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Chapter 35 - One Day, You Will Become a Butterfly

Chapter 35: One Day, You Will Become a Butterfly

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– Wind and Moon Pavilion –

Inside a unique-looking private room in the southern corner of the restaurant.

The young man with the mustache took out a small, exquisite pipe from his inner pocket. He lit it up, and smoke immediately began to rise.

He sucked on it and stared outside the window.

Sitting across from him was a young man wearing a light blue robe. He had an unconstrained aura and was obviously more than just a commoner.

“What are you looking at, Mr. Mu?” This cultivator treated this man with a mustache, who didn’t look like a cultivator, with great respect!

“It is quite sad.” The young man smiled slightly. “I can’t have the most precious thing in Jiuhua City.”

“The most precious thing?” The cultivator in blue was extremely surprised.

“Have you ever heard of Resident Evil?” The young man smiled.

“What is that?” The cultivator asked, more surprised than ever.

The young man with the mustache smiled. “Haoran, before you became a cultivator, I reminded you to not be blinded by your status.”

“Thank you for the reminder, Sir…” The young man in blue began to sweat; he may be a cultivator now, but he still didn’t have the courage to be impetuous.

“In the eastern end of Jiuhua City is a small shop called Origins. It’s an interesting place,” the man with the mustache smiled and said, “Once I leave, you can go take a look.”

“Mr. Mu, you’re leaving?” the cultivator in blue asked.

The man with the mustache took a big whiff of his pipe. “Yes, I need to head back to Jingshi.”

The cultivator in blue nodded. “Sir, is this shop the same shop that kicked Xiao Yulv out?”

“The shop that kicked Xiao Yulv out?” The man with the mustache smiled in amusement. “Word got out already?”

Indeed, all the cultivators in Jiuhua City had heard about what happened yesterday.

Apparently, Xiao Yulv led a bunch of people to cause trouble at that shop. Countless eyes, including the cultivators of Liuyun Daoist Palace, watched as events unfolded!

“I can’t believe Xiao Yulv went with Xu Fuwei and got thrown out in less than three minutes! They’re so useless!” A fat man wearing a baggy blue robe discussed what happened with the others in the Wind and Moon Pavilion.

“That Xu Fuwei brought his Lightning Repellent Bead, but I heard it didn’t even work.”

“How can an entertainment shop owned by a commoner be so powerful?” a young man in black asked.

“Entertainment?” The fat man in blue asked curiously. “I thought they sold novels? Apparently, the novel is even better than Celestial Warrior. I think it’s called Resident Evil.”

Bored, he waved his hand in the air. “Men like us don’t read stuff like that. Xiao Yulv is probably the only person who’s curious enough to check things out.”

“We don’t know,” the young man in black said, “But I need to see what kind of person is hiding in that little shop.”

“Should we… go check it out as well?”

“Why should we? I heard a bunch of people are waiting outside. Xiao Yulv was kicked out yesterday for causing trouble; are we going to go cause trouble as well?” the fat guy said helplessly and angrily.

“Let’s go early morning tomorrow. I’m curious; what can be so attractive!” The young man in black patted the table.

People such as Song Qingfeng, Xu Zixin, and Wang Tai saw how Fang Qi passed the level, especially the second half of the game. They memorized how to solve some of the traps and mysteries.

Therefore, they played the second half of the game faster than the others did.

Song Qingfeng knew that he should focus on playing the game because he was about to pass it!

Passing the game was such an exhilarating moment!

Moreover, if he could pass today, he would be the first player at Origins Internet Club to pass Resident Evil, aside from Fang Qi.

He would surpass everyone, even Nalan Mingxue, Xi Qi, and Xu Zixin!

He became incredibly excited at the thought of this.

Indeed, Song Qingfeng was good at the game. Whether it was killing hunters with a dagger or fighting against the boss, his movements had become much swifter.

This proved just how much his combat skills had improved!

As a warrior, he noticed how efficient his new combat skills were. If he could combine them with his martial arts skills in real life, his combat ability would improve drastically!

Nalan Mingxue only just started! A light flashed in Song Qingfeng’s eyes as he thought, This time, I might be able to surpass her!

