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Chapter 143 - Outdoor Livestream

Chapter 143: Outdoor Livestream

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Shen Cang, an instructor of Earth House, loved to eat in Jinxiang Restaurant while listening to the story.

In the past few days, the restaurant started to tell the story of Diablo. The story fascinated him so much that he came to this place every day.

“Instructor Bai, the new story named Diablo is enthralling!”

“Yeah. How powerful do you think Andariel is?”

“Who knows? They say she is a very powerful demon!”


In the early morning, Shen Cang chatted with an instructor with the surname Bai while they walked to their offices.

Yu Liang was walking slowly ahead of them while he thought about whom he should introduce the game to. Without noticing, Shen Cang and the other instructor caught up with him, talking about Diablo in a loud voice.

Hearing the names in Diablo in their talk, Yu Liang was startled. What? Andariel?! Such a unique name is unmistakable!

“Instructor Bai! Instructor Shen! Are you talking about Diablo?!” Yu Liang shivered.

They are so bold and talking about Diablo in the public!

“Instructor Yu! You know Diablo too?” Shen Cang’s eyes lit up when he found a fan of Diablo here! After all, the academy was far from Tianfu Street, and not many people traveled so far to listen to the story!

“You all know it?” Yu Liang was stupefied.

“Yeah!” They were familiar with each other, and Shen Cang was thrilled when he learned that Yu Liang was also a fan. He said with a laugh, “Besides me and Instructor Bai, some other instructors are also fans of Diablo!”

“Really?!” Yu Liang had thought that he was alone, but now with a group of people sharing his interest, he didn’t have to worry about getting teammates.

Pleasantly surprised, he said, “I’m surprised that you all…”

He glanced around, thinking that it wasn’t right to make their interest in the game known to the public.

He asked immediately, “What class do you think is more powerful?”

“Paladins are great. Paladins have powerful defense and offensive skills. They even can use spiritual spells!”

“Sorcerers are powerful too. They have all kinds of awesome spiritual spells. When they use Inferno, it kills groups of monsters!”

“Don’t you think assassins are powerful?” Yu Liang said with disapproval, “They can inflict great damage!”

“You mean that guy who only sneak-attacks? His strikes are fatal, but he looks chilly to me.”

“Instructor Yu, you like that assassin?”

Soon, they went into a heated discussion on their way to their offices, feeling excited that they shared an interest in a new thing!

Without noticing, they talked about Diablo for a while.

However, Yu Liang felt that something was not right.

For example, the other two would toss out the names of the characters, which made him wonder, How come I don’t know these names? Is it because I just began playing the game?

“No way! How can Blood Raven drop items?” Shen Cang also felt like something was wrong.

“Didn’t you pick them up?” Yu Liang looked at them with a strange expression.

“What’s does it have to do with us? How can we pick them up?” They exchanged a look. “Which version do you have?”

“Which version?” Yu Liang was baffled. The shop had Act I, II, and III, and he wondered if they meant another act.

“Isn’t it in Act I, Rogue Encampment?”

“Right…” Shen Cang nodded and said, “Are you sure you didn’t listen to a pirate version from another shop?”

“What pirate version?” Yu Liang laughed at the accusation, “I didn’t hear it from somewhere; I played it myself. How can I hear a pirate version?”

“Play?” The other two looked at each other.

“Yeah! The Origin Internet Club!” Yu Liang said without thinking, “You…”

Noticing their eyes turned weird, Yu Liang’s heart lurched. He pointed at them and said in an unsteady voice, “Didn’t you play Diablo in the Origin Internet Club?”

Led by their instructors, Nalan Mingxue, Song Qingfeng, and the others arrived at Jingshi.

This was the most prosperous city in the entirety Dajin!

In fact, the group from Xiyi Academy of the northwestern region of Dajin had arrived before Lingyun Academy’s group did, and the representatives from both academies stayed at Shengjing Academy Hotel.

As their host, Shengjing Academy held a banquet in the Shengjing Academy Hotel to welcome the guests. Not only important figures like Qin Bing, but the vice academy masters who rarely showed their faces in public would attend this grand gala as well!

According to the rumors, even the Emperor would come and view the national examination!

– Meanwhile in the Origin Internet Club –

“Where’s your boss?” Logging off, Dong Qingli looked around the internet cafe curiously as she asked, “He was here in the morning.”

“It’s now afternoon.” Loli Jiang Xiaoyue said, “The owner said that he went out to play.”

“Went out to play?!” Dong Qingli froze, wondering what things outside could be more fun than the games.

It’s more fun to talk about Diablo!  Dong Qingli was angry that she missed the opportunity to get more information about the plot of Diablo.

“Xiaoyue!” Finishing the game, Ye Xiaoye stretched in her seat and asked, “How come the shop owner didn’t open the livestream? He went out to play?”

“Livestream?” Dong Qingli looked at Ye Xiaoye in bafflement and asked, “What’s that?”

“It allows us to watch the shop owner play games on the big screens.” Xiao Yulv glanced around and joined the conversation after seeing that there was no one to watch. “From what I see, watching the shop owner play is the most interesting out of watching everyone here!”

Although he didn’t want to admit that watching others play wasn’t as interesting as watching Fang Qi, it was the truth. In fact, Xiao Yulv even came up with his own ranking.

“The best experience is watching the shop owner play. When he’s not here, I watch Senior Nalan and his buddies. If they are not here, only my aunt is worth watching. Everyone else is just newbies, and their gameplay is not worth watching.”

“How come watching others play can be fun?!” Dong Qingli and Zhang Wanyu looked confused.

“Brother Xiao, what did you just say?” An Cheng had just gotten offline and walked over with a dark expression as if he had heard something not for his ears.

“Ugh…” Xiao Yulv said embarrassedly. “I missed one… Brother An plays very well. It’s a shame that he just got offline.”


At this moment, they saw the big screen on the wall turning on.

“Huh? Is the shop owner back?!” Ye Xiaoye was surprised.

“No… Look! The shop owner is outside of the city!” An Cheng pointed at the screen which showed that Fang Qi was close to the moat outside of the city.

“Sir! What are you doing outside of the city?” An Cheng yelled. Then, he realized that Fang Qi couldn’t hear him, so he sent a bullet comment with his communication jade.

Of course, Fang Qi had a purpose for going out of the city.

He had received a task.

[Outdoor Livestream: Broadcast while you fly on a sword and show the sights that you see

Task Equipment: Automatic nano camera

Task Reward: Ham sausages (Can only be bought after purchasing the instant noodles)

Task description: Engage in more outdoor activities and refuse to be an otaku]

[TL Note: In China, the ham sausages are eaten as snacks, and people put them in instant noodles all the time.]

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