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Chapter 37 - Diablo and Special Sprite

Chapter 37: Diablo and Special Sprite

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Quite a few people came to the shop today; they were all students of the Lingyun Academy, here to watch Resident Evil One: Movie Version!

Confused, Fang Qi muttered to himself, “Why are there so many people?”

Just then, Fang Qi noticed that he had completed his task.

[Task: Sell 50 tickets for Resident Evil One: Movie Version (Completed)

Task reward: Diablo II: Virtual Reality Remake (Act I) and (Act II)]

At the same time, he received a new task.

[New task 1: total Diablo II playtime reaches 1,000 hours.

Task reward: The Legend of Sword and Fairy One.]

[System reward: the internet café meets the system’s requirements. 200 bottles of Sprite will be provided as a special bonus.

[Note: each bottle costs three crystals, and each person can buy one bottle a day. It cannot be taken outside the shop nor is it transferable between customers.]

“Sprite?” Fang Qi looked around in confusion. “Where’s the Sprite?”

Suddenly, he saw the fridge in the corner. “There is Sprite in the fridge?”

He quickly opened the fridge, and as expected, he saw many bottles of Sprite!

The problem was, this world was filled with all sorts of spiritual items. The Spiritual Wine Fang Qi drank last time could even improve his warrior qi, so what could Sprite do?

Curious, Fang Qi asked, “System, will my strength grow after drinking this?”

“No,” the System replied.

“…” Fang Qi became even more confused, “Will it improve my skills?”

“That’s not Sprite you are talking about.”

“…” Fang Qi was speechless. “Then what can it do? It can’t be regular Sprite, right? It cost three crystals a bottle.”

“You should try, Host.”

“Try?” Fang Qi had no choice but to pick up a bottle of Sprite. As soon as he did, the system said, “Please pay.”

“?” Fang Qi was dumbfounded. “Even I have to pay?”

“To stop you, the Host, from keeping the Sprite, you have to pay as well.”

“F*ck!” Fang Qi said in disdain, “Before I came to this world, I drank all sorts of Sprite! What is this, well aged Sprite from 1982?”

“It’s just Sprite, why would I pocket it?” Unconvinced, Fang Qi opened a bottle and took a sip.

Then, his eyes opened wide in surprise!

As soon as the Sprite entered his mouth, he felt the lemony sweetness stimulate his taste buds! At the same time, he felt countless bubbles dancing on the tip of his tongue, giving him ultimate pleasure!

After he swallowed, he felt a nice and cool feeling shoot right to his organs!

They were in the middle of summer, so even the mornings were hot and dry. However, this sip of Sprite instantly made him feel cooler than ever!

“This is awesome, the Sprite tastes so good!”

It was Sprite, but Fang Qi’s never had anything as good as this!

“The system made this Sprite!”

“What’s so special with it? Isn’t it the same?” Fang Qi pouted.

“Of course, it is not,” the system said, “The Sprite is made of mineral water from under the snowy mountains, which had been tempered by thousand-year-old volcanic rock. It circulated for hundreds of years and was eventually melted and filtered. It’s cold spring water from volcanic rocks.”

Fang Qi was dumbfounded, but he replied, “So, the water is better.”

“The honey is produced by bees that collect pollen from a kind of spiritual flower called the ‘Ice Heart Flower’. It can help with concentration and staying calm.”

“…” Fang Qi’s face was filled with shock. “What about lemons? What could you have done with the lemons?”

“The lemons are picked from the best lemon strains that had been through hundred of years of cultivation. Through strict temperature and light control, the system created the best lemons.”

“What about the carbonation?”

“By using an advanced future machine called high-efficiency silent compressor and radiator…”

“Forget it!” Fang Qi was at a loss for words. “You make the Sprite sound so awesome, but how can you charge so much for Diablo II? Eight crystals just to play the first act?”

The system replied calmly, “Diablo II: Virtual Reality Remake uses one of the most classic games in your previous life, Diablo II, as a template. It combines virtual reality technology that is a century more advanced than the one in your previous life with the magic and combat skills of the western fantasy world. At the same time, the system restored the rune technology and the unique items.”

Dumbstruck, Fang Qi stuck out his thumb and replied, “You rule!”

Suddenly, a fatty in blue walked into the shop.

His name was Ouyang Cheng, one of the most powerful men of the younger generation in Jiuhua City. Most of the people in his family were high-level officials; his older sister was even a high-ranking imperial concubine. Moreover, the Ouyang Family’s influence was deeply rooted in Jiangnan and was at its peak!