Song Qingfeng and Xu Zixin encountered the hunters at the same time, but the latter was less experienced. Therefore, Xu Zixin fell behind and was now trying her best to catch up!

Song Qingfeng, filled with high spirits, kept advancing until he finally reached the room where the final boss resided.

“Is Song Qingfeng going to pass the game?” Everyone in the internet café turned their attention to him.

It had been so long, and they had experienced so much. There was finally a player at the internet café who was about to pass the game!

Upon seeing the big and tall Tyrant slowly advancing toward him, Song Qingfeng felt incredibly emotional!

“Is that the Tyrant?” Aside from Xu Zixin, who was going to pass the game soon as well, people like Liang Shi, Xi Qi, and even Nalan Mingxue watched Song Qingfeng as he began his final battle!

Song Qingfeng was imitating what Fang Qi did. First, he used his shotgun to lower the Tyrant’s HP in the first stage. Then, in the second stage, he dodged the Tyrant’s attacks while looking for opportunities to shoot it with his Magnum Revolver.

Thanks to the movie version of Resident Evil One, everyone’s combat skills had improved significantly. Moreover, since Song Qingfeng had been practicing every day, his combat skills were now amazing!

He was quick and agile, devoid of any unnecessary movements. His attacks looked more skilled than that of Fang Qi’s!

“He’s so good!” Upon seeing Song Qingfeng’s swift attacks, forcing the Tyrant’s health bar to slowly go down, the people around him began breathing nervously and rapidly.

“His shooting skills and combat techniques are much better than the owner’s, right?” A warrior laughed loudly.

“What? The owner plays as well? I’ve never seen him play,” confused, Nalan Mingxue asked. After all, people rarely saw Fang Qi play.

“The owner is the best at playing this game; he passed it a few days ago!” Other players began discussing amongst themselves.

“The owner is also the first one to kill hunters with a dagger. If we didn’t see him do it, we wouldn’t think it was possible!”

“The owner is the first one to think of ways to kill the final boss!”

“He plays as well?” Nalan Mingxue glanced over at Fang Qi, who was lying comfortably in his armchair. She frowned slightly.

Ever since she came, she had never seen him play this game. To her surprise, he was a legend to the players here.

‘First person to kill hunters with a dagger’, ‘first person to pass the game’, ‘record-setter’; these words proved that Fang Qi really did finish the game before anyone else did.

Nalan Mingxue was confused. How did he pass the game so fast?

“He’s about to pass the game?” The others saw that Song Qingfeng had seriously injured the Tyrant and the helicopter had arrived. As soon as the rocket launcher was thrown down, everything would be over!

A lot of people had witnessed the power of the rocket launcher, and those who didn’t see it had been informed by older players; everyone knew that there was this weapon that was capable of exploding the Tyrant into pieces. When the rocket launcher was thrown out of the helicopter, everyone looked at Song Qingfeng’s screen with anticipation!

In the game, Song Qingfeng’s character had pulled the trigger!


As flames flared on the screen, the main character, Chris, left in the helicopter. Song Qingfeng felt like screaming in joy!

“I finally passed the game!” Song Qingfeng stood up from his seat. He waved his fists in the air while staring at the screen.

The story had finally ended, but he will forever remember and reminisce this thrilling and unforgettable experience.

He thought back at what he had been through over the past few days; the excitement of getting new weapons, the exhilaration of defeating strong enemies, the happiness of discussing the plot with friends, the gratefulness he felt when he was saved by his teammates, and the hardships he experienced when faced with these mysterious events.

He felt like a small caterpillar that lived in a weird world. He had smelled the scent of flowers, seen rainbows, and been through thick and thin. Finally, he spun into a cocoon and one day became a butterfly that went on to live a fulfilled and glorious life.

When he finally finished the game, he was so moved that he felt like crying.

[You have reached your time limit for today, please come again tomorrow.]

He looked around and glanced at his audience, who had surrounded him. This scene was forever remembered by them; they were all witnesses to what just happened.

In the future, when Origins Internet Club had more than just Resident Evil One and this game got popular around the world, Song Qingfeng thought back to when he first played.

When talking about the owner and himself passing the game, he said, “That’s the scene most worthy of reminiscing.”

Cheers and applauses suddenly sounded in the internet café!

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