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Chapter 41 - No One Will Marry You When You Are Expressionless and Vicious in The Tongue

Chapter 41: No One Will Marry You When You Are Expressionless and Vicious in The Tongue

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“Cabinet?” Fang Qi glanced over at the cabinets on the wall, which looked like display cases. As expected, a black, heavy-looking rocket launcher appeared in it!

The body of this black rocket launcher was about half a person tall when it was vertically displayed, and it took the shape of a giant gun. However, it wasn’t an ordinary rocket launcher with an over-the-shoulder barrel; it was more portable.

Isn’t this the rocket launcher that players get when they pass the Resident Evil One remake within three hours? Fang Qi felt speechless, You can recreate a weapon like this?

Although this rocket launcher was more portable than the one thrown down from the helicopter in the game, it could kill the Tyrant just as easily!

Fang Qi threw the rocket launcher over his shoulder, opened the door to his shop, and left.

The rain was coming down harder than ever.

“Ms. Nalan!” A shriek resonated across the night sky.

Lan Yan looked at Nalan Mingxue helplessly as her face lit up with shock and horror; the latter had fallen onto the ground, and her face had become as pale as a ghost!

“Don’t you find it weird? Why isn’t the person who is secretly protecting you here?” The leader of the assassins smiled coldly and said, “I guess you won’t see him again.”

Nalan Mingxue’s expression was icy; this was probably the greatest danger she had ever come across her entire life!

Even though life in the Nalan Family felt like treading on thin ice, she had never been forced into a corner as tight as this one!

“Should I say that you are confident or stupid?” Upon realizing that Nalan Mingxue no longer posed a threat to him, the assassin in black finally took off the bamboo hat on his head, showing his thin face and hook nose. “Your whereabouts have never been fixed. You always conduct a thorough investigation of wherever you go, and my young master never even got a chance to kill you, no matter how hard he tried.”

“The young master asked me to thank the owner of that shop. Thanks to him, we found a loophole in your habits, my diligent little lady… Impressive!” This assassin’s expression became murderous as he slowly raised the dagger in his hand. “Too bad you’ll never have the chance to hear me thanking him!”

Nalan Mingxue slowly closed her eyes; she blamed herself for being so reckless during a dangerous time like this!

She sighed as she was now on the edge of a cliff. No matter how smart and calm she was, she couldn’t find a way to save herself.

How ironic , she thought.

The tip of the dagger, mixed in with the fierce wind, came slamming down on her like a streak of white light, and it was so bright that she was almost blinded!

She could feel a blast of icy energy approaching her. Perhaps in the next second, she would be torn up by that energy!

However, in the next second, she heard a crisp metal-collision sound!


The iciness suddenly disappeared!

She opened her eyes and saw a thick, black barrel steadily blocking that shiny dagger!

Someone saved her from the hands of death while her life was hanging by a thread!

She had no idea who would save her at a time like this.

No one, not even the city guards, would come to the secluded and quiet civilian district at a time like this, especially in this rain!

Who could it be?

“Mr. Fang… Qi?” Flabbergasted, Lan Yan looked at the man who stopped the dagger in amazement.

How could it be? Why would Fang Qi come here at a time like this?

She didn’t understand why he would come, but he was standing before them!

“Who is it?” Nalan Ji froze and squinted at the man who stopped him from killing Nalan Mingxue.

“Did I not hear him because of the sound of the rain?” Nalan Ji looked closely at the person who stopped his dagger; he seemed like a young man who wasn’t even a Master Warrior yet. Perhaps he was outstanding compared to the other young men of his age, but he was no more than an ant in front of an Ancestral Warrior like him!

Just now, Nalan Ji didn’t use much strength since he was trying to kill a woman who didn’t even have the strength left in her to resist.

“Fang Qi?” Lan Yan looked at Fang Qi as if he was their last chance at survival. She grabbed his arm and cried helplessly, “Mr. Fang, please save Ms. Nalan!”

