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Chapter 146 - All the Way to the North

Chapter 146: All the Way to the North

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“Has he left the Jiangnan Region already?!” The audience watched the fast receding clouds and asked, “He’s arriving at the Heyue Region?”

“Right! Heyue is northwest to Jiangnan!” Xue Daolv said, “After flying further north from Heyue, he will reach Jingshi.”

“So fast?!” Ye Xiaoye clicked her tongue and said, “He’ll be there so soon?”

“What do you know?” Ye Songtao said, “He still needs to fly over several big cities in the Heyue Region. It won’t be so quick!”

“Oh…” Ye Xiaoye pouted. “I’ve never been there before.”

“Look! There’s a spiritual boat ahead!”

At this moment, a middle-sized spiritual boat with a length of 30 meters was flying ahead of Fang Qi. The boat was made of spiritual wood, and the spear-shaped body had patterns of flying snakes engraved on the sides. The boat had wings on the sides but no sails, and it was engulfed in an invisible energy barrier. Clouds were scattered before they could touch it.

“Master, are we going to be late at this speed?” A young man stood at the bow of the boat and looked into the distance.

“This style of clothes…” Someone in the internet cafe recognized them. “They are from the Black Cloud Daoist Temple in Heyue?”

“Hey! The grey-clothed elder standing at the bow is the Oldman Black Cloud, right? I remember he is… at the True Lake Realm?”

“How can we be late?” Sure enough, a short grey-clothed elder stood at the bow. While the three major academies held the national examination in Jingshi, some cultivators were invited to watch the matches. Even the Wuwei Daoist Alliance had sent cultivators to the event.

This Black Cloud Elder was one of the invited cultivators.

“My spiritual boat is a rare high-quality artifact. Even if I only use 30% of spiritual energy, it’s enough to…”

“Master, it seems like something is catching up.” The young man standing at the bow pointed behind him and said with shock.

“Something is catching up? Are your eyes playing tricks on you?” Black Cloud Elder glanced at his disciple contemptuously before looking back.

Then, he widened his eyes!

He saw a young man catching up to them while standing on a sword!

“What’s that?” During his long life, Black Cloud Elder had seen cultivators flying on spiritual artifacts and riding on the wind with spiritual energy, but he had never seen such a sight where someone flew on an ordinary sword at such a high speed!

“Master… Am I seeing a ghost?!” The grey-clothed young man also looked shocked. “Flying on a sword?”

[Hahahaha! The Black Cloud Daoist is stupefied! This is the sword control technique!] Someone sent a bullet message immediately.

[I bet that he is absolutely stupefied by the sight!]

“He has never seen this before! Our grand sword control technique is awesome!”

An Huwei gulped down a mouthful of Haagen-Dazs while he sent a bullet message, [Oldman Black Cloud! Slow down!]

Dong Qingli covered her snicker with her hand. “Look at that old Daoist’s face! He looks like he is looking at a ghost!”

The two on the boat looked at the young man who flew past the spiritual boat while standing on a sword, looking celestial and ethereal while his clothes fluttered.

He even glanced at them casually.

“Master, didn’t you say that your spiritual boat is a rare high-quality artifact? How come someone is faster?”

Black Cloud Daoist’s expression looked like a dark cloud. “I used only a tiny part of my strength! I’ll put more strength into it!”

Then, he put his hands together and used another spell, releasing huge spiritual energy into the boat. As if a key button was pressed, the boat increased its speed by 50 percent!

“Master, how come I feel the distance from the guy is getting greater?!”

Black Cloud Daoist’s expression turned darker, and he yelled, “Hey! Don’t run!”

Then, he chanted another spell, pushing the spiritual boat forward with his full force!

Spiritual lights flowed around the spiritual boat, and its speed increased by another 50 percent!

Black Cloud Daoist said, “Now, I’ll see how far you can run!”

“Look behind the shop owner!” In the internet cafe, all the people looked toward the big screen. “Is Black Cloud Daoist chasing after the shop owner?”

“Tsk! Tsk! Look at the spiritual lights! He has used all his strength!”

“This old man is unwilling to admit defeat!”

[Black Cloud Daoist: I don’t believe that I can’t catch up with you!]

[Shop owner: Catch up with me if you can!]

Bullet comments flooded the screen, and the cultivators and warriors in the internet cafe laughed and had a good time.

“Boss, look back! An old man is chasing after you!” Jiang Xiaoyue immediately sent a message to Fang Qi.

“Ugh? An old man is chasing after me?” Curious, Fang Qi turned his head and saw that the spiritual boat that he had overtaken was trying to catch up with him.

“Can he catch up?” An Huwei didn’t look worried at all while he ate Haagen-Dazs. “If he can catch up, I won’t even practice the sword control technique!”

In this world, the spiritual boats were flight spiritual artifacts controlled by spiritual energy. The stronger the user’s spiritual energy, the faster it could travel.

However, the sword control technique was different. Although the saying ‘covering 1000 kilometers in one second’ was a bit exaggerated, it showed the great speed of the sword control technique.

One of the greatest features of the sword control technique was its speed. Besides, the sword control technique in the Legend of the Sword and Fairy had its own unique system.

At this moment, Fang Qi’s sword control technique slowed down suddenly.

“Ugh? Why did the shop owner slow down?”

“This kid is running out of spiritual energy?!” Black Cloud Daoist sneered. “He has reached his limit! Disciple, see how I catch up with him!”

Pushed by his energy, the spiritual boat flew forward quickly and became parallel to Fang Qi.

“Senior! Can I ask you for directions?” Fang Qi waved at the spiritual boat.

“Ask for directions?”

“Can you tell me which direction is Jingshi? How long do I need to travel before I get there?” Fang Qi yelled.

He had flown for a while now, but he saw no trace of Jingshi. It was his first time flying on a sword, and he felt quite uneasy without any sense of direction.

“Go straight north! You’re a few hours away from it!”

“Thank you!”

Black Cloud Daoist smirked and thought, Which faction is this young man from? He must have run out of spiritual energy and wants me to take him on my boat. Keep dreaming! I’ll never help you!

While he was thinking…

“I go all the way to the north, leaving behind the season where you belong…” Fang Qi looked at the sky and hummed while flying past Black Cloud Daoist’s spiritual boat.

“Is the shop owner humming a song?”

“What’s the song he is humming? I’ve never heard of it before!”

“Too smug! Sir!”

“You’re too confident! Look behind you, Sir!”

“I admire the shop owner!” Chen Feng clicked his tongue behind the crowd.


“Master, that guy overtook us again…” The grey-clothed young man pointed in front of them and said, “You can’t catch up with him, right?”

Black Cloud Daoist’s old face turned as black as charcoal, and he almost launched a spiritual spell at Fang Qi!

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