Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 28 - There’s no Seats Left, You’ll Have to Wait

Chapter 28: There’s no Seats Left, You’ll Have to Wait

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However, the players who were waiting were different from usual. Today, they each stood behind a computer, waiting to play as if everything was planned out.

What was going on?

He glanced over at the small blackboard and saw the following, “Recently, the internet café has been popular. When there aren’t any seats, please stand in line!”

“…” Dejected, he pointed at the blackboard and asked, “Sir, we have to stand in line now?”

Fang Qi laughed. “Sorry, there are too many people.”

It didn’t seem like he had a choice! Xi Qi looked depressed; he couldn’t do anything but to wait in line!

“Sir, you’re out of seats already?” The man with the mustache froze as soon as he entered. Not only were the seats all full, there weren’t a lot of spots left for watching!

He smiled bitterly and suggested, “Sir, I think you need to expand your shop.”

Fang Qi nodded in agreement. “I think so too. There is nowhere for me to play right now either.”

“Sir, when can you add a few more computers?” Frequent customers like Liang Shi began worrying as well.

The good news was, although there were a lot of people in the shop, they all abided by the rules. Therefore, the atmosphere in the internet café wasn’t bad, allowing Fang Qi to run the place with peace of mind.

“Probably in the next couple of days.”

“That’s good!” Liang Shi looked around at the people standing behind him and felt a headache as well.

Quickly, Xi Qi noticed that the people here were talking about new things and heard new vocabulary like ‘Movie Version’ and ‘Alice’. Therefore, he immediately asked, “Sir, there’s a new game?”

Fang Qi shook his head and smiled as he pointed at the second line on his blackboard.

2. One-hour costs two crystals. Activating Resident Evil One costs five crystals. Purchasing Resident Evil One: Movie Version costs three crystals. Each person can only play for six hours per day.

“Is that clear enough?”

“Movie Version?” Confused, Xi Qi looked over at Fang Qi, seemingly interested. “What’s that?”

“The game took place in the outskirts of Raccoon City, right?” Fang Qi explained, “The movie talks about what happened inside the Raccoon City, but you can only watch and not play.”

“I can only watch what the main characters experience…?” Xi Qi asked, “What’s the fun in that? Isn’t it more fun if I can play by myself?”

Xi Qi lost interest in the Movie Version, so he stopped asking questions.

Just then, the square-faced young man standing beside him exclaimed, “Song Qingfeng just killed a giant snake! Oh my god! It was so big!”

Song Qingfeng used to be hindered by the difficult-to-defeat hunters. However, as his combat skills improved, he picked up his pace and began to kill all the hunters that he couldn’t kill before.

“I think I’ll be able to pass the level soon!” Song Qingfeng felt a little excited as he mumbled to himself.

Song Qingfeng’s character was faced with a gigantic snake; its mouth was wider than an adult man’s shoulders, and it was capable of swallowing an entire human with one bite!

Song Qingfeng calmly dodged the snake’s attacks with great agility.

“No one can be compare to his skills, right?” a young warrior exclaimed.

This warrior looked unfamiliar; today seemed to be his first day here.

“Don’t BS! The owner killed the Tyrant without getting hurt, but Song Qingfeng had already been struck by that snake! He’s obviously not as good as the owner,” Blackie said. He saw the way Fang Qi killed the Tyrant the other day.

“Is the owner that good?” The warrior was unconvinced since he was shocked by Song Qingfeng’s skills. Song Qingfeng was able to dodge the snake perfectly after learning his lesson.

“I think when Song Qingfeng fights the Tyrant, he won’t be injured either!” another newbie who started playing Resident Evil One just yesterday said. They were obviously classmates.

“Qingfeng is considered a genius in the Lingyun Academy; he’s one of the top-five students! A game like this won’t easily defeat him.”

“Exactly; you didn’t see how Song Qingfeng killed the hunter with his dagger just now. The more he does it, the easier it seems!”

“Hey, look at that girl,” another student from the Lingyun Academy said, “I think she’s a senior from the Xuan House. She’s going to encounter the snake soon too, right?”

“…” Xi Qi felt like crying as a surge of jealousy overtook him. [It has only been a day; why is everyone killing hunters with daggers already?”

He, on the other hand, had only just killed the first boss!

“Wait… the owner plays this too?” The man with the mustache heard this from the others and

was a little surprised.

“Is it weird that I play?” Fang Qi found it amusing. “But there are too many people in the shop; I only get to play in the morning or evening when there are less people.”

Aside from early morning and late night, his shop was at full capacity.

Of course, he didn’t tell the others that he often played after the shop closed.

Unwilling to give up, the man with the mustache asked, “Are you really not going to consider selling your computers?”