She regretted not stopping Nalan Mingxue from going to Fang Qi’s shop. Now, they had completely fallen into their enemy’s trap; even Nalan Mingxue’s last hidden cards had been uncovered. She really didn’t know how they could escape from this calamity!

Lan Yan wasn’t that talented, so she felt like her death wouldn’t make too much of a difference. However, a person as talented as Nalan Mingxue shouldn’t die here so powerlessly.

“Isn’t that what I’m here for?” With a smile, Fang Qi looked at Nalan Ji and said, “Let’s talk about this. Can you pick another time to murder someone?”

Fang Qi then pointed at Nalan Mingxue and said in all seriousness, “If words got out that someone died because she played too late at my shop, I’m going to be humiliated, aren’t I?”

“Oh?” Nalan Ji froze for a second before quickly realizing what was happening. Then, he laughed arrogantly, “So, you’re the owner of that little shop?”

“Yup.” Fang Qi nodded with no expression on his face. “I thought you were going to thank me, can you do me this favor?”

“Do you a favor?” Nalan Ji’s face twisted as if he had just heard the funniest joke in the world. “Who do you think you are? How dare you ask me for a favor?”

“The way you went back on your words so easily sure is annoying.” Fang Qi shrugged and said casually, “But since my shop operates until this hour, I have to ensure the safety of my customers.”

Nalan Mingxue sighed quietly; she never thought that Fang Qi would be the one to come to her rescue.

Although she knew Fang Qi’s powers, he was faced against an Ancestral Warrior!

No matter how strong he was, he was still a 16-year-old kid. Was he capable of defeating Grandmaster Warriors and Ancestral Warriors?

“Thank you, but you’re not Chris from Resident Evil, nor are you the main characters in Diablo. Please don’t overestimate yourself. If you don’t act rationally, you’re going to die with me,” she sat on the ground weakly and said in calmness.

“Ms. Expressionless, no one will marry you if you keep up that vicious tongue of yours,” Fang Qi said in all earnestness. “Although this is my first time engaging in real-life combat, can you have some faith in me?”

“M… Ms. Expressionless?” Lan Yan’s giant eyes blinked as she thought, Did he just say that this is his first time engaging in real-life combat? If that is the case, who would have faith in you? Lan Yan felt like crying.

Nalan Mingxue froze as well, Did he just call me ‘Ms. Expressionless’?

Fang Qi removed the rocket launcher from his back and waved his hand at Lan Yan, gesturing her to retreat with Nalan Mingxue.


“Kill him!” With Nalan Ji’s command, the eight assassins charged at Fang Qi all at once!

These eight assassins were of the same team and had been through strict training. Therefore, they were extremely well-organized!

Fang Qi pulled his trigger!


A rocket dashed out the barrel, letting out a long flame tail!

“What in the world is that?” The assassin in the middle saw the flames and quickly protected himself with his sword!


A violent explosion shook the entire road they were on!

Out of the eight powerful Grandmaster Warriors, four of them were instantly engulfed by the flames!

“Nothing is impossible with a blast of my rocket launcher.” Fang Qi smiled as he aimed, pulled the trigger, and shot out another rocket!

“If there is, I’ll just shoot another rocket.”


The remaining assassins who had been injured by the previous blast were immediately blown away!

At that very second, Lan Yan’s brain went blank while Nalan Mingxue froze.

“R….. rocket… launcher?” Lan Yan exclaimed, “Wasn’t that thing just made-up for Resident Evil?”

Did she just see the weapon from Resident Evil in real life? It seemed like the exact same rocket launcher!

How is this possible?

“I told you these things could be created,” Fang Qi replied calmly; he wondered what Lan Yan’s face would look like if he told her that he injected himself with the T-Virus.

Fang Qi lifted up his rocket launcher again, aiming at Nalan Ji. “Now, you’re the only one left.”

Lan Yan and Nalan Mingxue stared at Fang Qi, both at a loss for words.

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