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Chapter 144 - Please Take Me on the Flight!

Chapter 144: Please Take Me on the Flight!

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It had been a while since Fang Qi went out of the shop. The last time he did so was when he went out to deal with the issue of promoting the official Diablo novel.

With the improvement of Jiang Xiaoyue’s cooking skills, he even didn’t go out to eat.

In other words, he had been a shut-in for quite a long time.

From this perspective, it was time for him to go out. Besides, he hadn’t gone out of Jiuhua City yet.

To his surprise, he still could see the bullet comments on the System Interface without a computer.

On the big screens in the internet café, Fang Qi turned to the camera and said, “Today, I won’t be broadcasting games; I’ll do an outdoor livestream.”

Bu Che and Ouyang Cheng looked at the screen and said, “Why not broadcast games? What’s the fun of being outdoors?”

“Yeah. I want to watch you play games. But instead, you went outdoors!” Xiao Yulv looked at the big screen in distain and said, “I’m outdoors everyday and don’t see anything fun. Otherwise, I wouldn’t come and visit your internet cafe.”

“What are you watching?” It was the peak time when the first group of players went offline.

Xue Daolv glanced at the big screen and asked, “What’s this kid doing out there?”

“Outdoor livestream?” Many of them looked puzzled, thinking that they could go out any time and didn’t need Fang Qi to give them a livestream of that.

As the shop owner, Fang Qi knew that now was a good time for live streaming since most of the players had just finished playing the games and were about to find something else to do or leave. When he turned on the livestream, many peopled came to watch.

“Is this place outside of the East Gate?” Outside of the city gate, many warriors and several cultivators were coming and going from the city, and Fang Qi stood at a spot on the outer range of the crowd.

At this moment, Fang Qi moved closer to the edge of the crowd before taking out his sword.

“Why did Mr. Fang take out this decorative sword?”

“Is he going to use the Innumerable Sword Scroll here?!” An Cheng looked at the crowd and speculated.

An Huwei ran over when he heard their comments and widened his eyes, saying, “If you dare to use the Innumerable Sword Scroll here, I won’t let you get away with it!”

While the viewers talked among themselves in the internet cafe, Fang Qi unsheathed the sword with his warrior qi, and it hovered in the air before him.

Fang Qi lifted his foot and stepped on it, finding that it was quite steady.

When the people saw this move, they exclaimed, “No way! Is he going to…”

“Sir! Your mastered that already?!”

“Humph! I think he will fall after a few meters.” Su Tianji snorted with contempt.

“Ugh? What are you guys talking about?” Dong Qingli was confused.

“Judging by his movements, he is going to use the sword control technique!” Xiao Yulv explained, “However, with his current cultivation strength, he can fly at most about 50 meters in the real world…”

He stroked his chin and added, “To show my respect to him, I will say that he can go at least 100 meters!”

Before he could finish, Fang Qi stepped on the sword and shot up into the clouds like a rocket.

“Da F*ck!” Xiao Yulv was stupefied.

“How did he do that? It’s the same as when we’re in the game?!” Su Tianji who had said that Fang Qi couldn’t fly more than a few meters was also stupefied.

Did he steal the sword control technique from Li Xiaoyao?!

“Ahh…” Fenghua and Yuexin shrieked behind Su Tianji, “How come he can fly so high?!”

“Wow! I so envy him!” Ye Xiaoye shrieked in excitement as well, “I want to fly too!!!”

“Sir! Are you cheating?!” Dumbfounded, An Cheng gazed at the screen and didn’t know how to react. Although he could now fly with the sword control technique, he couldn’t fly so fast or so far after learning it only for a short time.

It must be noted that it usually took several years for a less talented cultivator to master the technique, let alone warriors!

How long has it been since I learned this?

The sword control technique was powerful in the game, but it was only a game. Just like when people watched commercials in Fang Qi’s old world, they knew that some special effects were added to it.

Therefore, people were stunned when they realized that the sword control technique in the real world could be on par with the technique in the game!

“The shop owner is awesome!” All of them looked at the screen with wide eyes while they watched the awe-inspiring sight!

[Sir! How did you do it?]

[That senior must have given you another private lesson! It’s unfair!]

“I swear that those cultivators and warriors who were around the shop owner were stupefied by this sight!”

The people outside of the east gate were stunned. “I’ve never seen someone who could fly like this!”

Bystanders wondered,  Did I just see something fly away?!

[Sir, give us a glimpse of the people outside of the East Gate!]

Bullet comments flooded the screen!

While covering her mouth with her hand, Dong Qingli and Zhang Wanyu looked at each other in shock.

“How can he fly like this?!”

“With a celestial sword, one can go to the heavens and enter the netherworld!” someone yelled in the internet cafe.

After the players from Jiuhua City were restricted from coming into the internet cafe, most of the customers came from cultivation sects and factions such as the Cloud Ocean Faction and Liuyun Daoist Palace.

Their favorite technique was the sword control technique.

When they saw Fang Qi riding on the sword into the clouds in real life…

“Our grand sword control technique is glorious!”

“He can fly this way in the real world! It’s awesome!”

“Do you see that? The tough winds in the sky are being split apart by the sword energy! He doesn’t have to worry about his safety!”

“Ahh! Sir! Take me with you!” A disciple from Liuyun Daoist Palace shouted.

[Count me in!] An Cheng immediately sent a bullet comment.

[Sir! We also want to experience the sword control technique this way! Please take us with you on your flight!]

Seeing this request, the others shared the sentiment. They couldn’t fly so far, but they could ask the shop owner to take them on the flight!

[Ahh! I want the shop owner to take me on the flight too!] Ye Xiaoye sent a bullet comment in a hurry.

[If he takes anyone, he will take me!] Jiang Xiaoyue didn’t want to be outshined.

Fenghua and Yuexin were about to send the same requests when they were stopped by Xiao Yulv who whispered, “Senior Sisters, according to my observation, the shop owner is a pervert. You can’t offer him any opportunities!”

Meanwhile, Fang Qi who was flying in the sky dug out his communication jade which showed the newest message.

[Sir, it’s okay that the shop doesn’t welcome me, but I hope that you can take me flying outside the shop! Please give me a chance! – Xiao Yulv!]

Fang Qi’s face twitched while he thought, This guy is on the blacklist, but he still somehow connected to my communication jade!

Then, he said to the camera, “I’m sorry, today’s outdoor livestream doesn’t include taking people on flights. If anyone wants to be taken on the flight, please wait until next time!”

Hearing his words, the people in the internet cafe went into an uproar!

“Sir! You are enjoying it all alone! And you are making us watch you!”

“Don’t you feel any shame?”

“That’s outrageous! Today, I’ll go on a strike. I won’t play any games!” An Cheng who had finished his six hours of play time yelled while he sent this message.

“Ugh? Which faction does the sword control technique belong to? How come I’ve never seen it before? It looks so powerful!” Only Dong Qingli, the new player, looked confused.

“It belongs to the Shushan Faction!” the others answered.

“Oh, so Mr. Fang is a disciple of the Shushan Faction?”

“So are we!” Ye Xiaoye waved her small fist and shouted with dignity.

Behind her, Ye Songtao’s face twitched. If she wasn’t his daughter, he would have expelled her from the faction.

“Pretty Sister, would you like to buy the Legend of the Sword and Fairy and join the Shushan Faction with us?” Ye Xiaoye said sincerely.

“We can join Shushan Faction after buying the game?” Dong Qingli and Zhang Wanyu froze.

They had never heard such a condition for joining a faction!

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