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Chapter 145 - One Can Go Anywhere with the Sword Control Technique!

Chapter 145: One Can Go Anywhere with the Sword Control Technique!

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At the others’ explanation, Dong Qingli and Zhang Wanyu learned that Shushan Faction was a cultivation faction in a game, and the sword control technique was the signature technique of that faction.

“Shall we buy it?” Looking at Fang Qi who stood above the clouds, Zhang Wanyu said in excitement, “This is so convenient and fast! Even warriors can learn it!”

“Then, we’ll buy it, and we can play it together with Diablo!” Dong Qingli looked at the screen in envy as well, wondering about this amazing flight technique!

“But…” Someone asked with a bullet comment, [Sir, where are you going?]

“Where am I going?” Fang Qi didn’t know where he was going.

He knew nothing about this world except Jiuhua City.

When he was out of Jiuhua City, he couldn’t even tell the direction, let alone a specific destination.

[Sir! You can go to the Cloud Ocean City!] Ye Xiaoye responded immediately, [I recommend Cloud Ocean City! You can have seafood there and enjoy the view of the vast ocean!]

After sending the bullet comment, Ye Xiaoye smiled with satisfaction since she could invite the shop owner to tour her own city!

[Go to the Liuyun Daoist Palace!] Fenghua and Yuexin also sent bullet comment, [Our Liuyun Daoist Palace is surrounded by great sceneries! If you’re lucky, you can see the grand view of the sea-like clouds! Also, I’m sure that you’ll like the flowers in our Tianji Palace!]

Xue Daolv stroked his beard, looking confident in his Liuyun Daoist Palace.

[I recommend the Cloud Ocean Faction! And the sects in the South Sea!] Yun Lian also sent a message, [The sceneries on the remote islands are as beautiful as those around the Liuyun Daoist Palace! You can try the special products of the South Sea – The Fog-Swallowing Tea!]

Ye Songtao nodded slightly while he looked at the comments on the screen. According to the comments, the Cloud Ocean Faction had become a tourist attraction.

[You can visit my Yinlong Cave Abode!] the Yinlong Elder joined in.

Looking at the rows after rows of comments, Dong Qingli was eager to join in. “Shall we recommend one destination as well?”

[You can go to Jingshi. Jingshi is a grand city and the center of Dajin’s fortune, and many people from foreign countries are there. Besides, the Star-Observing Tower is one of its kind, and it’s said that if you stand at the top of the Star Watching Palace, you can pluck stars from the sky!] After she learned how to send bullet comments, Dong Qingli immediately sent her recommendation.

[There are all kinds of delicacies in Jingshi!] Mentioning food, Dong Qingli suddenly remembered that she hadn’t eaten Haagen-Dazs yet today, so she bought one container. Then, she continued the recommendation while enjoying the Haagen-Dazs, [The Crystal Duck, Thousand-Light Silver Carp, and Golden Crisp in Jingshi are the top delicacies in the world! You must try them!]

[Sir! Go to Jingshi!] Jiang Xiaoyue agreed with her. [I want to see the livestream of Jingshi!]

She didn’t dare to go to Jingshi since there were too many powerful humans there, but she still wanted to see what the most prosperous city in Dajin looked like.

Fang Qi glanced at the bullet comments on the screen in confusion. “So many suggestions! Which one should I choose?”

At this moment, Chen Feng and his son also got offline. “What are you doing here in a group?”

“We’re watching the shop owner’s outdoor livestream. We are recommending places for him to visit.”

“Livestream?” Chen Feng glanced at the screen, and his jaw dropped in astonishment. “Where’s the shop owner? Is he standing on a sword?!”

He looked at the clouds floating around Fang Qi and asked, “Is he in the sky?!”

“Sword control technique!”

Chen Feng and others looked at the screen with amazement on their faces.

“Sir! Go to Jingshi!” At this moment, Li Haoran also sent a bullet comment, saying, [I’ll send a message to Mr. Mu. I’m sure he will be happy to see you!]

“Mr. Mu? Who is he?” Fang Qi looked baffled.

“The young man with the mustache? The young man who wanted to buy computers while he was here playing Resident Evil?” Seeing Li Haoran’s explanation on the communication jade, Fang Qi remembered that guy. “He is from Jingshi? No wonder I haven’t seen him for a long while.”

“Okay! Okay! Today, I’ll broadcast my trip to Jingshi while riding on the sword, and I’ll visit an old acquaintance while I’m doing it!”

[Wow! Boss, you’re so good!] Jiang Xiaoyue looked very excited.

“Who can tell me which direction is Jingshi?” Fang Qi was still confused.

[Fly in the northwest direction!]

Fang Qi glanced at the direction and moved the sword toward the northwest with the sword control technique.

On his way, clouds flew around him. When he looked down, the mountains and rivers on the land looked like the decorations on a big chessboard. Under his feet, the magnificent Jiuhua City was as small as a hand!

“I wish I could fly like this one day!” Ye Xiaoye was excited by the sight.

“This kid has gained such a mastery of the sword control technique?!” Nalan Hongwu and the others clicked their tongues at the sight. “He’s really fast!”

“Do you see that? It’s Weinan City ahead of us!”

“He’s at Weinan City so soon? He’s so fast!”

Dong Qingli and Zhang Wanyu were still shocked. “How come he flies so fast?!”

“He is almost as fast as a large spiritual boat at top speed?!”

Su Tianji was a little excited. “If I can reach the same level as this kid, I won’t ride a spiritual boat anymore!”

Xue Daolv said while eating Haagen-Dazs, “This is awesome!”

An Huwei was also eating Haagen-Dazs while he watched the livestream. “In the future, I won’t buy spiritual boats anymore since a sword can do all the work! It will be so convenient!”

Xiao Yulv looked envious. “The sword control technique is awesome! I want to learn it too…”

“I want to learn it, too…” Jiang Xiaoyue felt uneasy. “The humans have such powerful spiritual spells. I wonder if I can learn them…”


“Sir! There might be demonic birds at the edge of the Jiangnan Region!”

“Flying solo? You must watch out for demonic beasts!”

“Well… Isn’t that a Gale Vulture which is equivalent to an Ancestral Warrior?” Someone pointed at the screen and asked.

“Where is it?”

“It’s behind the shop owner…”

“I don’t see it behind the shop owner…”

“That black dot…”

“Are you sure you saw it?”

“Look down! He passed another city! So fast!”

All the people were shocked.

– In Lingyun Academy –

“You mean you can not only enter the world as a main character but increase your strength at a super speed as well?!” Shen Cang was nonplussed. After talking about Diablo for so long, he found that his friend didn’t listen to the Diablo novel as the latter had played the actual game!

He learned that Yu Liang played the game in the shop which was prohibited by the academy!

What was more astonishing was what Yu Liang said to him.

Yu Liang was an experienced person. After he recovered from his initial shock, he calmed down quickly. “Of course! Otherwise, the disciples wouldn’t have taken such great risks to go there!”

He had to drag these two into his team to ensure that they wouldn’t tell on him.

“How do we know that what you are saying is true?” Shen Cang was tempted, wishing that he could act as a main character in this fascinating novel!

Besides, he could increase his strength in the game!

The most important thing was strength! No one could get enough of it!

Yu Liang continued to tempt them. “Just think of it: the academy never prohibited the instructors from going to the shop, which gives us a great opportunity! Besides, the disciples are not going there anymore and had quit easily. It proves that Director Qin exaggerated the addictive side effects!”

“What good can I get by lying to you? After all, no reward was offered for catching instructors who go into that small shop!”

The other two looked at each other. “Maybe… We’ll go and have a look?”

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