Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 38 - It’s Hot Outside, Games are Better with Sprite

Chapter 38: It’s Hot Outside, Games are Better with Sprite

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The game took a while to load so while the screen displayed [Please wait], the three looked around the internet café to combat their boredom.

“Look what the owner chose.” To their surprise, Fang Qi was playing Diablo as well. He picked the Paladin, who was holding a sword and shield.

“He looks like someone from the special forces?” The three of them laughed, “I can’t believe that someone would actually choose that! At the end of the day, commoners are still commoners.”

Fang Qi’s face twitched. Why do you laugh and comment on my choice of character?

Xu Zixin felt like she was going to pass the game today, so she came especially early, arriving outside the shop by 7:50 AM.

“It’s open already?” Surprised, Xu Zixin looked in; the shop had completely changed!

“Did I come to the wrong place?” She looked inside and immediately saw Fang Qi, who was sipping on his bottle of Sprite.

I didn’t? Confused, Xu Zixin walked in through the doors and noticed new items written on the blackboard, There were new games and drinks?

She didn’t care for the new game since she was determined to pass Resident Evil One today. However, she was interested in this drink.

She pointed at the little blackboard. “Sir, what’s a Sprite? Can I try a bottle?”

Fang Qi nodded his head and gave her one. However, upon touching the bottle, Xu Zixin instinctively took her hand back and asked, “It’s cold?”

“It’s just a little cold; it won’t freeze you up.” Fang Qi laughed.

“Then, I’ll give it a try!” Xu Zixin trusted Fang Qi now more than ever. Moreover, she was a girl who liked to try out new things, so she put playing aside for now and decided to give Fang Qi’s drink a taste.

“An iced drink?” An Cheng and the others glanced at each other. It was pretty hot nowadays, so it was the perfect time for iced drinks.

“How amusing! Your shop sells drinks like other restaurants? You should really leave these matters to experts!” An Cheng laughed.

Upon hearing his criticism, Fang Qi shrugged unhappily. “If you don’t want to buy it, just don’t.”

“… Did he anger you?” The young man in black had enough of Fang Qi’s attitude. This is just a shop for playing games; it isn’t the Wind and Moon Pavilion. The game is expensive, but it is fine since it is interesting. However, drinks aren’t this shop’s specialty; why is it so expensive?

“Does this drink help with increasing warrior qi? By how much?”

Fang Qi shook his head. “No.”

The young man in a silver hairpiece mocked, “Can your drink enhance intelligence or cure diseases?”

Fang Qi shook his head. “No.”

The same young man slammed the table as his face darkened. “What courage! Your drink can’t do anything; how can a bottle of horse p*ss be worth so many crystals!”

Fang Qi shook his head and replied emotionlessly, “My drink tastes better.”

“… How good can it be? Is it better than the Wind and Moon Pavilion’s Yulu Wine?” Bu Che asked with disdain.

An Cheng removed a jade-like wine calabash from his waist and asked, “Exactly; can it compare to my Yulu Wine?”

“Hey!” Ouyang Cheng, the fatty in blue, licked his dry lips. “Brother An, you still have Yulu Wine with you? That’s a specialty wine from the Wind and Moon Pavilion!”

“Brother An, can I also have a sip?” Bu Che asked.

“Of course.” The young man with the small silver hairpiece glanced in Fang Qi’s direction.

Sure, this shop is interesting, but three crystals for a drink? This angered him, and he looked at Fang Qi as if Fang Qi was someone who had never seen anything good. “Would you like to try this wine? You can then compare it with your own drink and see if you have the audacity to continue selling yours for three crystals a bottle.”

During this time, Xu Zixin had taken a sip of Sprite with a straw.

As soon as the drink entered her mouth, her facial expression changed drastically!

“How is it? I told you so.” An Cheng sneered, “You’re from the Xu Family, aren’t you? The Xu Family is full of brave warriors who defend our borders. You’re from a famous family; don’t you think it’s embarrassing to drink something like this?”

“No!” Xu Zixin’s pretty eyes narrowed into slits; she had never had anything as good as this. The sweet sensation glided down her throat, and countless bubbles danced on her tongue as if the thousands of taste buds had opened at the same time and magnified the sensation! She could clearly taste how different this drink was compared to anything else she drank before!

After her first sip, she felt like she had taken a cold shower on a hot day. Her entire body, even her pores, felt a blast of chills!

“This is amazing!” Xu Zixin’s face lit up with happiness as she exclaimed.

“Amazing?” The guys were confused and slapped the table. “You’re a girl of status; why are you helping the owner trick us?”

An Cheng sneered, “Don’t you dare trick me, or else your entire family will suffer from the consequences!”

“Why would the owner trick you?” Song Qingfeng and the others walked into the shop. “The owner makes hundreds of crystals every day; why would he be interested in tricking three crystals out of you?”

“Uh…” Those three guys were immediately at a loss for words.

Song Qingfeng took out some crystals and placed them onto the table. “It’s rare for this shop to have something new like this; give us one bottle each.”

“Sure.” Fang Qi immediately handed Song Qingfeng, Lin Shao, and Xu Luo each a bottle of Sprite.

