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Chapter 29 - The First Cultivator to Come to this Little Shop

Chapter 29: The First Cultivator to Come to this Little Shop

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“This shop is for playing games?” Lan Yan’s expression was filled with contempt. If this shop sold valuable items, then its seclusion suited it. It was also fine if this shop was the entrance to some sort of black market. That way, she would understand why this place was so popular as well.

But the owner said that this place was for games.

So, people play games in this shop?

Lan Yan didn’t understand.

Xi Xiaoyun sat down beside Xu Zixin and watched her kill multiple hunters with her dagger. Finally, she couldn’t help but ask, “Senior Sister, why is everyone a lot stronger today than they were before?”

“Because of the new movie,” Xu Zixin replied casually, “There’s a great deal of combat techniques in the movie. We were stuck at the hunters; but after watching the movie, we all learned how to kill hunters with our daggers!”

“That’s amazing! Isn’t that like the legendary Warrior Inheritance?” Xi Xiaoyun exclaimed.

“A little similar, but the movie version is really good! There’s also a zombie horde and a new type of monster-type called lickers!” Xu Zixin played her game as she introduced the movie to Xi Xiaoyun. It was rare for a girl to come to the internet café, so she naturally wanted to talk to this cute, clever girl.

“Would you like to try?”

“Is the movie version really that good?” Xi Qi, who was fully immersed in his game, suddenly asked.

[No wonder Song Qingfeng and the others became so much better today; could it be because of the movie?]

“Sir, how do I watch the movie?” they immediately asked Fang Qi.

Lin Shao and his friends, who were laughing at Xi Qi just now, suddenly felt speechless. [They found out…]

“Everyone who came early knows about it; how much longer did you think you could keep it a secret?” Song Qingfeng rolled his eyes at Lin Shao and Xu Luo.

The crowd occasionally discussed amongst themselves; it wasn’t loud, but others could hear them clearly.

“Warrior Inheritance?” Lan Yan was shocked. [How could this little shop be involved with a Warrior Inheritance?]

“What Warrior Inheritance?” She came back to her senses. Then, her expression darkened as she said to Nalan Mingxue, “This shop sure put in work to confuse and bewitch people!”

It’s just a small shop; how can it be involved with a Warrior Inheritance? she thought.

“If you don’t know how to talk, just don’t talk,” Fang Qi walked up just in time to hear their conversation. His face twitched as he pointed at the blackboard. “The rules are clearly written here; if you want to play, play. If you don’t, you can leave.”

“First, you make others curious. Then, you pretend to be almighty and ask the customer to leave,” Lan Yan said as she looked Fang Qi up and down, “You’re young, but you sure are manipulative!”

“…” Fang Qi was speechless, “Autistic?”

“What did you say?” Although Lan Yan didn’t know what ‘autistic’ means, she knew Fang Qi wasn’t praising her. Therefore, her hand immediately moved to her sword handle by her waist!

Fang Qi didn’t care at all and pointed at the blackboard again, pretending not to see what she just did. “The consequence of causing trouble here is written on this board, think about it before you take out your sword.”

Lan Yan glanced over at the blackboard again and smiled in disdain, “Asked to never return? Is this the protest of the weak?”

“Ignorance… sure is bliss…” Fang Qi was at a loss for words. He waved his hand in the air and said, “Do whatever you want to.”

“Someone is causing trouble?” Liang Shi’s face darkened as he stood up.

“Who has the guts to cause trouble here?” Song Qingfeng looked over.

“Are you sick of living?” Wu Shan glanced over as well.

The shop was small to begin with, so the customers quickly heard what was happening by the door and all looked over in an unfriendly manner.

“This shop seems to be busy, but they’re all your actors?” Lan Yan ‘realized’ what was happening. “Do you think I would be scared of you?”

“Go back to what you’re doing!” Fang Qi immediately glared at the people who were playing and said, “No one can cause trouble in this shop, including you guys!”

