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Chapter 47 - Fans of the Plot and Official Novel

Chapter 47: Fans of the Plot and Official Novel

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All the customers inside the shop looked at what just happened, shocked once again.

Those who tried to or wanted to cause trouble instinctively retreated half a step!

Nalan Ying didn’t even know how he left Fang Qi’s shop.

Nalan Mingxue sat on her soft bed and listened to the newest report Lan Yan brought her. She was a little dumbstruck by what she heard.

Did I really try to take the shop for myself?

She was relieved that she was someone who made plans before acting upon them. She wasn’t in such a hurry to achieve results, or else her ending would have been the same as Xiao Yulv, Xu Fuwei, and Nalan Ying.

She quietly closed her eyes, and her long eyelashes shook slightly.

“Tell them to stop investigating the shop,” she said.

After passing Resident Evil One, players like Song Qingfeng and Xu Zixin began testing out the new game, Diablo II.

Those who first started playing all had the same thoughts in their minds; the game was fun, new and good for training.

However, once the players slowly evolved from newbies into experienced gamers, they would be attracted by different aspects of the games because their interests and hobbies were different.

An Cheng and his friends were obsessed with obtaining additional skill points, Li Haoran looked into different items and gear, and young girls like Xu Zixin and Shen Qingqing liked to dig deep into the plot of Diablo II, searching for the hope amidst the despair.

After reading so many novels that praised the heroes and made their endings happy, the dark theme of Diablo seemed sharper and more interesting.

If one were to pay close attention to the plot, they would notice that from the first scene, the player would hear about and even interact with former heroes. However, each and every one of those heroes were met with miserable fates!

Their fates were so miserable that the player would wonder if there was really hope left in this world.

The two girls, Xu Zixin and Shen Qingqing, recorded important and plot-related dialogue in their little silver notebooks.

After reaching their playtime limits, they often sat in the resting area to the right of the playing area and flipped through their notebooks, trying to figure out the plots and clues they uncovered in the game. It was as if they were flipping through the treasures they spent so long trying to obtain.

“Zixin, take a look, this is the story of Blood Raven, who we fought today.” Shen Qingqing only began playing Diablo today, so she was interested in the story. “Kashya and Akara said that Blood Raven used to be a heroine who helped in defeating Diablo.”

“Oh, this is the information I got from Song Qingfeng on Tristram and Deckard Cain…”

“Oh, I heard rumors about the Dark Wanderer everywhere in the encampment…” she said with excitement. “If we can piece the puzzles together, I’m sure the story’s going to be amazing!”

Xu Zixin frowned. “Too bad that we don’t know much of the plot yet. At most, we can only piece together the beginning. If our progress is the same as the owner’s, perhaps we can write an entire novel.”

“You’re right.” Shen Qingqing closed her notebook with a dejected expression on her face. Then, her face lit up. “Why don’t we… ask the owner about the things that happen later on in the game?”

“It’s a good idea…” Xu Zixin said, “but the dull owner only plays games and makes money; he doesn’t care about anything else. I wonder if he’ll even help us.”

“Let’s go try first!”

“The two of you want to know the plot, so you can piece everything into a complete story?” After Xu Zixin and Shen Qingqing explained to Fang Qi what they wanted, he looked at them with surprise and laughed in his head and thought, They sure are loyal fans of the plot.

“Are you writing an official novel?”

Fang Qi came to a sudden realization. Isn’t restoring the entire plot the same as writing an official novel for the game?

“Official novel?” Confused, the two girls looked at Fang Qi and asked, “What’s an official novel? Is it different from traditional novels?”

“An official novel is one that tells the plot of the game, and it can be released by the creator of the game or done by other authors who gets the copyright…”

After Fang Qi explained to them what ‘official novels’ were, their expressions lit up!

“We can do that?” They looked at Fang Qi with surprised expressions. All they wanted to do was restore the plot, so they could read the stories. But thanks to Fang Qi’s words, they realized that they could sell the story to the public!

Xu Zixin used to only read novels during her spare time; her favorite novel was Celestial Warrior.

However, Celestial Warrior and all the other popular novels on the market were similar. They were of similar worlds, similar backgrounds, and similar martial arts techniques; they lacked novelty.

All their plots followed the basic trend of a main character growing up to become an indomitable hero. The truth was, after reading the first chapter of Celestial Warrior, Xu Zixin could basically guess its ending.

If this novel wasn’t somewhat interesting in some aspect, and if there were other entertainment options in this world, she would have given up on the book a long time ago.

Diablo II, however, was a story she had never heard of. From the setting of the world was based on sword and magic, and concepts like angels and demons were completely different from the current mythical system of this world!

Moreover, the dark worldviews of the game kept the players guessing how this world was going to turn out to be, right until the very end.

If a story like this could be written into a novel…

“I will be the first to buy and read it!” Xu Zixin couldn’t control her excitement and exclaimed with anticipation.

As the daughter of an influential family, she didn’t need to make money. All she cared about was whether the novel was good or not.

She only just began discussing this idea with Fang Qi and Shen Qingqing, but she was already excited to read the ‘official novel’!

Therefore, they looked at Fang Qi with anticipation.

Fang Qi believed that writing an official novel was a great opportunity to promote his internet café. After all, the System said that the shop owner couldn’t go out and get customers since it was beneath him.

Creating an official novel would be much better than sitting in front of the computer and playing games all day, even if they only sold the novel in Jiuhua City.

“Sir, what do you think about this?” Shen Qingqing, a loyal fan of the plot, was incredibly interested.

Fang Qi sank into deep thought. Indeed, an official novel was something he hadn’t thought of before.

“If you don’t have any plans yet…” Shen Qingqing asked with anticipation, “Can you hand this task over to me?”

“You two…” Fang Qi looked at Xu Zixin and Shen Qingqing with a worried expression. Sure, the girls were beautiful, but writing a novel required skills.

“Qingqing is a talented girl!” Xu Zixin commented unhappily as if she saw right through Fang Qi’s worries.

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