Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 36 - Internet Café Upgrade

Chapter 36: Internet Café Upgrade

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The truth was, aside from Xiao Yulv, countless cultivators had come to feel Fang Qi’s shop out. However, every single one of them was thrown out with their bodies scorched by lightning!

Nothing like this had ever happened in Jiuhua City, and never had so many cultivators gathered at one place.

Moreover, no one had ever heard or seen groups and groups of cultivators running away from a shop with their bodies scorched black!

This scene became a marvelous spectacle in Jiuhua City.

Because of this, more people began visiting Fang Qi’s shop.

Fang Qi, however, was calm enough to casually lay in his armchair while yelling, “Line up, line up! Those who don’t line up will be treated as troublemakers!”

“People after that person should go home! You won’t be able to play today!”

The blacksmith’s shop next door was different from Fang Qi’s little shop. There were many equipment, appliances, and even random items such as ores and metals in the storage.

All in all, the size of the shop was a couple times bigger than Fang Qi’s shop!

That was also why Fang Qi wanted this shop in the first place.

After he closed his internet café, Fang Qi spent another hour cleaning up the blacksmith shop before heading upstairs for bed.

It was late into the night, but the lights were still lit in a room somewhere in Jiuhua City.

Nalan Mingxue looked at the stacks of documents in front of her; her expression was so cold that the room was about to freeze.

Why isn’t there anything on him? There’s no clue at all! Her expression darkened.I’ve never seen those weird lightning strikes from any cultivation sects…

What is the identity of that cultivator or those cultivators behind him?

The mystery before her became harder and harder to solve!

– The next day –

“I heard that zombie monsters originated from this place? Apparently, they’re really scary?”

Before Fang Qi’s shop even opened, a group of a dozen people huddled in front of it.

They were all wearing Lingyun Academy uniforms.

These people were students of the Lingyun Academy, and they had recently heard about the ‘zombies’ at school. After investigation, they found out that ‘zombies’ came from something called a ‘movie’, which one could see at this little shop.

Therefore, they decided to come and check it out!

Guo Xiong was a student from the Heaven House, home to the most powerful students of the Lingyun Academy. Some of them were even stronger than the teachers!

“It’s scary? Go ahead and try me.” He was obviously unconvinced.

He had just come back from a trip and heard about this place right away. After a few invitations, he decided to tag along.

Fang Qi woke up extremely early this morning.

After the upgrade, he was curious as to what his internet café looked like.

He quickly got ready and went downstairs. When he got to the first floor, he immediately saw the difference!

Rows and rows of heavy computer desks made of stone extended to the end of the room. Beside the door was a giant reception desk, and behind that desk was his small blackboard. Everyone would be able to see the information on the blackboard as soon as they walked in.

The reception desk was on the very left of the internet café. On the left wall were cabinets and something that Fang Qi was familiar with. Is that a fridge?

The arrangements and decorations weren’t flashy; the combination of wood and stone gave this place a natural and down-to-earth feeling.

The wall facing the street was made of glass. If Fang Qi opened the curtains, the people outside would be able to see everything going on inside.

The shop was enclosed; there was a vent on the ceiling, which ensured the flow of fresh air.

Most of the time, the curtains were down. Internet cafés couldn’t be too bright, or else the screen would reflect light.

The source of light mainly came from the round, gem-like lights on the ceilings. The lights were soft and gentle to the eyes.

The entire internet café looked antique, but the design and structure were modern. Overall, this shop’s features were different from all the other shops in this world.

Fang Qi glanced outside his door and then back at his internet café. The inside of his shop seemed like a different world from the outside.

Colored glass wasn’t cheap, but it wasn’t something rare either.

Even the windows of Wang Tai’s family’s restaurant were created with the same material.

However, it was a first for a shop in this world to make an entire wall with colored glass.

Fang Qi counted; there were 52 computers in total. It was obvious that this was the most his system could give him. The rest of the space had seats, giving potential waiting customers places to rest.

The students from the Lingyun Academy carefully knocked on the glass wall. “Isn’t the owner afraid that someone will accidently break the glass?”

Suddenly, the doors opened; it was 7:30 AM.

Whenever his internet café got new things, Fang Qi would instinctively wake up earlier. Today was no different; he now had 52 computers.

Since there were many people who were turned away due to the limited seats, he assumed that there would be plenty of customers today.

If he had as many customers today as he did yesterday, perhaps he would be able to finish his task.

He was surprised upon seeing the group of people in front of his shop. “You sure are early.”

“You’re the owner of this shop?” Guo Xiong came in and looked around. He noticed that it was dark inside the shop, so his hand cautiously grasped the handle of the long sword on his back. Are there really monsters in here?

“Sir!” a long-faced young man asked, “Do you have Resident Evil?”

“I do!” Fang Qi pointed at the little blackboard. “It’s three crystals for the movie, five crystals for the game. Also, it costs two crystals an hour to use the computers.”

“That’s so expensive!” The long-faced young man was speechless.

“Is it?” Fang Qi replied with a question of his own.

“Forget it!” This young man placed five crystals on the table and said, “Let me try the cheapest one first.”

Soon, with the help of Fang Qi, he began watching the movie version of Resident Evil One.

“This is really weird…” Guo Xiong looked left and right. “Is there something inside this item? Why do you need to wear this? Is it worth a lot?”

The others surrounded this young man and asked, “How is it? Did you see that zombie thingy?”

“What? The monsters are in these small eye masks?” Guo Xiong pulled his sword out in surprise. “Let me chop them apart!”

“Stop, Senior Brother Guo!” They all heard that Xiao Yulv was thrown out yesterday, so they quickly stopped him. “Senior Brother Guo, don’t do that!”

Guo Xiong was immediately confused. “Didn’t you ask me to come and help you? Why are you stopping me?”

The other students looked embarrassed. “It’s our fault for not explaining things clearly. This is something new; it’s a novel you can watch. Apparently, it’s really magical! The zombies are the monsters inside the novel; we didn’t ask you to come fight for us!”

The long-faced young man chimed in. “He’s right, I suggested that we come watch the apparently horrifying novel!”

“How old are you? Three? Why would I watch something like that?” Guo Xiong spat in disdain. “Will the monsters jump out of the book and bite you?”

“Apparently they can!” another young man said mysteriously.

“Brother Yu, how’s it going?”

“It’s amazing!” Yu Kuai, who was watching the Resident Evil One: Movie Version, exclaimed, “I feel like I’m in another world! I can’t touch anything, but I can see exactly what they’re doing! It really is a watchable novel!”

“It’s called a ‘movie’!” Fang Qi rolled his eyes.

“Right, right, movie!”

“Is it that amazing?” Guo Xiong became even more confused. No matter how he observed it, it was just an eye mask.

No matter how weird it looked, it was still an eye mask! Moreover, he had no idea what the screen in front of him did.

“Come on, let’s try it!” The others couldn’t wait any longer.

Yu Kuai said, “Senior Brother Guo, just try! It is on me today!”

Then, he added, “This is amazing! I heard that the line was so long yesterday, and some people didn’t even get to watch it!”

“I can’t ask you to pay!” Guo Xiong laughed. “If it’s really that magical, then I’ll go crazy with you brats for once and pay five crystals to try it out!”

After paying, the group began watching the movie.

Soon, they were at the opening scene.

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