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Chapter 43 - Playing Games is the Only Way to Go

Chapter 43: Playing Games is the Only Way to Go

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Task: Sudden attack in the rain (completed).

Task award: Permanent rocket launcher with unlimited ammunition (obtained).

No matter how strong an Ancestral Warrior was, it was hard to fully retreat under the continuous attacks of the rockets. Moreover, he had to face the danger of dropping from mid-air after being completely exhausted from combat.

Fang Qi threw the rocket launcher over his shoulder and looked into the distance. “I think if I were him, I will never try to bully the two of you again,” he said.

Lan Yan quickly took out a fragrant elixir and fed it to Nalan Mingxue. Only then did the latter’s face regain some color.

It was already the next day when the rain stopped, and the golden sunshine soaked through the clouds and scattered across the soaked ground. The shadows of last night had officially become of the past.

“What a great day!” Sunshine seeped into Fang Qi’s bedroom as he stretched lazily.

He could drink Sprite, play games, and use the unlimited rocket launcher if he wanted to! His life excited him.

Of course, not everyone was doing as well as Fang Qi. For example, An Cheng, Ouyang Cheng, and Bu Che came out from Crimson Jade Pavilion with dark circles under their eyes. As soon as they walked out, people began talking about them.

“Do you think those young masters have sort of disease…”

“They called over a dozen girls last night but didn’t listen to them sing or watch them dance. They just drank and talked all night.”

“They talked about how to obtain fire skills in some kind of skill tree, the possibility of dual-elemental sorceresses, and how to choose and arrange gear… What in the world do you think they were talking about?”


The three of them walked on the streets and looked up at the bright skies in surprise. “It’s already daytime?”

“Origins should be open by now. Come on, let’s go drink some Sprite!” An Cheng’s eyes lit up.

“Let’s go, we can find out how to gain attribute points today.” The three of them immediately shook off their exhaustion and headed toward the internet café excitedly.

Li Haoran left Blue Flame Pavilion with the same exhausted look on his face.

“What’s wrong with Master Li?”

“I don’t know. He locked himself up in the artifact making room as soon as he came back yesterday, trying to make all sorts of weird things…”

There were three weird spiritual artifacts on the spiritual artifacts display stand.

Descriptions were even pasted beside them…

Some cultivators walked into the shop and glanced over at the new spiritual artifacts on the display stand.

[Outstanding Frost Rhinoceros Horn

Attack: 4-21

Durability: 20/20

Required Level: Spiritual Spring Realm

+30% Attack Enhancement

+7 Ice Damage

Cold Resistance +10%]


The cultivators glanced at each other in confusion.

A female disciple who worked at Blue Flame Pavilion smiled awkwardly and tried to introduced the item, “This is a new spiritual artifact Master Li Haoran created, uh…”

Damn it, I don’t know what else to say! The female disciple felt like crying; working here was so hard!

Thanks to the increased number of computers, customers realized that they didn’t have to line up anymore. Therefore, the mornings at the internet café became considerably calmer.

“Sir, give us each a bottle of Sprite!” An Cheng, Ouyang Cheng, and Bu Che walked into the shop. “Can we drink another bottle today?”

“Yeah.” Fang Qi handed them each a bottle of Sprite with no emotions on his face, and the three of them quickly opened the bottles and took a giant swig.

“Ah…” An Cheng felt the cool liquid flowing into his stomach, and his entire body felt refreshed. His exhaustion completely disappeared, and he couldn’t help but moan in pleasure.

“This is delicious!” This morning, Ouyang Cheng felt like a spiritual artifact that had lost its essence.

However, after taking a sip of the Sprite, his energy came right back to him! His mind, originally filled with noise and annoyance, felt so refreshed as if it had been washed clean by spring water from the mountains.

He was elated by what he felt. Sprite can do this?

“I feel like I can taste the cool spring water that had been flowing under the snowy mountains for thousands of years!”

Bu Che took tiny sips of his Sprite as he enjoyed the flavor. Upon seeing his friends glancing at him, he looked at their bottles and then back at his own.

Then, he covered his bottle with his hands and said, “What are the two of you looking at?”

The other two men froze for a second before looking down at their bottles. “We… finished ours again?”

Ouyang Cheng gave a friendly smile as he stuck out a finger and said, “We’re all brothers, so let me take a sip! Just a tiny sip!”

“A bottle of Sprite can’t be shared.” Just then, Fang Qi said casually, “Those who violate this rule will never be welcomed back here.”

“Hahaha!” Bu Che laughed as he went back to sipping his Sprite happily. He said, “It’s not that I don’t want you guys to have any!”

An Cheng and Ouyang Cheng looked at each other dejectedly. “We have to wait until tomorrow again!”

“Let’s go play…”

“Let’s go! It’s time to kill the countess!” The three of them felt much better after drinking the Sprite.

Everyone inside the shop felt happy and content, but after what happened last night, the Nalan Family wasn’t so peaceful.

A skinny elder wearing an embroidered robe sat inside a magnificent hall!

The elder, lying against the fur of a ferocious beast, slowly opened his eyes; his mouth opened and closed as if he was talking to himself.

He murmured, “Do you think you can interfere with the matters of the Nalan Family just because I’m old?”

“Master, please don’t be mad!” A shadow appeared from the darkness and said, “We are looking into what happened last night!”

“What’s going on with Ji?”

The black shadow responded, “Nalan Ji kept saying that he was bewitched by powers outside the family and committed suicide to escape punishment. Young Master said he didn’t know who it was and gave Miss Nalan some medicine.”

“He didn’t know who it was?” Unconvinced, the elder repeated, “So, who was the person that interfered and saved Mingxue?”

“I did some investigation, he is the owner of a small shop in the east of the city.”

“The owner of a small shop?”

“Yes…” However, this shadow had no idea how the owner of a small shop managed to injure Nalan Ji so severely.

Are small shop owners all this powerful nowadays?

The elder lifted a hand. “Look into the owner’s background.”

How could the owner of a small shop interfere with the power struggle of a noble family?

Yes, a noble family! They were like a giant beast in the southeast. When the beast opened its eyes, even the cultivators and prestigious characters had to back off!


They were right; Fang Qi was just the owner of a small shop.

Right now, he was casually enjoying his game, having no idea what was happening within the deep waters.

In other words, he didn’t even want to know. The only reason Fang Qi accidentally destroyed the conspiracy in the Nalan Family was because he wanted his customers to play happily and peacefully at his shop.

Fang Qi hummed a song as he fought his way to Andariel’s hiding place. He felt like he had leveled up a couple times this morning, and he thought, I knew it! Playing games is the only way to go!

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