Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 147 - You All Need the Legend of Sword and Fairy

Chapter 147: You All Need the Legend of Sword and Fairy

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“Aren’t all the businesses in Jiuhua City boycotting this shop?”

“How come there are so many people here?!”

From the outside of the shop, several people looked at the crowd around the big screen in shock.

“You guys stay in the academy all day! You don’t know the situation!” Yu Liang said, “How can this place lack customers? Some of them are big figures among the cultivators!”

After pushing open the door, Yu Liang entered the shop with more confidence this time. “Ms. Xiaoyue! Please activate Diablo for my friends!”

“Oh! Coming!”

“What are they doing there in a group?” Yu Liang and his friends glanced at the big screen while they paid for the games.

“The owner is doing an outdoors livestream.”

“Outdoor livestream?”

“Old Yu! Aren’t we here to play Diablo? What are you doing there?”

“Oh, you go ahead with the game. I’ll check out this livestream first!” Yu Liang saw that the city on the screen seemed to be Jingshi.

“Is he arriving at Jingshi?”

“Not so fast! It looks near but is actually very far away!”

The audience in the internet cafe talked animatedly among themselves.

The magnificent huge city, the symbolic Star-Observing Tower which shot up into the sky, and the people on the street…

“The sword control technique is awesome! Anyone who doesn’t have it yet must hurry up and buy one!”

“Sword control technique?!” Yu Liang read the bullet comments on the screen in bafflement.

At this moment, Mu Hongzhu also came into the internet cafe and saw this amazing sight.

Flying above the clouds on a sword looked more thrilling than sitting on a spiritual boat!

At this moment, a giant silver-winged eagle appeared on the screen.

A tall and muscular warrior who was wearing a black short-sleeved jacket was sitting cross-legged on the giant eagle, resting with his eyes closed.

Beside him was a girl wearing tight-fit black clothes. She exclaimed, “Uncle Yu flies so fast! When can I have such an awesome demonic beast as my partner?”

“Hahahaha!” The black-clothed warrior laughed. “Little Girl, you want to fly with your low cultivation strength? If I, your master, don’t protect you with my warrior qi, you can’t sit here and talk. You would have been blown off by the wind.”

“Ugh? I seem to feel something…” He opened his eyes abruptly and saw a figure standing on a sword flying past him.

Not only him, but the young girl and the giant silver-winged eagle beneath them also turned their heads toward the sight.

The big silver-winged eagle blinked. Are my eyes playing tricks on me?

“Hahahaha! This white-headed eagle must be at the peak stage of Ancestral Warrior Realm, right?”

“This warrior must be at the King Warrior Realm!”

“Is he…” Yu Liang looked at the screen in shock. “He’s Senior Liang, Liang Heihu, from Shengjing Academy!”

Liang Heihu froze, wondering how someone could fly on a sword.

“Master… That is…” The young girl watched with widened eyes, and her face filled with disbelief.

“Kid! Don’t run if you dare!” Behind them, a spiritual boat with glowing spiritual lights rushed up at top speed!

[Hahahaha! Your horizon was broadened, right?] Bullet comments flooded the screen again.

[You can dump this white-headed eagle now!]

[Hahahaha! The owner shocked another warrior!]

[Giant eagle: Kid! Stop!]


Yu Liang and Mu Hongzhu who had just arrived at the shop were also stupefied, wondering what the sword control technique really was and how it could fly so fast.

Mu Hongzhu remembered that Song Qingfeng and the others had shown off their sword control technique that night…

Are they the same technique?! Mu Hongzhu froze.

“Master! How can anyone fly so fast?!” Dumbfounded, the black-clothed girl watched Fang Qi flew pass them while riding on the sword.

Liang Heihu patted the big eagle beneath him and said, “Catch up!”

The silver-winged eagle shook its wings, and it sped up instantly, catching up with Fang Qi.

“Hey, Kid!” Liang Heihu yelled, “What’s the flight technique that you’re using?”

“Ugh?” Fang Qi slowed down a bit. “Uncle, are you talking to me?”

“Uncle?!” Liang Heihu’s face turned dark. “Which faction are you from? You don’t know your manners?!”

“Who’s your master? Maybe I know him or her!” Liang Heihu said arrogantly.

“Master?” Fang Qi thought for a moment. “Li Xiaoyao? The Liquor Sword Immortal? I guess they are my masters.”

Liang Heihu almost spat out a mouthful of blood. “Who are they? I’ve never heard of them before!”

In the internet cafe, the bullet comments showed the minds of the viewers.

[Hahaha! You’re shocked!]

[The names of the two masters from our Shushan Faction are too good for ordinary people like you to know!]

[Sir! Recommend the Legend of the Sword and Fairy to them!]

[Uncle, you need the Legend of the Sword and Fairy!]

Nalan Hongwu shook his head while he watched, saying with a laugh, “This kid!”

The black-clothed girl was shocked, and she blinked her beautiful eyes as she asked after a while, “Is this flight technique very difficult to learn?”

“Do you want to lean it?”

“Can I?” The girl panted and breathed heavily.

“Nonsense!” Liang Heihu slammed his hand on the back of the eagle while he scolded, “It must be their ultimate technique! How can they teach it to you?!”

Fang Qi waved his hand. “Go to the Origin Internet Club in Jiuhua City and play the Legend of the Sword and Fairy for 20 crystals. I promise you can master it.”

“…!?” Everyone was stupefied.

[Hahahaha! The shop owner did an awesome advertisement!]

[Turn around right now! Come to Jiuhua City and play the Legend of the Sword and Fairy!]

[Why do you want to go to Jingshi? Come to Jiuhua, Friends!]

[Don’t bring too many people with you! Or you’ll have to wait in line!]

[Right! You have to wait outside in line if you bring too many people with you!]

“Auch! My belly!” Zhang Wanyu rubbed her belly while she laughed hard with Dong Qingli. “It’s so fun!”

“He even promised her that she would master it?!” Su Tianji was also amused. “How could he say that?”

“Oh! I can’t laugh like this anymore! Hahahaha! Young Master An! Give me a hand!”

“He still remembers to advertise for his shop while he is out having fun?” An Huwei said with a chuckle, “This kid is good at this.”

Ouyang Zhen said, “Liang Heihu just sent me a message, asking me if there’s an elder named Liquor Sword Immortal in Jiuhua City who teaches the sword control technique. Hahahaha!”

“Can I learn it for 20 crystals?” The black-clothed girl rolled her eyes and asked, “Master, maybe it’s fake information?”

While his face twitched, Liang Heihu clutched the communication jade in his hand and said, “It seems… it’s true.”

“When you finish the national examination, I’ll take you to Jiuhua City!”

“20 crystals? Can one learn the sword control technique by playing the Legend of the Sword and Fairy?! Not only Yu Liang, but Mu Hongzhu was also astonished.

“Ms. Xiaoyue! Activate the Legend of the Sword and Fairy for me!” Yu Liang immediately yelled.

“Ms. Xiaoyue! Activate the Legend of the Sword and Fairy for me as well!” Chen Feng and the others also came up.

“Then, what about Counter Strike…”

Chen Feng waved his hand. “We’ll play both! Both!”

At this moment, Fang Qi came down from the sky and landed in front of the South Gate of Jingshi.

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