Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 40 - Play Safely and Peacefully at the Internet Café

Chapter 40: Play Safely and Peacefully at the Internet Café

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The different powers within the country of Dajin were intricate and complicated. In order to establish a country in a region filled with powerful warriors and cultivators, the founding emperor, Emperor Wu, subdued countless warriors and cultivators while making promises to different forces.

After the establishment of the country, these warriors, cultivators, and forces were awarded, subsequently becoming prestigious families!

Moreover, the founding emperor, Emperor Wu, himself was born into a wealthy family. After a long time of development, he successfully created a hierarchy in the country.

Dajin seemed peaceful to outsiders, but the truth was that there were plots and conspiracies everywhere.

The night fell. After she reached her daily playtime limit, Nalan Mingxue watched Fang Qi play Diablo for the night.

Out of curiosity, she tried this game out for half an hour today.

The map of the virtual reality version of Diablo II was much bigger. Rogue Encampment had taverns and civilian residences, making everything seem extremely real and life-like. The game was so realistic that it became much more interesting.

Role playing games allowed Nalan Mingxue to play any role she wanted and become one with her character. She felt natural in the game, even when talking with commoners. In real life, she rarely even laid eyes on people of lower status.

Only during times like this could she completely unhinge the pressure on her shoulders. In the game, she lived a completely different life. Without the burden of status, she could interact however she wanted to. She could also be happy about leveling up and getting all sorts of items.

She didn’t have to calculate and manipulate like she did in real life. She could show her unhappiness if she wanted to, and she could laugh if she felt like it. She didn’t have to worry about people trying to figure her out.

But now, she suddenly felt confused.

This game seems even more interesting than Resident Evil. So should I continue to play games here?

“I lowered my guard…” She finally came back to her senses and stood up from her chair. She had never felt like this her entire life.

Then, she turned and looked around the internet café; she realized that most people had already left.

It was midnight.

“It’s so late!”

Just then, Fang Qi stood up from his seat and stretched casually. He glanced at Nalan Mingxue and Lan Yan with surprise in his eyes. “Hm? You’re still here?”

“We’re about to leave.” Nalan Mingxue’s expression went back to its original icy coldness.

As soon as she opened the door, she felt drops of water on her face.

She looked up at the dark sky, and her white robe fluttered crazily in the wind that was rushing into the internet café through the open door.

She walked out and reached out her hand; an ice-cold water droplet landed on her palm as the fierce wind blew in the air.

It’s raining?

In the summer, it was extremely humid before rainfall. The clouds were like lids of a pressure cooker, making the air humid and annoying people to their cores.

After Nalan Mingxue and Lan Yan, the last few customers also left. Fang Qi walked up to the doors and closed them.

Suddenly, he noticed something strange outside his internet café, causing him to furrow his eyebrows.

The night looked like an ink wash painting as raindrops fell from the sky. Aside from the light inside Fang Qi’s shop, everywhere else was pitch black.

It was midnight; all the other shops on the street had closed.

The roads were dark as well. Lan Yan held an umbrella for her and Nalan Mingxue as they walked straight into the depth of a dark alley.

At this moment, Nalan Mingxue’s footsteps paused.

“Ms. Nalan, you’ve been slacking off.” A gentle sigh came from the roof of a building beside them.

This voice was so abrupt that the two of them finally noticed rows of black shadows on roofs of buildings around them!

“Ms. Nalan!” Lan Yan’s expression darkened; she knew they were here for the two of them!

“Did that big brother of mine send you all?” Nalan Mingxue was calm. “Yes, I’ve indeed slacked off; I didn’t even notice that people were following me.”

The figure in the middle of the group sneered as he reached out his right hand and waved it in the air. “Do not leave either of them alive.”

Then, eight figures jumped down and charged toward the two girls like black eagles!

Blade energy filled with murderous spirits were emitted from every single figure as they advanced like the howling wind.

Their warrior qi was able to leave their bodies! They were all Grandmaster Warriors!

The eight assassins were all at least Grandmaster Warriors! Their target was this young girl who had just reached the realm of Master Warrior!

The last assassin stayed on the roof and didn’t move. A team like them was virtually unbeatable!

With a serious expression on her face, Nalan Mingxue was forced to back off. Soon, there was nowhere else to hide!

A giant bolt of blade energy flew after her like a shark honing in on a defenseless penguin!

With Nalan Mingxue’s strength, she was no match for Grandmaster Warriors! Suddenly, she created a spiritual barrier around her before she was sent flying into the air!


The house behind her collapsed upon impact!

“Ms. Nalan!” Lan Yan cried out. Just as she was about to run up and check how badly injured Nalan Mingxue was, she heard a sharp wind echo beside her ears!


A streak of blade energy slammed before her, and a crack formed on the ground in front of her!

A man in black slowly blocked her and sneered, “Don’t get distracted during combat, Ms. Lan Yan.”

Nalan Mingxue, who was knocked away by the blade energy, had a spiritual barrier shining around her. It was obvious that it was a protective spiritual artifact that could be activated by warrior qi.

However, the barrier quickly lost its effect under the continuous attacks of the Grandmaster Warriors.

Nalan Mingxue instinctively placed her hand on her chest; there was a small jade dagger hanging off her necklace.

Dangerous energies emitted from the jade dagger.

The figure who was still on the roof disappeared. In a split second, he reappeared in front of her. Then, a cold light dashed toward her!

“Ms. Nalan, we know what you are capable of; I suggest that you think twice before acting rashly!”

This attack wasn’t deadly, but it seemed to puncture a vital spot in her body. Chaotic warrior qi exploded from her body, running around loosely. Then, the crystal-clear jade dagger she held in her hand suddenly broke into pieces!

Nalan Mingxue spat out a mouthful of blood, and her face became paler than ever.

This man was at least an Ancestral Warrior!

Her big brother ordered an Ancestral Warrior and eight Grandmaster Warriors to assassinate her? Nalan Mingxue smiled bitterly. He sure thinks highly of me!

Upon seeing her most powerful trump card overthrown, she felt like the strength in her body slowly left her. Her icy expression finally showed a hint of dreariness and despair.

She was proud, smart, and extremely talented. She was the shiniest pearl of the Nalan Family that was supposed to be one of those few that stood on the tip of the pyramid.

But today, she was going to quietly die here! How pathetic!

She had a feeling that things weren’t as simple as she thought they were, but she had no strength left to figure it out.

Something feels wrong. Fang Qi shook his head in confusion upon locking his doors.

Forget it; I’ve been playing Diablo II all day, and it’s time to rest…

He stretched and was just about to head upstairs when he received a notification from his system.

[You received an emergency task!]

Emergency task? Confused, Fang Qi wondered what kind of emergency task there would be in the middle of the night, so he instinctively opened his system interface.

[The system detected that a customer is being attacked on her way home. To make sure each customer can play at the internet café with a peace of mind, you are given this special task.]

[New task: sudden attack in the rain.

New task gear: rocket launcher (unlimited ammunition; please obtain from the cabinet)

Task award: a permanent rocket launcher.

Task description: customers should get to play safely and peacefully at the internet café.]

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