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Chapter 42 - Generally Speaking, Aces Can Send Him Flying

Chapter 42: Generally Speaking, Aces Can Send Him Flying

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“So, you’re this arrogant because you have a strong spiritual artifact in your hands?!” Nalan Ji burst out in rabid laughter as he drew out the longsword by his waist. As his sword shook, the rain around him was crushed into tiny pieces, and the wind then blew the tiny mists into the sky!

“Do you think an ant can kill the elephant just because it has a spear?” Nalan Ji placed his sword in front of his chest and stood in horse stance 1 , preparing for battle.

The air around them suddenly became stickier than ever, and the entire street seemed to be pinned under an invisible mountain!

Even the howling wind quieted down.

At that moment, the entire street fell silent!

All the raindrops seemed to have frozen solid, like pieces of lead and not moving at all.

Just then, Nalan Ji chopped down with his sword, seemingly slowly but actually with great speed. The air became as solid as steel as the wind and rain wrapped around the sword as it struck at Fang Qi!


A streak of lightning seemed to split open heaven and earth!

Before the sword reached Fang Qi, the road in front of him suddenly cracked open!

“Mountain Lifting Strike?” Lan Yan exclaimed, “This is an Ancestral Warrior Technique!”

She felt despair looming over her and blamed herself for being stupid enough to ask Fang Qi to deal with an Ancestral Warrior!

It didn’t matter how powerful the rocket launcher was; it could at most only threatened an Ancestral Warrior!

Under normal circumstances, Ancestral Warriors all knew how to avoid attacks!

If the Ancestral Warriors wanted to, it was extremely difficult for the rocket launcher to hit them!

Moreover, there was a limit to the amount of ammo in the rocket launcher. When the players were playing the game, they had four shots.

However, the Ancestral Warrior’s qi was endless like the ocean!

How could the rocket launcher kill the Ancestral Warrior with limited ammo?

It was simply impossible! It would be hard, even if the rocket launcher provided unlimited ammo!

Moreover, even a Master Warrior couldn’t even lift an arm under this much pressure!

As this thought crossed her mind, she suddenly opened her eyes wide in surprise! Fang Qi slowly raised his hand and pulled the trigger!

The horrific pressure around him didn’t affect him, not even a little bit!

Fang Qi’s body had been strengthened by the T-Virus! Therefore, his strength was enough to compete against a Master Warrior, let alone other empowerments that were provided by the mutation!


After the rocket flew out a few meters, it seemed to have smashed onto an invisible wall and blasted into pieces!

The strong explosion immediately broke a hole through the powerful warrior qi around them!

Then, he pulled his trigger two more times!

Thunderous explosions erupted, and a bright light sprung out in front of them!

The powerful and incomparable explosion immediately destroyed a lot of his opponent’s sword energy!

Then, Fang Qi fired two more shots!

The tremendous impact force pushed Nalan Ji back. As soon as he eliminated the aftershock, he heard a sharp breeze blow toward him!

Without thinking, he quickly leaned back!

A rocket barely missed his chest!

Nalan Ji’s expression was as icy as it could be. He finally realized that he didn’t seem to be a match for this powerful weapon. However, even though its speed was fast enough for a regular man, he could easily dodge them as an Ancestral Warrior!

As soon as he recovered, Fang Qi would be dead!


Fang Qi fired the sixth shot!

“He’s attacking my feet?” Nalan Ji immediately jumped up, and the rocket blew up under his feet. Giant air waves blasted up along with countless pieces of metals!

The immense impact force of the explosion and countless sharp metal fragments made it hard for one to defend themselves. A regular Master Warrior would’ve died from it!

However, Nalan Ji waved his sword in the air and concentrated all his warrior qi in front of him, creating a strong and solid invisible barrier!

The thick barrier was capable of blocking out everything, from the metal fragments flying at him to the impact force of the explosion.

After the airwave blew past either side of the barrier, with Nalan Ji sustaining zero injuries!

Fang Qi fired five shots, but Nalan Ji was left unscratched!

“Damn it!” Lan Yan was filled with despair; she seemed to have overestimated the power of the rocket launcher. Ancestral Warriors didn’t even have to run away since they could block rockets as they wished.

How could Fang Qi defeat him?

Nalan Mingxue watched the battle with an icy expression on her face. Each technique used by the Ancestral Warriors could reach a god-like level, and even great spiritual artifacts could not defeat them easily!

As soon as Fang Qi ran out of ammo, Nalan Ji would immediately defeat him!

This was an unfair battle!

He had to create a miracle to win!

Rainwater landed on the barrel of Fang Qi’s rocket launcher before evaporating into white mist.

Although Fang Qi seemed to be on the offensive, he couldn’t take advantage of the situation!

A murderous expression appeared on Nalan Ji’s face as he said, “You will soon die!”

However, he failed to notice that Fang Qi was smiling upon seeing that the impact of the explosion had sent him into midair.

Flames suddenly rose in the night skies! Nalan Ji was sent flying into the air by the impact as if he was being thrown toward the flames!

Nalan Ji’s expression changed dramatically!

Although Ancestral Warriors had the ability to fly for a short amount of time, the inertia, along with the fact that he was in the air, stopped him from changing directions!

As soon as Nalan Ji was blown into the air, Fang Qi immediately fired another shot; the timing was perfect!

He didn’t give Nalan Ji time to eliminate the impact force of the explosion, meaning that the latter couldn’t dodge!

“Once I block this attack, I will rip you into pieces!” Nalan Ji spat ferociously as he gathered his warrior qi into his sword once again, holding it in front of his chest!


A giant flame erupted in the sky, but Nalan Ji’s semi-spherical barrier blocked the flames.

He stopped the rocket with his bare hands, and he blocked the huge force and countless metal fragments with his vigorous warrior qi!

However, because of the impact, his body was once again blown into the sky!


An air-piercing noise sounded again.

Fang Qi fired another rocket at him!

The power of the explosion pushed his body out to where this new rocket was targeting, and Nalan Ji had no choice but to block it again!

In the end, flame after flame lit up the nightly sky, and Nalan Ji was pushed high into the air by the endless explosions!

Fang Qi fired another shot, but it didn’t hit its target. Fang Qi had no idea where Nalan Ji had been shot off to.

Fang Qi froze for a second. “Uh… I missed.”

Although the T-Virus improved his overall abilities, and Resident Evil helped his practice his shooting skills, this was as far as his capabilities went.

Fang Qi turned around, feeling awkward that he had made a mistake. He explained to Nalan Mingxue and Lan Yan, “Generally speaking, a good shooter would have been able to juggle him in the air… I think I need to practice a little more…”

Nalan Mingxue was speechless while Lan Yan, who felt like she had just survived a disaster, burst out laughing upon seeing Fang Qi’s awkward expression. She wiped off her tears and pouted, “Mr. Fang, I think you were just trying to show off your skills, but you completely failed!”

“Can you cut me some slack and not expose the truth?” Fang Qi replied awkwardly.

Nalan Mingxue, on the other hand, was buried in her own thoughts, The rockets have the ability to send enemies into the sky? It could do that?

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