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Chapter 34 - Yuan River Realm Cultivator, Would You Like to be Electrocuted?

Chapter 34: Yuan River Realm Cultivator, Would You Like to be Electrocuted?

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Song Qingfeng and the others had class, so they didn’t come this morning.

Although Fang Qi didn’t open his shop early, there weren’t a lot of people waiting outside his shop compared with before.


When Liang Shi, Blackie, Wu Shan, and the others saw Fang Qi walk up with Nalan Mingxue and Lan Yan, their brains went into immediate overdrive.

“What’s going on?”

“It can’t be!”

“Sir, you’ve disappointed us!”

“Sir… you…”

They glanced at each other before pointing at Fang Qi and Nalan Mingxue.

The fact that Fang Qi and Nalan Mingxue came together in the morning left too much up for imagination.

“Screw you, are you guys crazy? I just went out for breakfast; why are you making it into such a big deal?” Fang Qi glanced at them, “You’re too old to wait outside every morning, waiting to play on the computer. Are you guys elementary school students?”

“You went out for breakfast?” Blackie laughed in relief.

“Sir, what’s an elementary school student?” Liang Shi rubbed his head in confusion.

“They are a giant and horrifying group.”

The others still looked confused.

“Are they scarier than zombies?” Lan Yan asked innocently.

“To some extent, they’re much scarier than zombies,” Fang Qi said profoundly.

“I didn’t know something like that existed!” Just as she was wondering how scary the elementary school kids were, she suddenly realized something. “Wait, there are no more seats?”

Of course, all the seats were taken! Liang Shi had a lot of warrior friends who slowly began joining him, creating a player group that could not be underestimated!

More than ten people came in the morning!

Fang Qi unlocked the neighboring shop with keys Lan Yan gave him.

This place used to be a blacksmith shop and was much bigger than Fang Qi thought.

It had been empty for a long time, so there was dust everywhere. After Fang Qi threw away the trash and began tidying the place up.

Nalan Mingxue was truly a genius of the Lingyun Academy; even her gaming skills were better than most other students.

She had a dagger in her hand as she walked through the hallways. It was obvious that after yesterday, she had gotten used to the game. She searched every corner of the mansion in an orderly fashion, so she didn’t miss any details or items.

As the daughter of the Nalan Family, she was used to her relatives fighting and manipulating each other. However, this was the first time she experienced such a dangerous situation by herself!

This trap-filled mansion gave her hands-on experience of what hopelessness and death felt like!

The traps in the mansion were something that one could not be experienced in real life!

The death of her character yesterday was caused by the fact that she didn’t understand the game. But for a smart girl like her, dying once was the max!

This was her first time experiencing the charm of the game!

She was constantly protected by guards from her family, so she was never faced with real danger. Therefore, she never got to make decisions in battle. That wasn’t what she wanted!

Being able to play another character and seek adventure in another world without anyone protecting her gave her an exhilaration that she had never felt before! Especially since she felt like death was lingering in every corner!

She felt like she had opened a door to another world!

The dagger danced at the tip of her fingers like a silver butterfly. The others could tell that her mood was different than usual.

“She’s really good!”

“It’s been so long, but she hasn’t died yet, right?”

“This mystery seems really easy for her!”

“I heard that she started playing yesterday, but she’s almost half-way through. She’s catching up to Song Qingfeng!”

“Wow, that’s really fast!”

Quickly, a group of players waiting for computers stood behind her, watching her play.

“Hey, not bad.” Fang Qi came back to his shop and glanced over at Nalan Mingxue. “You passed the plant lab already?”

“Of course!” Lan Yan said proudly, “Something like this isn’t a challenge for Ms. Nalan!”

Suddenly, a group of cultivators wearing white shirts and yellow robes appeared outside Fang Qi’s shop.

Xiao Yulv walked in the very front along with another slightly chubby middle-aged man who was wearing a gold robe.

