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Chapter 142 - Fighting for Seats

Chapter 142: Fighting for Seats

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“Tiger Strike!”

“Dragon Talon!”

“Dragon Claws!” On the empty street in the midnight, Yu Liang punched with great force on his way back to the academy.

“Hehe! Haha!” Bright lights appeared in his eyes, and his shoulders shook with excitement. “I can gain levels by killing monsters?! I can increase my strength by leveling up?! I never imagined that something as cool as this existed in our world!”

“It’s so incredible! Leveling up feels so wonderful!” After playing only about five hours during the night, Yu Liang felt like his strength improved faster than when he was cultivating in the Martial Arts Tower with the aid of all kinds of elixirs!

“It’s so awesome!” Feeling the newly acquired warrior qi in his body, Yu Liang found no trace of impurities in it. “It usually takes me a lot of time and energy to cultivate warrior qi of this purity! Yet, I obtained it after playing for one night!

“No wonder those disciples took such great risks to go there…” Yu Liang murmured to himself. “If I keep doing this, it won’t be long before I become an instructor of the Earth House, and I will even be able to teach those super elite disciples at the Heaven House!”

How did someone come up with such a powerful cultivation method?! It increases one’s strength much faster than the Martial Arts Tower!

This feeling is beyond words!

Such thrill!

However, I heard that players can form teams… One can kill monsters in a faster and safer way in a team? He knew that it was true from his own experience. If he died in a group of monsters and tried to run back to get the items that the dead monsters dropped, he would die several times in the process, and it would waste a lot of time!

Maybe, I can ask some good friends to play with me, so we can cover for each other?” Although he didn’t want to share such a good thing with others, but…

I’ll just ask a few people, and it should be fine…

Meanwhile, Chen Feng was in a meeting with several artifact masters in his family and some decision-makers in the Yang Family and the Wu Family. They were all mid-tier families in Jiuhua City; they had some power but were less powerful than the big families such as the Ouyang Family and the Bu Family, let alone the Nalan Family.

Among the forces in the entire Jiangnan Region, they were in the lower-middle rank.

“We were probably tricked by that Hou Chong!” Chen Feng sat on the soft armchair covered by an animal’s fur, and he placed his hands on his thighs. “He forbids us from entering the shop, but I guess he wants to make profits from it secretly!”

“Can these new spiritual artifacts be copied?”

“I don’t think special artifact-making skills are required,” a long-faced middle-aged man in a green robe said with a serious expression, “It’s not difficult to copy them, but I can’t understand some of the details. Without these details, these weapons won’t be as powerful and safe as we want.”

“Daoist Wu is right.” Sitting beside him was a grey-robed middle-aged cultivator with his hair untied. “We can’t bring testing equipment into the game, and we must observe them with our artifact-making experience. It will be a time-consuming project, and it’s a test of patience.”

“A test of patience?! Hey!” The middle-aged cultivator who was sitting across from Chen Fang slapped his thighs and asked, “Do you mean the earlier one enters the game, the earlier one will figure out how to make these spiritual artifacts?”

“It seems that we’re late!”

“Brother Yang, calm down,” Chen Fang said, “Did you notice the customers in that shop? From what I saw, we’re not too late! The people who are studying the weapons all come from big forces such as the Liuyun Daoist Palace and the Cloud Ocean Faction. None of them are on the same level as us!”

After a pause, he continued, “If we hurry up, this might be an opportunity!”

“Opportunity…” The artifact master with the surname of Wu said, “Young Master Jiwei got to know the big figures such as Palace Master Xue, which is a good opportunity for us as well!”

“They are just acquaintances. Anyway, they know each other through the games, and you can’t take it seriously!” Chen Feng curled his lips and said, “Today, I killed Faction Master Ye several times! If he took it seriously, my Chen Family would have been eliminated by him!”

“You’re right!” The middle-aged cultivator with the surname of Yang said, “When I killed Palace Master Xue and you with a grenade, you didn’t take it to heart, right? Brother Chen?”

“Hey! You dare to mention that!” Chen Feng pointed at him and said, “I killed you with bullets at Bombsite B!”

“That’s a sneak attack! Sneak attack!” The middle-aged cultivator with the surname of Yang shouted, “What do you say about the fact that I killed you two with a sniper rifle through the gate?”

“I was careless!” While slamming his hand on the chair, Chen Feng yelled, “At Bombsite A, I killed you twice consecutively!”


“Brother Chen! Brother Yang! We’re here to talk about the new spiritual artifacts, right? What are you doing?!”

They froze for a few seconds, realizing that they had strayed from the point.

Meanwhile, Dong Qingli finally took out her communication jade. “Whoa! Qinghe sent me so many messages?”

Then, she looked up and saw Xiang Qinghe rushing over with a large group of people, roaring furiously, “Surround that shop for me! Don’t let anyone get away!”

“Qinghe!” Dong Qingli’s pretty face turned cold. “What are you doing?”

“Master!” Surprised, Xiang Qinghe hurried over and looked at her anxiously. “Are you okay?”

“This small shop detained you until now! We must make them pay!”

“Wait!” Dong Qingli asked, “What do you mean by detaining?”

“Weren’t you… Then why…” Xiang Qinghe looked baffled.

“It’s nothing! Nothing!” Dong Qingli said mildly, “I had fun in that shop and forgot to check the communication jade.”

“Is it that simple?”

“Okay! We’re fine!” Zhang Wanyu grabbed his hand and whispered, “Tomorrow, you’ll understand after coming and playing with us.”

“Tomorrow… you are still going there?” Xiang Qinghe’s face twitched. “I guess I’ll pass.”

“That’s good!” Dong Qingli said, “With one less person, we will have one less seat to find!”

“By the way, our shop will continue telling the stories from Celestial Warrior. It doesn’t matter that we will make less money as long as we can keep the good stuff to ourselves.”

Xiang Qinghe’s face twitched again. What a strange way of thinking.

“Besides…” Dong Qingli waved her pretty jade-like finger and said, “Wake me up at 7 AM tomorrow.”

“You always tell us that you need beauty sleep…” Xiang Qinghe looked confused.

With a cold expression, Dong Qingli gritted her teeth and said, “Tomorrow I must get up early to grab a seat!”

After one night of futile discussion, Chen Feng said, “You said that your sniping skills are great? Show me today!”

“Great? His marksmanship isn’t half as good as his son’s!” The artifact master with the surname of Wu said.

“It seems that we can’t continue the topic until we settle this in the game today and decide who’s stronger!” The cultivator with the surname of Yang said with a dark expression, “Don’t talk to me until you can defeat me!”

“Let’s do it!” After glancing at the sky outside the window, they immediately got up from the chairs. “Hurry up! There will be no seats for us if we’re late!”

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