Lin Shao held the bottle in his hand. “Hey, it’s made of glass; how interesting.”

Then, the three of them each took a sip. Almost immediately, a fresh feeling entered their throats and spread to their limbs. They even felt like their pores were emitting a refreshing coolness!

Lin Shao’s face was lit with pleasure as he looked at the Sprite bottle in his hand. “This drink is f*cking amazing! I feel refreshed with just one sip! It’s so good!”

“I felt like I just took a bath in an ice spring on this hot day!” Xu Luo couldn’t help but take another sip. “This drink is so magical!”

“I feel like there are hundreds of thousands of bubbles popping in my mouth!” Song Qingfeng’s face lit up with surprise as he gave Fang Qi a thumbs up. “This drink is amazing; it’s exhilarating!”

“Does it taste better than Yulu Wine?” Ouyang Cheng, An Cheng, and Bu Che asked. No matter how much disdain An Cheng and the others felt toward Fang Qi’s drink, they were still wavered by Song Qingfeng, Xu Luo, and Lin Shao’s expressions.

“Do you think that I’ve never had Yulu Wine before?” Song Qingfeng looked at them with contempt. “Compared to Sprite, Yulu Wine is no better than horse p*ss! Horse p*ss!”

“Horse p*ss?” Instantly enraged, An Cheng slammed his table and said, “The Yulu Wine I brought is a specialty wine from the Wind and Moon Pavilion! One sip is equivalent to ten days of cultivation! The taste is the best in Jiuhua City; even the Emperor praised this wine when he visited!”

“It’s just three crystals; why don’t you try and find out if it’s good or not yourselves?” Song Qingfeng mocked, “Can’t the three of you afford to pay a couple of crystals?”

Ouyang Cheng threw nine crystals at Fang Qi and said, “Then we’ll try it! If we’re satisfied by the taste, we will disregard its price. If we’re not…”

He pointed at An Cheng who was sitting beside him and said, “Your cultivator may be able to throw Xu Fuwei out, but this is An Cheng, the son of the Castellan of Jiuhua City. You might want to think twice before challenging him!”

Fang Qi, on the other hand, handed three bottles of Sprite to them with no emotions on his face.

As soon as An Cheng took a sip, he felt the refreshing sweetness combined with the scent of lemon bursting in his mouth. Numerous bubbles danced on his tongue, stimulating the taste buds in his mouth as well as every nerve in his body.

He was completely dumbfounded. [It’s just a small shop by the side of the road; how can this drink taste so good? It feels magical!]

“The Yulu Wine’s recipe was created by Master Yu after years of research. It was made with thousand-year-old spiritual flowers and a dozen spiritual herbs!”

“I bet this drink is made from regular river water!”

Fang Qi looked at them in disdain. “Sprite is made from mineral water from under the snowy mountains, which had been tempered by thousand-year-old volcanic rocks. It circulated for hundreds of years and was eventually melted and filtered. It’s cold spring water from volcanic rocks.”


“The sweetness,” Confused, Ouyang Cheng looked at the Sprite in his hand and said, “Is it honey?… Aside from the thousand-year-old tea honey that the Wind and Moon Pavilion provides…”

Fang Qi interrupted him. “The honey is produced from the pollen of a spiritual flower called the ‘Ice Heart Flower’. It can help you calm down.”

“The nonstop bubbles in your mouths are created with an advanced future machine called the high-efficiency silent compressor. This spiritual artifact is especially made to compress and inject the drink with bubbles…”

Everyone was shocked speechless from listening to how delicately the drinks at the internet café were made.

Soon, the three of them finished their drinks. Ouyang Cheng took out nine crystals and said, “Give us each another bottle!”

“I’m sorry.” Fang Qi took a sip of his Sprite and returned to his seat. “Each person can only buy one bottle a day.”

“What?” They wanted to enjoy the Sprite more, but he wasn’t going to sell them any?

The three of them were furious, and An Cheng walked up, grabbing Fang Qi by the collar. “You’d better send a box of Sprite to the Castellan Mansion every day, or else I’m going to make you pay!”

Fang Qi laughed. “I will give you three seconds; if you don’t let go of me, I will assume that you are causing trouble.”

“Young Master An, Young Master An!” Ouyang Cheng immediately stopped him and whispered, “We didn’t bring anyone here today; a wise man knows when to back off!”

“…” An Cheng wasn’t an idiot; he thought back at what happened with Xiao Yulv, and his expression wavered for a few seconds before he finally let go of Fang Qi’s collar.

However, they all looked dejected.

“Should we… have a couple sips of Yulu Wine?” Bu Che suggested.

“How can I drink that now?” An Cheng cursed, “It’s complete horse p*ss!”

Song Qingfeng and the others burst out laughing as they looked at the bottle in their hands, which were only half-empty. I knew the owner would set a weird rule like that! they thought.

“Come on, let’s play!”

After paying, Fang Qi reminded them with a smile. “It’s hot outside; games are better with Sprite!”

Song Qingfeng nodded and smiled back. When I’m playing, I’m sure I’ll feel calmer and more collected if I take a sip!

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