Fang Qi smiled and shook his head.

“I don’t want to leave Jiuhua City anymore.” The man with the mustache smiled bitterly. “Is there Resident Evil Two?”

Fang Qi replied, “Of course there is.”

“When will you get it!” Upon hearing Fang Qi’s response, Liang Shi, Xi Qi, and the others all surrounded him.

Fang Qi pointed at the ceiling. “Ask him.”

“… Ask the heavens?” Liang Shi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Originally, a group of people stood behind and watched as Song Qingfeng played. Now that the people who were playing were reaching their time limits, everyone found their seats and stopped watching him.

“Song Qingfeng and the others’ time limits are almost up, right?” Xi Qi came here at this time because he was waiting for Song Qingfeng and the others to finish. He pointed at Song Qingfeng and asked Fang Qi, “Sir, how much time do they have left?”

Fang Qi looked at the time. “One minute.”

“F*ck, why did you have to ask?” Upon hearing that his time was about to be up, Lin Shao almost went crazy.

“You don’t want your time to be up?” Xi Qi couldn’t help but laugh, “Would you like me to take my question back?”

“Screw you!” Lin Shao’s face darkened as he got off his chair. Xi Qi and the others laughed and quickly got into the seats, afraid that someone else would take their spot.

Then, they turned around and smiled at Song Qingfeng and the others. “Bye!”

“Go away!”

Xi Qi came with at least a dozen others. Of course, half of them were just curious as to what this shop did and didn’t have the urge to play. Therefore, they surrounded Xi Qi and his other friends.

As soon as Xi Qi got onto the computer, he quickly opened the game and began lecturing the young men behind him. “Look at this, this is a handgun. It’s as powerful as a warrior-level martial arts technique and can shoot through a person’s head. Most importantly, it’s extremely fast…”

“I already have a Magnum Revolver; how can you flaunt your ‘Samurai Edge’ handgun in front of these people?” Lin Shao, who didn’t leave yet, immediately mumbled upon hearing what Xi Qi said.

Xi Qi almost spat out blood. He replied coldly, “I thought your time was up; shouldn’t you be going now?”

Xu Luo laughed, “Our time may be up, but we’re allowed to watch, right? The owner didn’t say we couldn’t.”

Xi Qi replied angrily, “Fine, fine, good for you! I bet you were just like this when you first played as well!”

“There’s so many people here…” Lan Yan and Nalan Mingxue were shocked by what they saw upon walking into this little shop.

Most importantly, no one came to greet them when they came in! Customers were huddled in circles doing god-knows-what, and the owner was chit chatting with them. Weirdly enough, this place didn’t seem to be in a mess at all.

It was just popular.

Nalan Mingxue’s calm gaze landed on the blackboard by the door. “This place is interesting.”

“Don’t you think it’s weird?” Lan Yan didn’t understand what was happening; she followed Nalan Mingxue’s gaze and saw the writing on the blackboard as well.

It cost so many crystals to just try the game out, what a rip off! How did the owner have the audacity to write ‘If you want to play, play. If you don’t, leave’?

What is more outrageous is there are so many customers scrambling to play!

“Look, are those students from Lingyun Academy?” Lan Yan’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Do you think that they were talking about this place this entire time?”

Why is this shop so popular? Aside from using demonic magic to enchant people, she couldn’t think of any other reason!

However, everything and everyone in this shop was so well-ordered; it really didn’t seem capable of creating anything evil.

She sneered, “This small shop is so tasteless!”

Fang Qi noticed the people who walked in.

A tall, skinny woman walked in front. She was extremely beautiful but emitted an icy chill that made it hard for others to approach her.

As soon as he saw her, Fang Qi had a feeling that she had a high status.

However, she gave off a feeling that was different from Song Qingfeng and other the rich young men.

Perhaps that was similar to the difference between the moon and the stars.

When she walked in, she didn’t set her eyes at one place. Instead, she observed everything around her; Song Qingfeng and the others who were sucking up to Fang Qi, Xi Qi who was intently playing the game, and Fang Qi who was lying in his giant armchair with a calm expression on his face.

“This girl… Isn’t simple,” the men with the mustache advised Fang Qi quietly, “She might not be here with good intentions.”

Fang Qi, on the other hand, shrugged and laughed, “In my shop, aside from me, there are only customers.”

“Are you here to play the game or watch the movie?” Fang Qi said calmly, “I’m sorry; we’re out of seats right now. If you want to try, you’ll have to wait.”

Lan Yan’s expression darkened; she had never seen an owner like Fang Qi.

Moreover, how could a game cost so much?

Did he just ask them to wait?

Did he just ask them, the people of the Nalan Family, to wait?

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