Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 44 - Friend, Have You Ever Heard of Glory?

Chapter 44: Friend, Have You Ever Heard of Glory?

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Nalan Ying was embarrassed. As the head of intelligence network of the Nalan Family, he looked and looked but had no idea what the Origins Internet Club’s background was.

All he found out was that the shop owner was an amateur warrior whose parents were civilians.

This information confused him more than ever; how could a man like that injure Nalan Ji so severely?

The results of his investigations left him in disbelief!

Therefore, he decided to go check out this shop owner!

However, when he reached the door of the internet café, he saw a black shadow sneaking inside.

“Hm?” He recognized the black shadow and quickly followed her in. Then, he realized who it was, Isn’t that Lan Yan ?

“Sir!” Lan Yan took out six crystals. “Get me two bottles of Sprite!”

“Sprite?” Nalan Ying was confused. According to my research, Sprite is the specialty drink of this shop, but how good can the drink of a civilian shop be? Could it be… some kind of secret code…?

“Each person can only buy one bottle a day,” Nalan Ying watched as Fang Qi replied casually.

“I knew it!” Nalan Ying narrowed his eyes; to him, the only reason a small shop like this wouldn’t sell a drink for three crystals was because it was a secret code, It seems like there are many secrets in this shop that I don’t know about!

However, in the next second, he saw Lan Yan sit down, happily sipping the bottle of drink in her hand; her expression was as content as it could be.

Lan Yan enjoyed the aftertaste for a while before taking another tiny sip. Then, she begged, “Sir… Ms. Nalan is injured; can’t you accommodate us and let me bring her a bottle?”

Fang Qi rolled his eyes at her and said, “No, rules are rules!”

“You’re so petty!” Lan Yan glared at Fang Qi with discontent.

Nalan Ying looked at Lan Yan with shock on his face, mostly because her expression didn’t look fake.

But the problem was:

Could the drink of a tiny shop really taste that good?

Is the owner of the shop really that hard to deal with?

Did someone from the Nalan Family… really just beg the owner of a small shop?

Moreover, the owner didn’t agree?

Are they putting on a show?

He felt his intelligence was being put to the test!

“Oh, right.” Just then, Lan Yan asked again, “Ms. Nalan asked me to ask you something. Yesterday, you said masters could keep Nalan Ji in the sky. Is there someone else who is more skilled with guns and rockets than you are?”

Upon hearing this, Nalan Ying froze; he pretended to be resting on a seat but was actually listening intently!

Guns and rockets? Masters? He was sure he had obtained extremely important information!

Just then, a man wearing black robes sat down beside Nalan Ying; his entire face was covered by the hat of his cloak.

It seemed like this man was trying to listen to Fang Qi and Lan Yan’s conversation as well.

They looked at each other and seemed to recognize each other’s identity.

However, Fang Qi began talking, so they immediately sat up in their seats and stuck out their ears!

“Who else is more skilled with guns and rockets than I am…?” Fang Qi rubbed his chin and said, “I’m sure a lot of people are.”

“Are you telling me that they all know how to use those weapons like you do?” Lan Yan stared at Fang Qi in disbelief. Is this an easy technique to learn? Does that mean any Master Warrior could learn this technique? And as long as they had a good gun or rocket, they could defeat Ancestral Warriors?

Nalan Ying and the black-clothed man listened intently. There’s a special weapon Master Warriors can use to defeat Ancestral Warriors?

“Are you talking about Delivery Gun?” Fang Qi asked, “Not a lot of people know how to do that…”

Then, Fang Qi began explaining to Lan Yan what ‘Delivery Gun’ was.

An hour later…

“So, the technique he used last night is called ‘Delivery Gun’?”

Inside a tastefully-decorated courtyard was a wall with red bricks and white tiles. If one were to climb over the wall and follow the gravel path into the courtyard, they would see neatly-mowed green grass and pear trees that were planted in an orderly fashion.

The pear tree was lush and green; it was obvious that the owner had taken great care of it.

That voice came from the room facing the north.

Nalan Mingxue’s face was still pale. She held a bowl of medicine in her hands and slowly sipped at it; she was injured badly last night and was still in recovery.

Therefore, she had no choice but to stay in her room all day, listening to Lan Yan talk about the matters of the outside world.

“The owner said he couldn’t completely put the rockets’ powers into use either. The true strength of the rocket is that it can send the target anywhere through impact; that’s why it’s called ‘Delivery Gun’.”

“Who else knows guns and rockets better than Fang Qi?” Nalan Mingxue took a small sip of her medicine, furrowing her eyebrows at the bitter taste. “I thought those weapons only existed in Resident Evil.”

“He said they existed in real life.” Lan Yan sat down by Nalan Mingxue’s bedside and placed her hands on her rosy cheeks “He said that a master named Ye Xiu invented the technique…”

“Master Ye Xiu? A master of guns and rockets?”

“No, the owner said that master is skilled in martial arts and is an expert in all weapons, including daggers, spear, swords, and staffs. He is dubbed the ‘battle god’ and created a magical weapon called the ‘Myriad Manifestation Umbrella’.” Lan Yan looked at Nalan Mingxue as admiration filled her eyes.

“How can a person who is so highly attained in guns and rockets exist in this world? Moreover, he is an expert in daggers, spear, swords, and staffs? His title is ‘battle god’?” Nalan Mingxue froze as she repeated what Lan Yan just said. “It’s obvious that Fang Qi made up the title by himself. How can you believe something like that? No one like that has ever existed in Dajin.”

“You think it’s a lie?” Lan Yan’s eyes rolled around, not completely convinced. “But the owner told me a story about that master; could he have made that up?”

“I’ll know if it’s fake once I hear the story,” Nalan Mingxue said faintly as she sipped her medicine. “Go ahead.”

“Okay!” Lan Yan looked up at the ceiling as she thought back at what Fang Qi told her. Then, she imitated the way he talked, “Friend, have you ever heard of ‘Glory’?”

– At the same time, inside the main hall of the Nalan Family –

“Master.” Nalan Ying got down onto one knee; his voice was filled with respect. “Master, my investigation is finished. The name of the shop is Origins Internet Club, and there are two games in the shop, Resident Evil One and Diablo Two. Ms. Nalan visits the shop every day to play games.”

“I also found out that the shop owner used a weapon called the ‘rocket launcher’ to severely injure Nalan Ji last night. It’s very special and powerful, and he used a technique called ‘Delivery Gun’,” Nalan Ying said in all seriousness, “Apparently, a master named Ye Xiu created this technique. It is a skill that can only be employed when using this weapon.”

“Hm?” Nalan Hongwu suddenly opened his eyes; he felt like his brain had become so rusty that it wasn’t working anymore.

What in the world? Have I been cooped up and living a secluded life for so long that I’m not aware of anything new that has been happening in the outside world?

“The owner also revealed some information about that master named Ye Xiu, but I don’t know if it’s true or not.”

“What information?” Nalan Hongwu’s expression changed; he had never heard of words like ‘rocket launcher’ or ‘Delivery Gun’, so he found it hard to believe the validity of what he just heard.

However, if solid information could back this up…

“This is what the shop owner said, ‘Friend, have you ever heard of Glory…'”

Then, Nalan Ying began telling Nalan Hongwu Fang Qi’s version of the King’s Avatar.

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