“…” Liang Shi froze for a second before saying dejectedly, “Sir, we’re trying to help you here.”

Wu Shan complained, “What kind of rule is this?”

“Don’t be rash!” Song Qingfeng’s face froze upon seeing Nalan Mingxue.

Even he had to be careful of the girl in white!

“The owner is trying to help you all; just look at the emblem on her sword.”

“A Roc Bird on top and a Python on the bottom? She’s from the Nalan family?”

The crowd immediately gasped, and the angry people immediately went back to what they were doing.

Upon seeing the crowd quieting down, Lan Yan looked at Fang Qi scornfully. “Your people are useless.”

Fang Qi’s expression was calm; no one could tell what he was thinking. “Everyone has to abide by the rules of my shop.”

“What about you?” Lan Yan ‘smiled’ as she looked at Fang Qi. “Do you have the abide by the rules as well?”

“I’m sorry,” Fang Qi laughed, “If it’s not absolutely necessary, I won’t resort to force either.”

“Are you looking down on me?” Lan Yan tightened her hand around the hilt of the sword. She was prepared to draw her sword anytime now!

How dare he laugh at a time like this! She wanted to teach this arrogant shop owner a lesson! Once he learns how to respect someone above him, then we can talk!

However, not only did Fang Qi not back down, the smile on his face became brighter than ever!

“Lan Yan,” suddenly, a beautiful female voice sounded quietly from behind them. Then, a hand as white as snow pressed on Lan Yan’s sword, stopping the latter from taking it out!

All of Lan Yan’s warrior qi that was shooting toward Fang Qi was pushed into the air and transformed into a breeze, almost blowing Fang Qi’s shirt up.

All of the tension disappeared into thin air!

Standing behind everyone, the warrior in the blue-greyish robe who had a sword on his back squinted his eyes and moved his hand away from the hilt of his sword.

“Did you see what happened? The owner didn’t move; he didn’t even blink!” Blackie exclaimed quietly.

“The owner is a skilled warrior; we’ve known this for a long time,” Liang Shi replied, “Not just anyone can kill the Tyrant and leave with no injuries.”

“His face remained unchanged in front of a crisis!” Wu Shan chimed in, “He’s skilled all right!”

“Truth be told, I’ve never seen the owner use his skills in real life…” Blackie was a little disappointed that he didn’t get to see a fight. “I thought we were going to see it this time; why did he stop?”

“This girl looks cold and haughty, but she’s smarter than everyone here!” Song Qingfeng sneered as he turned to Blackie. “We’re all Resident Evil players, so I will give you some advice. Don’t think about causing trouble; this girl might turn you into a corpse.”

“I won’t!” Blackie laughed.

“… The owner may be powerful, but he can’t be that calm,” Song Qingfeng squinted his eyes at Fang Qi; he was the most familiar with Fang Qi’s background. The owner is just a young man who is barely a warrior; there’s no way he could improve so fast! There must be something else he’s relying on… Song Qingfeng thought, It must be the cultivator behind him!

Lan Yan didn’t understand Nalan Mingxue’s actions. She asked, “Ms. Nalan, why did you do that?”

A dark but deep light shone within Nalan Mingxue’s icy gaze. What Fang Qi said seemed to have touch her heartstrings. She slowly walked up and asked, “If she takes out her sword, will she just be asked to ‘never return’?”

“Although the word ‘just’ isn’t appropriate,” Fang Qi couldn’t help but laugh, “But it is what it is. If you don’t want to play, feel free to leave. My shop does not allow others to cause trouble.”

“Okay,” Nalan Mingxue nodded her head. “Then, we’ll wait.”

“What?” Lan Yan thought she heard it wrong and looked at Nalan Mingxue with a shocked expression on her face. “We’re waiting?”

The others were all dumbfounded as well. This woman said they’ll wait? She is kidding, right?

But they immediately saw Nalan Mingxue nodding her head slightly.

