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Chapter 48 - Here Comes the Elderly

Chapter 48: Here Comes the Elderly

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“Yeah?” Fang Qi still hesitated.

If the person writing the novel had a deep understanding of the game, the story itself might be more impressionable.

“Why don’t you… give it a try? If I approve of your writing skills, then you can go ahead.”

“What are you talking about?” Song Qingfeng and the others walked up to them upon seeing the three of them engaged in a heated discussion.

“Don’t worry!” Xu Zixin leaned back on her computer chair and closed her eyes in satisfaction. She smiled and said, “We’re talking about publishing an official novel for Diablo II.”

“What? A novel for Diablo II?” Song Qingfeng exclaimed; compared to Resident Evil One, Diablo II’s story line was much broader. Moreover, since the game gave the players more freedom to explore, they paid less attention to the plot.

However, that didn’t mean Diablo II’s plot wasn’t interesting; there were just way too many interesting aspects of the game.

Therefore, upon hearing that they were going to publish a novel, they were immediately interested. “When?”

“Brother An,” Bu Che and the others were talking about the skills in the game when he turned around and pointed at Fang Qi. “The owner said that he’s going to publish a novel for Diablo II.”

“What’s the storyline of Diablo II?” An Cheng froze. “I only paid attention to the items and skills and completely ignored the plot…”

“Stuff like demons and angels… My focus is on the combat, and I also didn’t really listen to what the game was talking about. It’s interesting though; the plot is more original than the popular novels we have right now.” Ouyang Cheng chimed in, “Should we buy one when it comes out?”

“Let’s ask the owner when the novel will be published!” Bu Che added. “I know that Blood Raven used to be a heroine, and Tristram was destroyed by the demons. I have no idea why everything happened. If that’s the case…”

They glanced at each other and wondered, Are we really able to read stuff like that…?

“I kind of want to read it…”

Before, novels weren’t worth reading because they were all just unrealistic fantasies!

But for the first time in their lives, they were interested!

– Inside the grand hall of the Nalan Family –

Nalan Hongwu slowly opened his eyes and asked, “Did you bring a computer back?”

“I’m… useless!” Nalan Ying lowered his head.

“Hm?” Nalan Hongwu’s eyes emitted a dangerous light as he asked and emphasized each word, “What happened? I thought I told you to bring the Shadow Guards.”

At the mention of this, Nalan Ying couldn’t help but think back to the Shadow Guards ‘break dancing’ outside the internet café. He replied with a long face, “… He is too strong. I don’t even know when he did it, but the Shadow Guards were annihilated! They were all struck to the ground by a lightning technique!”

“Lightning technique?” Nalan Hongwu repeated with a grim expression on his face, “The lightning technique of cultivators gathers the lightning from the heavens and earth, but there are usually clear signs of such a strike beforehand. How come the Shadow Guards weren’t able to dodge it?”

“The opponent…” Nalan Ying said as he clenched his teeth, “Didn’t show any signs of attacking!”

“No signs?” Nalan Hongwu stroked his white beard and murmured, “So, you’re saying that the cultivator used his own spiritual powers to create lightning and took down the Shadow Guards in the blink of an eye? A cultivator like that is bound to be in the Divine Ocean Realm!”

He then closed his eyes again and said, “A cultivator like that isn’t someone you can defeat. It’s not your fault.”

“I’m sorry!”

“But… why wasn’t there news that a Divine Ocean Realm cultivator came to Jiuhua City? No one in the Jiangnan Region had heard about this.” Nalan Hongwu asked, “Does this person not care about money or fame?”

Although the Nalan Family’s wasn’t as powerful as it used to be, it was still more than enough to deal with a small shop without having to engage in a fight.

After all, money and fame were things that everyone wanted, right?

Nalan Ying shook his head and said, “Reasonably speaking, someone who would open a shop would want money, but the owner is extremely rule-abiding and never bends them for anybody. Customers who break the rules are never welcomed back. That’s why there was no room for negotiations.”

“Oh?” Nalan Hongwu was aware that some powerful people had weird tempers. For example, back then, he went through a lot of trouble trying to persuade Lu Fuzi to design the Immortal-Slaying Crossbow for the Dajin Empire.

If the owner of this little shop was really powerful, Nalan Hongwu wouldn’t be so surprised by all the rules.

Therefore, he asked, “Are the computers in the small shop really as magical as you say they are?”

“I didn’t exaggerate at all!” Nalan Ying said.

“If that’s the case, then I’ll go check it out for myself and find out who’s behind all this!” Nalan Hongwu had been living in seclusion for a while, only because he wasn’t interested in anything anymore.

However, if computers were really that special, he might as well check them out.

Of course, if they weren’t that special, he was going to make the owner pay for it!

Nalan Ying looked up in shock. “Family Leader… You’re going to go yourself?”

Nalan Hongwu stood up from his seat; he was an old man who had a little hunched back, and his hair and beard were all snowy white.

“I’ll also show those people that I’m not dying just yet!” He said as an icy glare flashed through his eyes, making goosebumps appear on Nalan Ying’s body!

Nalan Hongwu opened his mouth and said, “Elder Fu.”

“Here.” Another old man with white hair walked out from behind the hall. He was tall and strong-looking, meticulously dressed in a white robe with golden edges.

“Get the carriage ready.”

“Will do.”

“Family Leader… Are you really going?” Nalan Ying’s body shook.

After all, the family leader of the Nalan Family had been cooped up inside the Nalan Family for more than a decade!

Is he really going out, just to check out a small shop?

While Nalan Ying hesitated, the two elders already walked out of the grand hall!

Shen Qingqing was a newbie to the game, so she wasn’t as clear on the plot as Fang Qi.

Their plan to write an official novel was about to be put into action, and Fang Qi agreed to let her write the small part of Act I.

By the time he finished describing parts of the plot in extreme detail, the sun was slowly setting, and the sky was darkening.

The proud sunlight was just about to disappear from the sky when Fang Qi saw four single-horned beasts that looked like horses stop in front of his shop.

The beasts were pulling a luxurious cart!

These horses were not at all ordinary; they emitted a strong aura and prestige.

Unicorns? Fang Qi suddenly thought of this mythical creature, but the beasts in front of him were black. Unlike the mythical unicorns, they looked much fiercer!

They were demon beasts! Powerful demon beasts that were tamed!

The person driving the cart was a big, tall elder wearing a white robe with gold edges.

He stopped the cart and then opened the door of the cart.

Another thin elder slowly got off, holding a black cane in his hand.

Fang Qi couldn’t tell what the cane was made of.

“Is this the shop Ying was talking about?” Nalan Hongwu looked around. Aside from its unique design, nothing else about this shop attracted his attention.

Fang Qi, on the other hand, froze upon seeing the elders outside his door.

Aren’t they a little too old to play games at an internet café?

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