Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 46 - Have You Ever Seen a Shadow Street-Dance Army?

Chapter 46: Have You Ever Seen a Shadow Street-Dance Army?

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“I have to admit defeat?” Fang Qi looked at him and said calmly, “What if I don’t?”

“What if you don’t?” Gong He sneered as he waved at the door.

A team of city guards immediately barged in.

Gong He glanced over at Nalan Ying. After seeing the latter nodding, he continued. “If you don’t agree to sell the thing called the computer, I’m going to close down your shop.”

“Gong He!” Just then, a person stood up from the second computer in the first row. His expression was arrogant and icy, and he was wearing a silver hairpin.

“Who dares to call me by my name directly?” Gong He turned around and saw An Cheng’s icy face.

“What do you think you’re doing?” An Cheng asked angrily.

“Young… Master An?” Gong He was immediately dumbfounded by who he saw; this shop was extremely secluded, and it was in the civilian district!

Gong He was ordered by his higher ups to go buy something with this prestigious mid-aged man.

But, why is the young master here?

Gong He’s brain stopped working for a second. “Why… are you here, Young Master An?”

“Do I have to report to you?” An Cheng shouted, “Get out!”

“Get out…?” Gong He began to sweat as he pointed at Nalan Ying and then back at An Cheng. One man was his big boss’s son, and the other one was from the force that his boss didn’t even dare to offend. What was he supposed to do?

“Deputy Commander Gong,” Nalan Ying smiled, “since Young Master An asked you to leave, you should leave.”

An Cheng, on the other hand, glanced at Nalan Ying and asked in a low voice, “Who are you? How dare you summon the city guards without permission?”

The city guards were crucial to the defense of Jiuhua City; normal people didn’t have the authority to move them!

Nalan Ying laughed as he removed the leather glove on his right hand. “Young Master An, you don’t have to know who I am.”

“It seems like this shop isn’t as simple as it looks,” Nalan Ying murmured.

His action of removing his glove seemed like a secret code. The city guards retreated immediately, and the doors of Fang Qi’s shop suddenly blew wide open!

A breeze blew into the internet café as the ambiance inside became dreary; the temperature suddenly dropped!

Black shadows shot into the shop one after another and an icy and murderous sensation spread through the entire internet café!

All the players exited the games and glanced over, wanting to know what was going on.

Then, they saw two rows of guards, each wearing a set of black armor and standing by the door of the shop!

These people were all wearing black ghost masks and holding giant crossbows. The first row of guards was squatting while the second row was standing.

Their crossbows emitted a dangerous and vigorous aura, and the triangle-tipped arrows were extremely threatening!

The guards aimed their crossbows at the shop, and An Cheng suddenly felt an icy chill shoot up his spine, all the way to his head!

“These are…” An Cheng suddenly remembered reading a record of these giant crossbows and exclaimed, “Immortal-Slaying Crossbows?”

These were super weapons that were used during Dajin’s founding war! It was one of the more horrific war weapons that ever existed!

Apparently, each string of the crossbow was made of 1,000-year-old dragon veins, and the tip of the arrows were made of the sharp teeth of powerful demon beasts. The crossbows were designed by Lu Fuzi himself, the top artifact forger of Dajin. Self-protective spiritual artifacts used by cultivators were as weak as paper in front of these weapons!

When the founding emperor was fighting the enemies, he was once surrounded by almost 10,000 cultivators.

His elite guards used these weapons to launch a surprise attack against their enemies, killing more than half of the high-level cultivators and successfully breaking out of encirclement!

That battle became Dajin’s most classic example of the weak winning against the powerful!

How can so many Immortal-Slaying Crossbows appear at the same time? An Cheng’s head went blank.

Although he knew that these crossbows weren’t as powerful as they used to be, being pointed at by them was still horrific. Even thought An Cheng and some of the others were all cultivators, they were still scared.

In the entire southeast region of the empire, not even the castellans owned weapons like this. There was only one powerful force that was equipped with these crossbows!

“You… you are?” By now, An Cheng had figured out which family this man was from. If he remembered correctly, the leader of the elite guards was from the Nalan Family…

“My name is Nalan Ying,” Nalan Ying answered casually.

An Cheng’s body froze as he began to regret kicking Gong He out of the shop.

Why in the world would a small shop like this offend a great power like the Nalan Family?

During the founding war, Nalan Ying was already a level 8 Ancestral Warrior and was a part of the elite guards.

How powerful is he right now? Since he is here, then it is clear who is behind all this… An Cheng thought.

Even An Cheng’s father had to step aside in front of people like Nalan Ying!

No wonder Gong He treated this man with such respect and even sucked up to him!

“Now, can we talk about you selling one of your spiritual artifacts?” Nalan Ying sneered. The Nalan Family rarely appeared before other famous families, but their fame and power didn’t fade away, not even a little bit!

Fang Qi glanced over at An Cheng’s expression and turned back around as if nothing was going on. He asked, “Can you put away your scrap metal? You’re scaring my customers.”

“Huh?” Nalan Ying froze, and Fang Qi continued in all seriousness, “Or else, I will assume that you’re causing trouble.”

An Cheng: ?

Ouyang Cheng: ?

Buche: ?

Everyone in the shop was dumbstruck. After all, Nalan Ying wasn’t a second or third-generation heir of a powerful person like Xiao Yulv!

He was a legendary individual who participated in the founding war that happened centuries ago!

Did Fang Qi just ask him to ‘put away his scrap metal’?

Is he crazy?

“I know that a powerful cultivator is supporting your shop.” Nalan Ying nodded. “Not everyone can defeat someone like Xu Fuwei.”

“But…” He pointed at the Shadow Guards and said, “Do you know what cultivators call the Shadow Guards of the Nalan family?”

“Cultivator killers!” He answered his own question in a low voice.

“Someone’s causing trouble!” Fang Qi turned around and pulled out his chair; he was planning to sit back down in front of his computer.

Nalan Ying was confused by Fang Qi’s words and actions.

“Many troublemakers have been detected, lightning tribulation activated.”

Then, they heard an extremely loud rumble!


A white light flashed before the shop!

Then, everyone saw something spectacular – The Shadow Guard Break-Dance Crew…

Nalan Ying’s expression was as splendid as it could be!

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