embarrassment.

“Forget it!” Fang Qi was getting a headache from this. “I’ll treat you to some buns, what do you think?”

The little loli didn’t respond.

“Didn’t you say yesterday that I should pay you back for saving my life?”

“You finally came to your senses?” the little loli asked with disdain.

“…” Fang Qi looked up at his collapsed roof again. He thought about that demon whom this loli let escape after ruining his bed, and he tried to calm down and said, “Sure, why not?”

Only then did the little loli unwillingly walk up to him.

A minute later.

Fang Qi only ate a few buns.

Still hungry, he reached out to get another one.

“Hm?” He turned around and was shocked to see the little loli slowly finishing the last bun and patting her round belly.

“If you like buns so much, why can’t you buy some for yourself?”

“I spent… my money was stolen by a thief!” the little loli replied angrily.

Then, she fiddled her fingers and looked at the notice in front of Fang Qi’s shop. “So… I’m looking for a job right now! Uncle, you’re alone, and your house is in danger… you should…”

As if she was afraid that Fang Qi would refuse, she quickly added, “Did I scare you by naming too many dishes last night? I know you’re poor… so I’ll be happy as long as you feed me buns…”

Fang Qi was speechless.

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