This middle-aged man’s eyes narrowed into a line, but it couldn’t hide his icy gaze. He placed his hands behind his back and took each step slowly. Yet, the cultivators behind him had to jog to not fall behind!

Soon, they arrived outside the door. The middle-aged man glanced up at the sign and asked, “Yulv, is this the shop that used the lightning technique to kick the three of you out yesterday?”

“It is!” Xiao Yulv looked happy. This middle-aged man’s name was Xu Fuwei. Although they belonged to the same generation, Xu Fuwei cultivated earlier and had already reached Level 1 of the Yuan River Realm! Moreover, he was the Head Minister in Liuyun Daoist Palace that was a part of the Wuwei Daoist Alliance. He possessed many powerful spiritual artifacts!

Even the mayor had to be respectful towards him, let alone a small shop!

He took out a light blue pearl from his brown pocket and said, “The cultivator hidden in this shop is skilled in the lightning technique, but I have a Lightning Repellent Bead! I can’t believe that a commoner has the courage to bully you just because a cultivator has his back! Once I capture him, you can do whatever you want to him.”

“Okay!” Xiao Yulv spat, “I’m going to make him pay for what he did!”

Then, Xiao Yulv turned around and said to the dozen or so cultivators from Liuyun Daoist Palace, “Junior Brothers, guard the door; don’t let him run away!”

Fang Qi quickly noticed the noise outside his shop. He watched as a short and chubby cultivator walked in with Xiao Yulv as well as a couple other cultivators wearing white shirts and yellow robes. The chubby cultivator glanced around the room and demanded, “Who’s the owner?”

Fang Qi raised his eyebrows and looked at Xiao Yulv who was standing behind the chubby cultivator. “You’re here to cause trouble again?”

“Again?” The customers at the internet café all looked toward the door; they were shocked to see so many cultivators inside and outside the shop!

“There are so many cultivators!” It was rare for common warriors to see a cultivator, let alone so many!

“Will the owner get in trouble?” Liang Shi asked, a little worried.

“He got Xu Fuwei from the Liuyun Daoist Palace to come…” Song Qingfeng’s expression was grim. “It’s troublesome alright…”

“Xu Fuwei? Is he a famous cultivator?” Li Kuan asked, confused.

“He’s the Head Minister of Liuyun Daoist Palace and a Yuan River Realm Cultivator. What do you think?”

“Yuan River Realm?” Upon hearing these words, everyone in the shop gasped. Cultivators in the Yuan River Realm were equivalent to Master Warriors on paper. However, their actual powers could be compared to Ancestral Warriors, if not more powerful!

Because of that, the status of warriors who weren’t in the Ancestral Warrior Realm yet were significantly lower than that of the cultivators.

“It’s best if they could teach him a lesson, then Ms. Nalan will be able to step up…” Lan Yan fantasized evilly.

Xiao Yulv laughed aloud, “Today, Senior Brother Xu brought his Lightning Repellent Bead to counter your lightning technique! Let’s see how arrogant you are today!”

Then, he said to the six cultivators behind him, “Beat him up!”

“Trouble makers detected. Lightning Punishment activated.”

The cultivators beside Xiao Yulv barely emitted their spiritual lights before a white light flashed before their eyes!


In a split second, the cultivators were thrown out, and their bodies were completely burned black!

“Junior Brother Xiao, come here. I have the Lightning Repellent…”


Before Xu Fuwei could finish his sentence, they waved their hands and feet in the air as they jumped out of Fang Qi’s shop!

Liang Shi: “… That’s the power of an Ancestral Warrior?”

Song Qingfeng: “… What did I just say?”

Lan Yan: “…”

“Freaking r*tards,” Fang Qi cursed as he pointed at the cultivators outside his door. “Get the hell away from my face!”

The cultivators outside immediately ran away!

“Everything’s good!” Fang Qi waved his hands. “It’s just a small situation.”

“Ms. Nalan…” Lan Yan’s lips twitched as she said quietly, “Xu Fuwei was kicked out.”

“Yeah, I saw what happened.”

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