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Chapter 141 - A Book Worm + A Foodie = A Fanatic

Chapter 141: A Book Worm + A Foodie = A Fanatic

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Yu Liang had a drink tonight and came back late.

While he was walking toward his residence in the academy, a few black figures flashed by!

“Old Ghost Qin is finally gone,” one black figure whispered, “I can’t wait anymore! With so many instructors gone, I’m sure that the school is less guarded than before!”

“Let’s go to the internet cafe!”

“Hey! You…”

“Internet cafe?! That’s another name for that small shop?!” Startled, Yu Liang realized that these disciples were sneaking out to the internet cafe during the night!

It was outrageous!

These disciples’ movements were very swift and neat as if they had done this many times before, and their cultivation strengths showed that they probably came from at least the Earth House.

When he ran over, the disciples had jumped over the high wall of the academy!

Yu Liang’s cultivation strength wasn’t low! Immediately, he leaped over the wall and saw the disciples just ahead of him.

“Someone is coming after us?”

“Is it an instructor?!”

“F*ck! Run!”

“Still want to run?!” Yu Liang’s face turned cold as he ran after them. However, he only took several steps when he heard some chanting.

Then, his vision darkened, and he could see nothing!

“Run! I used the Cloak of Shadows on him! He won’t see us for a while!”

“Brother! You’re awesome!”

“You put the skills that you learned from the games into good use!”

“Run now! The spell won’t last long!”

When Yu Liang recovered his sight, the disciples were nowhere to see!

What should I do? Launch another dorm-check?

No… Yu Liang thought , If my memory is right, there’s a reward for catching the disciples who are inside the internet café!

Although those disciples were gone from his sight, he would find them in that shop!

“I can’t believe that I’m now a main character of a novel!” After playing for six hours, Dong Qingli still felt excited.

She loved reading novels but had never imagined that she could do this!

She was able to enter the world created by the novel and explore the whole world as the main character!

She felt exhilarated! Just imagine how thrilled she was feeling when she was able to enter the world painted by her favorite novel!

In the past, Dong Qingli felt disgusted whenever she heard people mentioning games or Origins Internet Club. Now, she began to like this shop.

In fact, it was more than liking.

I feel like I’m fascinated by this shop!

Not able to suppress her excitement, she ran to the counter and asked, “Sir, you have passed Andariel, right?”

“How about Act II? Is it difficult?”

“By the way, that snack named Haagen-Dazs is delicious!” Dong Qingli licked her lips as if she were still savoring the ice cream. After all, she was not only a book worm but also a foodie! Otherwise, she wouldn’t have opened that big restaurant.

“It’s much more delicious than the food in the Wind and Moon Pavilion! Is the cooking technique really so sophisticated?”

Which shop do you really own?! Zhang Wanyu’s expression turned dark, and she felt like crying when she looked at the starry-eyed Dong Qingli.

Who would have thought that the owner of the Wind and Moon Pavilion would come to this internet cafe during the night and praise of the food of another shop while talking about Diablo?!

It was fortunate that they were wearing veils, and no one had recognized them. Otherwise, Zhang Wanyu would die of embarrassment!

Forget it! Our identities are concealed by the veils! It doesn’t matter what we do! Zhang Wanyu no longer wanted to care.

“This is the place!” Yu Liang pushed opened the door and entered the shop. Then, he saw two women in veils talking with an ordinary-looking young man and a loli at the counter.

Also, an elegant-looking young man in a golden robe put in a word or two occasionally.

“Where are they?!” Yu Liang glanced around the shop but couldn’t find those disciples.

Compared with the big shops in the city, Fang Qi’s two shops were small, but they still had two floors. It wasn’t easy for Yu Liang to find his targets in a short time.

Xiao Yulv glanced at him and quickly turned his gaze away, thinking, He’s a guy. I’ll just ignore him.

Yu Liang felt confused. He had heard that this was a small shop, but it didn’t look small to him.

Should I ask the shop owner to find them for me? He quickly shook his head, knowing that the shop owner would kick him out upon knowing that he was here to catch disciples.

At this moment, he realized that he knew almost nothing about this shop, and he felt lost upon entering.

Yeah, he knew nothing about this shop; not even a tiny bit.

He tried to remember the technique that one of the disciples used on him, and he knew that it wasn’t a combat technique from any of the major forces in the city.

Suddenly, he recalled that the disciples mentioned it was a skill from a game!

Then, Mu Hongzhu’s words appeared in his mind.

The three disciples from the Earth House disciples were not elites but could escape from him easily; that surprised him.

Since those disciples were able to use unique techniques on him, he knew that they were very smart.

Are they so easily bewitched?! Maybe… I’ll see what’s inside this shop!

“Sir!” His expression turned dark as he asked, “What is the Cloak of Shadows?”

“It’s one of the skills of the assassins in Diablo.” Fang Qi pointed at the small blackboard. “Do you want to play?”

“I want to try it…”

It’s a skill from this shop?! Is it a new combat technique? Yu Liang paid without hesitation.

– Wind and Moon Pavilion –

“It’s so late… How come they are still not back?!” Xiang Qinghe felt anxious.

“Did anything happen to them?” It had been more than ten hours, and it shouldn’t have taken so long to buy a book!

More importantly, they didn’t respond to his messages through the communication jade!

“Damn it! Did someone discover their identities?”

– Meanwhile, outside of the internet café –

Dong Qingli enjoyed herself very much today!

Still savoring the game that she had played, Dong Qingli clicked her tongue and said, “There’s such a grand world in Diablo. Before the adventurers came, there had been a war against Diablo…”

Although she couldn’t buy the second volume of Diablo, she felt great that she had gained so much information from her talk with Fang Qi.

“Haagen-Dazs is super tasty… The game is thrilling!” It sounded like Dong Qingli would come here tomorrow to continue playing the game and talking about Diablo.

“Then, shall we continue boycotting this shop?” Zhang Wanyu asked awkwardly.

“Of course! We must do it with greater efforts! If we stop boycotting it, there will be too many customers visiting the shop, and we’ll wait forever in line!” Dong Qingli gritted her teeth, looking worried.

“They bring so many people with them and leave us no seats!” Zhang Wanyu felt the same after waiting in line for such a long time. “Then, we must continue boycotting it!”

“In a few days, contact the Master Huo of the Southern Business Alliance and tell him that we must put more effort in boycotting! Then, we must put some pressure on Liuyun Daoist Palace and Cloud Ocean Faction and ask them not to bring so many people here each day!”

“But they are major organizations. I’m afraid we can’t put pressure on them…”

“These two organizations buy a lot of stuff from the Southern Business Alliance, right?”

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