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Chapter 139 - Wait In Line for About Five Hours

Chapter 139: Wait In Line for About Five Hours

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As only a combat technique instructor, Mu Hongzhu didn’t supervise Class A and thus didn’t accompany the disciples to Jingshi.

Qin Bing brought lots of elite disciples and some instructors to the national examination, but Lingyun Academy still operated as usual.

Most of the students were not elites, and they were left in Lingyun Academy and continued with their cultivation, which seemed endless.

Lingyun Academy didn’t pause its operation just because its elite disciples left; it continued to work evenly like a precise machine.

As usual, Mu Hongzhu taught the disciples combat techniques. After class, she sat on the short wall outside of the training field and thought of the things that still confused her.

She had thought that the things explicitly forbidden by the academy would never be good stuff. After all, the academy did it with the disciples’ futures in mind even though the punishment was a bit too severe.

But now, she found that it wasn’t the case.

“Instructor Mu!” Yu Liang, another combat technique instructor who was on his way to teach the Xuan House, looked at Mu Hongzhu curiously when he saw her still in the field.

“What are you doing here?” They were both combat technique instructors and were familiar with each other.

“Instructor Yu, did it ever cross your mind that the disciples go to that forbidden small shop not because they are addicted to the games and forgot their studies?” Mu Hongzhu was still in deep thought.

“Didn’t they say that some of the students were bewitched by the shop?”

“Many of them are elites from big families; do you think something can bewitch them so easily?” Mu Hongzhu said with a frown.

These instructors weren’t stupid, but they didn’t spare any thoughts on this topic. However, when Mu Hongzhu brought it up, Yu Liang began to think.

“I’m sorry.” Mu Hongzhu seemed to realize that she had misspoken, and she checked the time, saying, “I hope I didn’t delay your class.”

“It’s fine! It’s fine!” Yu Liang glanced at the training field and said, “The class hasn’t begun yet.”

Watching Mu Hongzhu leaving the training field, Yu Liang wondered, Why did she bring that up? It’s strange…

“Why are we working so hard to boycott this small shop?” Glancing around the crowded shop, Chen Feng felt tired inside.

However, he had no time to mind this business right now. Instead, he tried the gun in his hand repeatedly.

“Son, is this the weapon that you want to buy?” Chen Feng asked.

“No. These weapons don’t have arrays engraved on them. They will be more powerful when arrays are added to them!”

“Array engravings…” Startled, Chen Feng studied the gun in his hand again and found that there wasn’t a trace of spiritual energy in it!

It has no spiritual energy, but it can unleash such great power?!

As a person who controlled most of the Chen Family’s fortune, he wasn’t stupid! He knew that if arrays were added to these weapons, they would become a new category of spiritual artifacts, and their value would be tremendous!

Besides, these weapons would be extremely popular since any ordinary person could use them!

“Did you say that Blue Flame Pavilion could make these weapons?” Chen Feng asked in a shaky voice.

“They can just copy some simple ones,” Young Master Chen said, “However, after they engraved the arrays on the guns, the power is extraordinary. The artifact masters in the Cloud Ocean Faction and Liuyun Daoist Palace are also studying these weapons.”

“They… are also studying them?” Chen Feng detected an important piece of information from his son’s words.

“Then, our Chen Family can’t fall behind!” He took out his communication jade and sent out several messages in one breath!

“Dad, what are you doing? Come and play first!”

“I’m inviting your Uncle Yang, Uncle Yu, and some artifact masters from our family over to play Counter Strike!”

“Hurry up! The game begins now! Palace Master Xue and Faction Master Ye are waiting!”

“Okay…” Chen Feng joined his son’s room in a hurry.

Due to the joining of new players, the preparation was a bit longer than usual. When Chen Feng entered the game, the game was still loading.

Before him was a group of golden buildings; he was in Dusk 2.

“Buy guns!” Young Master Chen was now a commander. “Follow me! RUSH B!”

The moment that the game began, people began racing!

“Stun grenade! Stun grenade!”

“F**k! Who threw it?! It blinded me!”

“I’m blinded too!”

“Throw a smoke grenade! Cover me!’

Eight smoke grenades flew around in the air, and everything was in a mess.

When the effect of the stun grenade disappeared, they couldn’t tell people apart. The ground was covered by bodies, and the survivors saw nothing but grey smoke!

“Who am I? Where am I?! Who is shooting me?”

“Hahahaha! There is only one left on their team!”

Young Master Chen fired without aim with a light machine gun.

“Behind you!”

“We win this round! We win!”

The long-time viewer Xiao Yulv’s faced twitched. What the f**k is this?!

Covering his eyes, he walked away and thought,  I’d better watch someone else…

It was too embarrassing to watch…

At this moment, Xiao Yulv saw two young women walking into the shop. The girl on the left wore a pale green dress, and her pretty hair and slim eyebrows showed that she was extremely beautiful even though one could only see the vague shape of her face through the veil.

Half a step behind her was a sharp-eyed woman wearing neat black clothes and a black veil.

How come people all come here this mysteriously? A while ago, a guy wearing a bamboo hat came. And now, two girls walked in wearing veils on their faces. I thought the disciples of Lingyun Academy don’t dare to come anymore.

Meanwhile, Fang Qi was sitting at the counter and eating Haagen-Dazs while Jiang Xiaoyue glared at him as if she wanted to eat him alive.

“Who’s the owner of the shop?” Zhang Wanyu glanced around and asked.

“He is…” Xiao Yulv froze for a second and then pointed at Fang Qi at the counter.

“Ugh?” Fang Qi looked up from his Haagen-Dazs. “New customers? The rules are on the small blackboard, and you can read them yourself.”

Zhang Wanyu’s face turned dark. After all, in their Wind and Moon Pavilion, there would be a waiter coming up to greet the customers, but this shop told them to read for themselves!

Located in this remote corner, how come this shop is still open when the owner’s attitude is this bad? It should have closed down without the need for us to boycott it,Thinking of her previous worry, she felt like laughing.

While she was musing with these thoughts, Fang Qi continued, “Oh, you’ve come at a bad time since all the computers are taken. I’m afraid that you have to wait four to five hours.”


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