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Chapter 30 - Cultivator? Electrocuted!

Chapter 30: Cultivator? Electrocuted!

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Fang Qi looked down at the fat hand around his collar. His expression darkened; this was the first person to actually lay hands on him. “Move your hand away in three seconds, or I will assume that you are causing trouble.”

“I didn’t think these idiots existed,” Song Qingfeng laughed as he rolled his eyes at Blackie, who swallowed his saliva hard and retorted, “He’s an idiot? He’s scarier than that!”

This man was a cultivator! Moreover, he was not just any other cultivator!

If he were really an idiot, he would be the king of idiots! After all, he was capable of smashing this little shop into pieces in the blink of an eye!

Blackie didn’t believe that Xiao Yulv would compromise like the rest of them did.

Unlike the rest of them, even if Xiao Yulv and his two peers saw how magical the game was, they would try to take everything for themselves!

Song Qingfeng, on the other hand, smiled without expressing his opinion.

Then, they heard Fang Qi counting down!




“Time’s up,” Fang Qi snickered as he looked at the fat guy in front of him, as if this guy was an idiot.

“Time’s up?” Everyone looked at them in confusion.

What does that mean? Will Fang Qi really get into a fight with these cultivators?

“Prepare to die!” This Fatty Liu seemed to have realized something and decided to move first. He punched at Fang Qi’s face!

“Trouble makers detected. Lightning Punishment activated,” suddenly, an emotionless electronic voice sounded from the shop’s loudspeakers!

“Ms. Nalan!” Lan Yan backed off like a scared little bunny as she cried out to Nalan Mingxue.

“Watch and learn,” Nalan Mingxue opened her mouth and said quietly.

Suddenly, without warning, a sharp white light appeared above this fat man’s head!


The small shop was immediately lit up by that white light, turning everyone’s faces pale!

Then, Fatty Liu began jumping around like he was having a stroke, waving his hands and feet in the air.

His hairs all stood up straight, and his entire body was scorched black! The others could smell the scent of burned skin!

Then, Fang Qi kicked him right out of the door.

“…” The customers were all dumbfounded; they thought Fang Qi was going to be in danger, so they were shocked to see what actually happened!

Fang Qi then calmly looked at Xiao Yulv. “What about you?”

“How dare you injure my people like that!”

Xiao Yulv had never felt so humiliated his entire life. How dare this owner burn my henchman in front of so many people and kick him out like that?

That was equivalent to slapping him on his face!

“Beat him up!” He pointed at Fang Qi and shouted, “Beat him up until he dies!”

Less than ten seconds later, the tall and skinny man was kicked out of the shop. Like Fatty Liu, his hair was also turned into an afro, and his body was scorched pitch black.

Xiao Yulv was the only cultivator left in the shop!

“I dare you to try and hurt me…”


Once again, a streak of lightning shone in the shop!

Xiao Yulv’s body was immediately burned; he opened his mouth and spat out a puff of smoke.

Like the other two before him, he was thrown out as well.

The entire internet café fell into a moment of silence as everyone looked at Fang Qi in shock and awe.

The weird rumble and the lightning punishment left everyone dumbstruck!

Moreover, did Fang Qi actually throw them out?

Even normal cultivators were treated like VIP customers at most of Jiuhua’s shops and restaurants, but Fang Qi threw them out?

“Wait, you just wait! How dare you plot against me!” Xiao Yulv’s voice came from outside the shop. “I will come back tomorrow and smash your shop into pieces!”

“…” Lan Yan covered her mouth with her hand and watched as Xiao Yulv and the others two cultivators ran away. She thought of what she almost did and felt the sweat soak through her dress!

Everyone else who once threatened to smash Fang Qi’s shop felt goosebumps appearing on their bodies as well. How could they have acted so brave and arrogant back then?

Fang Qi clapped his hands as if he just did something not even worth mentioning. He sat back down on his armchair and looked at Lan Yan. “You should really be thanking that smart girl who you came in with.”

“How bold of you.” Finally, two customers reached their time limits and left, and Nalan Mingxue sat down calmly before that computer with an emotionless expression as if nothing happened. “Unlike them, we are really curious as to what makes your shop different from the rest.”

“Nalan Mingxue isn’t usually like this…” Lin Shao muttered under his breath.

“Huh? Why?” Song Qingfeng replied quietly, “She probably investigated as much as she could before coming. Unlike Xiao Yulv, she’s not an idiot.”

“So, would the two of you like to watch the movie or play the game first?” Fang Qi asked. Then, he explained the difference between the movie and game to them.

“A novel?” Lan Yan looked at Fang Qi, still a little scared. If Nalan Mingxue didn’t stop her, she would’ve ended up like those three cultivators.

The good thing was that she had been stopped.

Lan Yan looked at the weird ‘spiritual artifacts’ before her. Are these all… created by cultivators?

Although she had seen quite a few spiritual artifacts made by cultivators, she wasn’t sure if these were.

She would have to use them first.

“You should watch the movie! I recommend it; it’s absolutely amazing!” Blackie smiled and said as he played the role of a nice bystander.

“I recommend the movie too! There’s a lot of basic information in the movie that will help you in the game,” Lin Shao rubbed his hands together, looking forward to seeing their expressions after watching the movie.

“I think newbies should start with the movie; playing the game first was really hard!” Xi Xiaoyun said in all honesty.

“The movie is for watching, and the game is for playing…” Nalan Mingxue’s profile looked like a never-melting ice statue. Her eyes were filled with logic and reason and she said, “90% of the players here recommended the movie because it’s shocking; I can learn something, and it’s good for newbies. Plus, I wanted to start by watching. I guess I’ll pick the movie.” Nalan Mingxue made her decision.

Upon hearing Nalan Mingxue’s choice, Lan Yan naturally picked the same one.

However, she wasn’t convinced by this shop; if Nalan Mingxue didn’t insist on coming, she would never have even laid eyes here. A novel? What a joke! The owner of the shop might be strong, but creating games is a waste of his talent, she thought.

Soon, they were taken into the world of Resident Evil.

“Virtual… reality?” Nalan Mingxue heard students talk about it at the Lingyun Academy.

Therefore, when she noticed that she was in a life-like world, she immediately thought of these words.

“This is virtual reality?”

Lan Yan, who was sitting beside her, was completely dumbfounded. Is this an illusion? How could this be? How could it be so real?

At the same time, information began going into her brain.

“At the beginning of the 21st century, the Umbrella Corporation…”

“21st century? What a weird era name…”

“The Red Queen… are these artifact spirits? Do they work inside a giant spiritual artifact?”

The more Lan Yan watched, the more shocked she became. Some things were completely beyond her understanding and imagination. However, for some reason, she understood what every word meant; it was as if she could obtain new knowledge and skills while watching the movie!

“Is this really a Warrior Inheritance?” Although she didn’t want to admit it, this movie was really similar to a Warrior Inheritance! No wonder those warriors drew this comparison!

The plot of the movie was extremely intense. Moreover, it was an independent story, so it was fine even if they hadn’t played the game yet. Therefore, Lan Yan was quickly immersed into the movie.

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