Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 33 - A Straight-A Student Who Skipped Class

Chapter 33: A Straight-A Student Who Skipped Class

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Her tone was emotionless. “I’ve never seen a shop as magical as yours, Mr. Fang. You are a warrior, but you didn’t have any fortuitous experiences in the last 16 years. Therefore, it doesn’t seem possible for you to be the one that created the special items in your shop, let alone possess lightning techniques, the most difficult type of cultivation technique. However, not only did I see those special items in your shop yesterday, I also saw the lightning technique three times in a row! Therefore, I guessed that the spiritual artifacts called the ‘computers’ were created by one or even a group of cultivators. Mr. Fang, you’re just their agent. Am I right?”

Fang Qi froze for a second. “Your analysis is very thorough.”

But you need to be more imaginative, he added in his head.

“The difference between normal people and cultivators are like the heaven and the earth. That’s how big the difference is,” She paused for a second before continuing, “The cultivators behind you must be extremely confident to be able to show these items to the world.”

“But they asked you, Mr. Fang, to be the owner of the shop that offers the items they created because their identities cannot be revealed to the rest of the world, right? Or do they not want people to know that they exist?” Nalan Mingxue asked, “Either way, these people are way out of your league, but they trust you enough to give you all their items. That means they want something from you. As long as they do, we can negotiate.”

“You only need one night to perfectly investigate and analyze my situation?” Fang Qi laughed, “Ms. Nalan, should I praise you?”

“It’s nothing,” Nalan Mingxue sipped the Pear Blossom Wine to warm up her throat. Her snowy skin reddened a little as if a flower had bloomed in the depths of winter, making her look more beautiful than ever. Her tone was still icy and a little lazy. “The truth is, I went to your shop after doing my research.”

She began looking into the Origins Internet Club as soon as she heard about it; that was why she went yesterday and not the day before.

“So, Mr. Fang, may I ask if the cultivators behind you want to work for the Nalan Family?” Upon seeing Fang Qi’s displeased expression, she added, “Don’t reject my offer just yet. You should know that what happened with Xiao Yulv isn’t the end of it. The cultivators behind you can’t show themselves and help you. I’m not looking down on you, but with your power, you won’t be able to deal with him by yourself!”

“With the Nalan Family’s support, however, I can promise you that no one will have the courage to cause trouble for you!”

What she wanted was clear; she wanted Fang Qi’s little shop for herself. Never once did she give up on that idea!

Fang Qi was displeased. “You went through this much trouble of getting me out of my shop just for this? Your analysis is right,” he said with a smile, “But allow me to be blunt. The Nalan Family is not qualified enough!”

“Do you know what the name ‘Nalan’ means in Jiuhua City and the Jiangnan region?” Lan Yan was furious. “Even the members of the Royal Family have to treat the Nalan Family with respect. Ms. Nalan is interested in your shop; you should be honored that she wants to give you an opportunity. Don’t think too highly of yourself.”

“You’re good at exploiting small openings.” Fang Qi laughed, “But you’re imagining things if you think Xiao Yulv can threaten me.”

“You’re insane!” Lan Yan placed her hand on the hilt of the sword by her waist. An icy light shone before Fang Qi’s chest as the sword was drawn.

Fang Qi, on the other hand, raised his cup and immediately smelled the sweet aroma of Pear Blossom Wine. He didn’t drink it yet, but he felt like he was floating in the air.

Fang Qi nodded and drank the entire cup. He felt a warm current spread to his limbs. In addition, he felt a warm but weak energy reaching his dantian!

Is this warrior qi?

“It’s a good wine.” One cup of this wine was equivalent to ten days of training!

“Rich people sure are different,” Fang Qi muttered to himself.

Then, he began eating as if no one else was present. He poured himself another cup of wine and never stopped chewing.

Lan Yan, who looked at Fang Qi and pointed at him with her sword, was shocked more and more. Forget about the food; the wine was a spiritual wine that Nalan Mingxue used to test Fang Qi out!

This wine was made from thousand-year-old peach blossoms and made to complement the technique Nalan Mingxue was cultivating. Although it wasn’t poisonous, even Nalan Mingxue could only drink a small cup every day. After that, she would have to take an elixir called the Kongling Pill to consume and digest the energy in the wine.

But now, Fang Qi already finished half a bottle!

You’re… kidding me, right?

Fang Qi was still drinking it!

Even Nalan Mingxue looked at him in shock as well. [Is this young man a monster?]

She did her research; Fang Qi was just a normal warrior who hadn’t had any unique encounters.

How is he so powerful?

She didn’t know that after Fang Qi’s body was strengthened by the T-Virus, it was different than that of normal people. Even if he didn’t use his warrior qi, the spiritual wine still wasn’t capable of getting him drunk!

After he finished everything on the table, he rubbed his stomach and looked at Lan Yan, who was still pointing her sword at him.

Lan Yan’s body froze; she felt like Fang Qi wasn’t an ordinary warrior. Instead, he seemed like a wild beast!

Fang Qi stood up and walked up to Nalan Mingxue, but she felt like she didn’t have the courage to attack him!

Nalan Mingxue tensed up; she felt like she was no match for Fang Qi!

How is that possible? He’s only 16 years old, and he didn’t even have that much warrior qi!

Fang Qi walked closer and closer to her. She had never been so close to anyone else; they were so close that she could feel the temperature of Fang Qi’s body.

She felt like a wild beast had approached her, sniffing its prey, making goosebumps appear all over her body!

She had never been nervous her entire life, but she was now.

She thought that she was well aware of who Fang Qi was; she thought she knew everything about him, even his embarrassing childhood stories. But now, everything had sunken into a blackhole of mystery, leaving her with nothing but the unknown!

The unknown was the most horrifying!

The good thing was that that feeling disappeared quickly. Soon, Fang Qi turned around and left. Before he did that, he said quietly, “Ms. Nalan, the food and wine were delicious, so I’ll forgive you for testing me. Next time, the consequences might be too severe for you to handle!”

Then, he stood up from his seat and took a deed, subsequently placing some crystals on the table.

“You should return the rest; I don’t want to chase the neighbors away just so I can open a big internet café.”

He waved the deed in his hand and said, “Remember to give me the keys.”

The cultivator behind him must’ve given him a powerful protective spiritual artifact!Nalan Mingxue’s expression froze. She was more logical than normal people; therefore, she quickly calmed down because she didn’t believe Fang Qi was that powerful!

There was no way that a 16-year-old young man could become so powerful so fast!

I think I underestimated how much that person values him!

“Wait,” right before Fang Qi left, Nalan Mingxue called out.

Fang Qi paused by the door. He turned around to look at Nalan Mingxue, who quickly hid the shock in her eyes.

He sneered, “What? You want me to stay?”

Nalan Mingxue slowly calmed down.

“If I go with you right now, there will be seats, right? Mr. Fang?” Nalan Mingxue finished the Pear Blossom Wine in her cup and said, “Even if we can’t strike a deal, I can continue visiting your shop, right?”

“Of course.”

“Stop calling me ‘Mr. Fang’ though,” Fang Qi added, “It sounds weird!”

“Okay, Sir.”

“I heard my friend at Lingyun Academy say that the Huang House has morning class today.” Fang Qi suddenly remembered what Wang Tai told him yesterday. “You’re not going?”

“Today…” Nalan Mingxue smiled. “I’m going to skip class.”



Fang Qi met someone who was crazier, yet also acted calmer than Song Qingfeng!

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