Today, this high-status fatty came to an area in the eastern part of Jiuhua City where the ordinary people lived.

In the past, something like this would be unimaginable. But now…

He walked into the shop with an unhappy expression on his face. “An Cheng and Bu Che said that we are meeting here this morning! I can’t believe that they would f*cking stand me up!”

At this time, Fang Qi was sitting in front of a computer by the door, ready to play Diablo II.

“Sir!” Ouyang Cheng shouted, “I heard that you sell novels here? Let me see what you have.”

“Novels?” Fang Qi rolled his eyes. “I don’t sell novels.”

“Then what are you selling?” Ouyang Cheng waved his arm. “I don’t care what you’re selling; give me whatever is best!”

Fang Qi pointed at the blackboard. “Take a look for yourself.”

Ouyang Cheng’s gaze landed where Fang Qi was pointing.

[Game: Diablo II: Virtual Reality Remake (Act I) – eight crystals; Resident Evil One: Virtual Reality Remake – five crystals.

Resident Evil One: Movie Version – three crystals.

Drinks: Sprite – three crystals.

Computer Usage Cost – two crystals/hour.]

“It sure is expensive!” Ouyang Cheng said, “But I like expensive stuff! As long as I’m happy, it doesn’t matter how expensive it is!”

“Which one would you like to try first?” Fang Qi asked.

“The most expensive one!” Ouyang Cheng immediately chose Diablo II.

He pointed at the blackboard. “The name ‘Diablo’ sounds like a novel, but you said it isn’t! Let me see it first!”

“The novels in this shop are pretty famous.” Just then, a young man wearing a small silver hairpiece and another man wearing black walked into the shop. “Apparently, you can see life-like scenes; I wonder if the rumors are real!”

An Cheng said, “I heard there is a powerful cultivator behind this shop. If that’s the case, then it’s probably true.”

“You guys are finally here!” Ouyang Cheng immediately greeted the two of them, “Let’s play that Di-something game!”

“Diablo!” Fang Qi rolled his eyes again.

After Fang Qi’s explanations, the three of them quickly understood how to control the game; they could either control it through the virtual reality headset or with the keyboard and mouse while watching through the screen.

“It sure is something new!” They quickly began playing. First, they saw the Origins Internet Club logo.

This game was a remake of Diablo II, developed by Blizzard North. Therefore, through careful observation, one could see the Blizzard North logo on the lower right corner of the screen.

After the logo appeared, the game began.

The first thing to pop out were two options; single-player mode and multiplayer mode. They looked at the screen curiously and asked, “Sir, which one are we supposed to choose?”

Fang Qi replied, “If you want to play on your own, then choose the single-player mode. If you want to go on the adventure together, then chose the multiplayer mode.”

“Interesting! This shop is sure unique!” Satisfied, An Cheng laughed. He said to Bu Che, “What do you think? Should we play together?”

“Ask Fatty if he wants to play with us,” Bu Che clicked ‘multiplayer mode’, and Fang Qi taught him how to open a room. “Let’s play together!”

Soon, Bu Che got to choose his character.

Faced with the life-like characters before him, Bu Che felt like he had discovered a new continent. “It’s true! This shop is magical!”

He scrolled the mouse across the players, reading the character descriptions that popped out. Each description was written in great detail:

[The Amazon (female players only): female warriors who roamed the plains near the South Sea….]

[The Assassin: martial arts based; her body and determination are deadly weapons…]

[The Paladin: a crusader from the Church of Zakarum, fighting for the glory of the Light. He is always prepared for battle and will fight for the faith he believes in…]

[The Sorceress: she is good at elemental magic: fire, lightning, ice…]

[The Druid: controls the power of nature; he can summon wild animals and windstorms to fight alongside himself…]

“I get to choose my character?” Bu Che looked at the seven characters, completely dumbfounded.

“We can choose what we want to?”

He grabbed An Cheng’s shoulder and asked, “What should we choose?”

An Cheng frowned. “The Sorceress looks like a cultivator. Since most of my own spiritual spells are fire-based, I’ll choose the Sorceress.”

“Then I’ll choose the Druid,” Bu Che said, “Does he practice Heavenly Dao? He can control the powers of nature, so he’s obviously strong. I’ll try him out!”

“What about Brother Ouyang?” An Cheng asked, “Who are you going to choose?”

“I’ll choose the Sorceress too!” Ouyang Cheng laughed, “I’ll practice lightning spells and you can practice fire spells!”

“I bet only idiots would choose to play with these warrior-like characters!”

“Low-level warriors will probably choose them!”

The three of them laughed before quickly entering the game.

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