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Chapter 39 - I Accidentally Drank It All

Chapter 39: I Accidentally Drank It All

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A surprising amount of people came today again to watch Resident Evil One: Movie Version. To well-informed individuals in Jiuhua City, Resident Evil was a term that was repeated way too many times around them!

“Have you seen Resident Evil? It’s the most advanced and most popular spiritual artifact movie!”

“What, you haven’t seen it? You’re so behind!”

For some reason, a trend began to grow in Jiuhua City.

Today was important for the older players at the internet café; a few people were going to pass Resident Evil One: Virtual Reality Remake!

A group of people huddled behind Xu Zixin, Liang Shi, and even Wang Tai.

The three of them were most likely to pass the game today!

Waves of applause rang out from the internet café again and again. Thanks to the expansion, this place was packed with more people than ever.

Li Haoran was a cultivator who specialized in creating spiritual items in the Blue Flame Sect. He wasn’t from a prestigious family; but ever since he was recruited into the Blue Flame Sect, he was taken in as the disciple of Jun Yangzi, the highest-ranking Forge Grandmaster in the Wuwei Daoist Alliance since his talent in forging was discovered. With that, his status quickly sky-rocketed!

Although he didn’t have a great family background, he was still a cultivator who could forge. Therefore, he received special treatment no matter where he went in Dajin!

Right now, he was the advanced Forge Master at the Blue Flame Pavilion, the best spiritual artifact shop in Jiuhua City!

“I can’t believe that Mr. Mu would ask me to come and check out a shop in the commoner region of the city…” Li Haoran’s status was so high that he had never been to this remote commoner region of the city. Aside from people like Song Qingfeng who were new to the city, the others who had relatively high statuses wouldn’t set a foot into an area like this.

“But, since this shop was capable of kicking Xiao Yulv and Xu Fuwei out, then it’s probably more complicated than it seems…” He rubbed his chin and walked up to Origins Internet Club.

He looked up. Wait… This shop isn’t small at all…

He could clearly see many people through the glass wall. There were ordinary warriors, but they were all pretty strong! The rest of the people were almost all of noble status. What surprised him the most was that even Ouyang Cheng, An Cheng, and Bu Che, the top-tier young masters of the city, were in there!

That’s a first! Li Haoran was completely speechless.

After he entered, he was just about to go up to the three of them when he heard them shout!

“Brothers, help me! Or else I’m going to die!”

“Use your Inferno! Fire Bolts are too weak!”

“Why does your Charged Bolt keep missing! Stand closer! Closer!”

“The Charged Bolt keeps moving left and right; I can’t do anything about it! Hurry up! Blood Raven is about to die!”

Li Haoran glanced at their screens and saw the three of them being followed by a giant herd of zombies; they were jumping up and down as a monster wearing a set of red armor attacked them.

Then, the monster exploded!

“It exploded!”

The screen was lit up by gold lights.

“Gold Item!” Their eyes shone!

“Light crossbow?”

Suddenly, the air around them froze, and everything became horrifically quiet.

They looked at each other; out of the three of them, two were Sorceresses and one was a Druid.

After a while, someone finally opened their mouth and asked, “Does anyone… want this item?”

“… I’m going to go hand in my quest!” Ouyang Cheng immediately opened a portal and ran off.

“I think my items are broken…” An Cheng said awkwardly, “Allow me to go back and fix it. Bu Che, put away the rewards first and identify them; maybe we can sell them for a lot of money!”

Bu Che was left speechless.

Confused, Li Haoran patted their seats and asked, “What are the three of you doing?”

“Brother Li?” Upon hearing his voice, the three of them turned around and saw Li Haoran. Their eyes lit up. “Why are you here?”

Li Haoran touched his chin. “I… heard this place was interesting, so I came to check it out.”

“It’s so much more than that!” An Cheng immediately pulled Li Haoran down. “Let’s go; let’s kill monsters and get items together!”

“Get items?” Li Haoran questioned unhappily, “Are these items better than the ones at the Blue Flame Pavilion?”

As an outstanding Forge Master, whose master was the most famous Forge Grandmaster in the Wuwei Daoist Alliance, he despised using others’ spiritual artifacts.

“It’s just a spiritual artifact…” Before he finished speaking, the others helped him enter the game and choose a class. Then, he was dumbstruck.

“This is a spiritual artifact?”

An Cheng and the others quickly handed him a couple of blue items.

“How are these items made…?” He looked at the gear in his hands in shock.

[Short Staff

Two-hand Damage: 1-5

Durability: 20/20

+2 to Ice Bolt (Sorceress only)

+2 to Charged Bolt (Sorceress only)

+50% Damage to Undead]

As soon as he laid hands on the short staff, he had a feeling that he could use two unique spiritual spells even though he didn’t know what they were specifically

He also received a pair of self-healing leather gloves. Self-healing!

These special features could only be seen on super powerful spiritual artifacts, but the three of them gave it to him just like that?

How in the world were these spiritual artifacts made?

Li Haoran observed the items in his hands; he felt like these items were created by a unique forging technology unknown to him!

The system had used Rune Technology to create these items, so it was natural for him to be confused by them.

Although Li Haoran was a little confused, he had a feeling that the items in his hands were extremely powerful!

Aside from him, Song Qingfeng and other players who just began playing Diablo II felt the same way!

Items appear after killing monsters?

Skills can be learned by simply putting points into the skill tree?

Items can give them powerful attributes?

Surprises were around every corner, and all the players’ eyes lit up upon realizing the magic of this world!

In a corner of the internet café, Lan Yan casually took a sip of the Sprite, and her face was filled with satisfaction. “It’s delicious! Ms. Nalan, how can there be something this tasty in this world?”

“Hmmm.” Nalan Mingxue took a giant swig of Sprite with no expression on her face. “I tried everything I could over the past few days, but I still don’t know who is behind this shop. Before we find out, we shouldn’t drink these things, just in case they pose a threat to us.”

“But it’s really good…” Lan Yan squinted her eyes as she sipped happily on her straw.

“Anyways, we have to be careful.” Suddenly Nalan Mingxue felt like she was sucking in air. Only then did she look down at her bottle and froze for a second. “Oh… I finished it all…”

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