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Chapter 140 - Professional Narrator Xiao Yulv

Chapter 140: Professional Narrator Xiao Yulv

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“Wait for four to five hours?” Zhang Wanyu suspected that the shop owner had found out their identities and tried to make things difficult for them!

Dong Qingli saw the words ‘Diablo Two’ on the blackboard and asked, “Is it true that the novel ‘Diablo’ came from your shop?”

While finishing the Haagen-Dazs slowly, Fang Qi answered, “Oh, you mean that book. Yeah, kind of.”

“Do you have the second volume? When do you plan to sell it? Are you the author? How did you come up with such a magical world?” There was heat in her eyes.

How come I feel like I’m in a book-signing event…  This young woman was hiding her identity, but Fang Qi could still detect her excitement in her words. I wonder if she will ask for a signature from me.

Zhang Wanyu felt cold sweat popping out on her forehead. “Master, you’re asking too many questions…”

“You mean that one…” Fang Qi pointed at the small blackboard. “That’s one of the games in my shop. As to how the author came up with this story… You have to ask Blizzard.”

“Blizzard?” Dong Qingli was puzzled. “What is that?”

“Blizzard?” Xiao Yulv’s ears twitched and he sneaked a glance their way, feeling like he would gain some important information.

“Blizzard…” Fang Qi’s gaze seemed to travel back to the information era of Earth, and he said with deep emotion, “It is a faith.”

“There’s a saying: The quality of any product from Blizzard is guaranteed,” Fang Qi said.

Xiao Yulv who had been listening to them on the side said with sudden understanding, “You mean Diablo is the product of a major force named Blizzard?”

“Something like that.” Fang Qi glanced at this beautiful book fan and said, “If you came to buy the book, I’m sorry to tell you that they are all sold out. As for the second volume, you have to wait for some time before it comes out.”

“Then…” Dong Qingli pointed at the small blackboard and finally turned her attention to the game. “How about the game? It has three parts?”

“Act II is about this place called Lut Gholein,” Fang Qi said.

“The Lut Gholein that is called the Pearl of the Desert in the first book?! The content of the second volume?!” Dong Qingli took a deep breath to calm herself down. “It isn’t a futile trip then! You do have the content of the second volume here!”

“It’s no wonder that there are so many customers in this shop!” Dong Qingli glanced around and saw the customers were either wearing the Daoist robe uniforms of the Liuyun Daoist Palace or the uniform of the Cloud Ocean Faction; only a few came from the city!

“This guy can fly on a sword?!” Glancing around, Zhang Wanyu saw a disciple from Liuyun Daoist Palace playing the Legend of the Sword and Fairy.

“Ugh? What weapons are in their hands? They can kill from a distance with a flash?” Then, she saw another disciple of Liuyun Daoist Palace using a sniper rifle.

“Are these… games?” Dong Qingli looked confused. “Are they watching a drama? I can watch it here without paying, right?”

“Miss, do you really know nothing?” Xiao Yulv couldn’t hold it in anymore. “You just came here without doing any background research?!”

Dong Qingli felt insulted. After all, she knew nothing but the content in the novel!

“Council members! Come over here!”

“Use Resist Fire Defensive Aura! So many hydras! I can’t resist them anymore!”

“Static Field! Blizzard! Get rid of the big one!”

On the other side, Nalan Hongwu and others began to kill the council members.

“… Resist Fire?!” Dong Qingli turned her eyes toward the guys who were shouting and battling on the screen.

“Do you see that?” Xiao Yulv waved his folding fan and explained, “The guys on the screen are the players themselves. They enter the games and move in the world as characters. This is called role-playing.”

Then, he pointed to the disciple of Liuyun Daoist Palace who was playing Counter Strike and said, “This is a First Person Shooter game in which players battle with each other with guns.”

“This shop has a movie in which they say that one can see the real world in the novel. It’s awesome, but since I’ve never seen it, I can’t explain it to you.”

Dumbfounded, Loli Jiang Xiaoyue said, “Boss… I think this guy explains games better than you.”

Fang Qi said, “He just repeated what I said.”

“Oh, while you’re waiting for seats,” Xiao Yulv continued, “You can buy a container of Haagen-Dazs. The taste of it…”

Xiao Yulv looked so fascinated as if he had eaten it before.

“Sir, this employee of yours is a better salesman than you,” Zhang Wanyu said coldly.

“Employee?” Fang Qi glanced at Xiao Yulv. “Do you mean this guy who is on our blacklist but just doesn’t want to leave?”

“Huh??” Zhang Wanyu froze.

Xiao Yulv said with confidence, “One day, I’ll get to play the games!”

At this moment, he seemed to be struck by an idea.

Our Liuyun Daoist Palace has all kinds of spiritual spells, Xiao Yulv sneered silently.I don’t believe that I can’t find a way to trick you!

After staying here for such a long time, I know almost everything about this shop. This damn shop owner seems nice to women. They call it chivalry and manner, but in my opinion… Humph!

“It’s said that the shop has games that favour female players… The so-called Resident Evil is one of them…” Xiao Yulv said while looking at the beauties by his side.

But now, I’ll steal your thunder! Xiao Yulv smirked.

“Haagen-Dazs?” Dong Qingli frowned, thinking that the food in her Wind and Moon Pavilion was the best in Jiuhua City.

Besides, a true masterpiece would have a poetic name, and Haagen-Dazs sounded quite ordinary.

Meanwhile, Xiao Yulv continued to show off his knowledge while waving his folding fan. “The Haagen-Dazs isn’t ordinary food! Its production techniques originate from the Crisp Mountain, the most popular snack in the summer at Jingshi, but it is more advanced and exquisite! Its milk fragrance mingles with the scent of vanilla. It melts on your tongue and its taste…

“The ingredients used in Haagen-Dazs are selected with such care that they triumph all others…”

Then, he began to brag about the ingredients of Haagen-Dazs.

“This small shop put such emphasis on snacks?” Hearing his words, Dong Qingli seemed to change her opinion about this shop, and she even looked impressed. “Then, we’ll take two containers of Haagen-Dazs while we’re waiting.”

Fang Qi snapped his fingers. “Xiaoyue, take the money.”

Zhang Wanyu took out money with a dark expression. “Are you sure he isn’t a shill for your shop?”

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