“How can we…?” Lan Yan felt like her brain was going into overdrive. “A place like this…?”

After a while, she came back to her senses and looked around. Upon seeing the giant armchair that Fang Qi ‘prepared’ for them, she asked, “Ms Nalan, would you like to sit here?”

Before her hand touched the chair, Fang Qi stopped her and said casually, “This is my chair.”


He added, “I’m sorry, there aren’t that many chairs in my shop.”

Then, he sat down on his armchair comfortably and went back to ignoring them.

“You!” Lan Yan’s face turned green.

Is he the owner or not? Are we the customers or not?

She glared at Fang Qi with murderous intent, but the latter continued ignoring her!

“Origins?” At the same time, a young man walked into Fang Qi’s internet café wearing a white shirt and a yellow robe.

Behind him were two other young men wearing the same clothes. One was tall and skinny, and the other was short and chubby. It seemed like they were all from the same force.

“I heard a lot of people talking about a shop called ‘Origins’ while I was at the Wind and Moon Pavilion,” Xiao Yulv’s expression was filled with disdain as he said, “I heard that this shop is quite magical. I’d like to see just how magical it is.”

He pushed open the door and quickly saw what was written on the blackboard. “A rundown shop like this doesn’t even accept gold? Just crystals?”

“Who’s the owner?” he immediately shouted.

Fang Qi’s face lit up with surprise as he turned around. “I am!”

A piece of jade was hung from this young man’s waist, along with a green silk ribbon. His hair was tied with a small purple-and-gold crown; it was obvious that he was of prestigious status. When the three of them appeared, the auras that surrounded them immediately exposed their identities; they were cultivators!

Fang Qi had been living around this secluded shop for years. Although he had seen some cultivators passing by, they were all in their carriages, and he had never seen their faces.

This was Fang Qi’s first time seeing cultivators this up close.

Of course, Xiao Yulv was more than an ordinary cultivator!

He was the grandson of Xiao Changlong, who is the Tiangang Elder of Liuyun Daoist Palace, a part of the Wuwei Daoist Alliance!

When Xiao Changlong was young, he took part in the war that led to Dajin’s establishment. Later, he was promoted to the elder position and acted as the festival wine chief in Dijing, the Capital City, for as long as a century! Even when he retired and went back to his hometown, he still wielded great respect and authority in Dijing City and Jiangnan Region!

“Are they cultivators?”

“They’re cultivators?”

Many in the shop weren’t even qualified to speak with cultivators, and they were shocked.

Even Song Qingfeng and the others’ expression darkened. Normal cultivators were a lot easier to talk to, but Xiao Yulv was different!

He was hard to deal with!

Xiao Yulv frowned as he looked around scornfully; he didn’t mind the nobles from prestigious families, but why were low-level warriors in this shop as well?

When his gaze landed on Fang Qi, the disdain became more obvious than ever. “I heard that your shop is interesting and magical.”

“You’re right,” Fang Qi replied calmly. To him, this man was no more than an ordinary resident of the city.

He gestured at the chubby young man behind him. “Junior Brother Liu, find out what’s so magical about this rundown shop.”

“Okay!” That chubby man smiled. “Come on, let me see what’s so interesting about this shop. If I’m happy, everything will be great. If I’m not…”

“There aren’t any open spots right now. If you want to try, you have to line up at the back,” Fang Qi interrupted him impatiently.

“Line up?” this Fatty Liu, along with the other people around him, were shocked by what they heard!

This was now more than a matter of playing games…

Fatty Liu laughed. Did this owner just ask me to line up? Doesn’t he know who we are?

“Do you want to die?” He grabbed Fang Qi’s collar ferociously and said, “Just tell the other people to leave. Why do I have to line up?”

Fang Qi didn’t respond, enraging Liu even more. How dare this owner of a small shop ask me to line up and ignore me as well?

“I can break your legs in a second!”

“Do you think they’re going to cause trouble?” Blackie and the others were flabbergasted by what they saw.

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