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Chapter 138

Chapter 138: Take orders, Disciples from Liuyun Daoist Palace (Cloud Ocean Faction)

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“A weapon costs 1,000 crystals?” Chen Feng was surprised since the Chen Family’s business covered the sale of spiritual artifacts and weapons.

These things were the foundations of powerful families.

More importantly, he was impressed that this good-for-nothing son of his could befriend the big figures from the Liuyun Daoist Palace and the Cloud Ocean Faction in this shop.

He had thought that this small shop had big figures behind it, and it was boycotted because it had conflicts with Huo Chong and others. He had done some investigation and didn’t spare much thought to it after knowing that it was just an entertainment business.

Now, he began to think that this shop wasn’t what he had thought.

After reading the book three times in one seating, Dong Qingli put it down reluctantly, still savoring its content.

“It’s really amazing!” Dong Qingli exclaimed, “How could such a place exist?! Who is the author?”

It wouldn’t be unusual if the story was only set in a new world. However, the unique customs, traditions, and even the religious beliefs in this story were realistic, making it a more fantastic read.

“I wish that I could meet this author!” Dong Qingli inhaled deeply with an indescribable excitement, and her full chest rose and fell with her fast breathing. “I want to ask this author how this story was thought up.

Xiang Qinghe looked awkward.

Zhang Wanyu also looked hesitant, wondering if she should tell their master that this novel was related to the shop that they were boycotting, and it was probably one of its schemes!

The shop is using this method to handle this situation?!

Dong Qingli saw their expressions and asked in bafflement, “What’s wrong with you guys?”

“No… Nothing.” Xiang Qinghe coughed slightly.

“That’s good.” Dong Qingli handed the book to Xiang Qinghe and said, “Give this book to Mr. Duan, and our Wind and Moon Pavilion will tell this story as well.”

“Ugh?” Xiang Qinghe froze, and so did Zhang Wanyu.

It would be free promotion for their enemy!

“What did you mean by ‘Ugh’?” Sitting on the soft recliner, Dong Qingli gazed at her two subordinates mildly. They were her best employees, and they had managed the Wind and Moon Pavilion well when she was absent.

However, recently…

She gazed at them coldly and said, “What do you want to say?”

“We don’t dare to hide the truth from you, Master.” Xiang Qinghe immediately bowed to her and said, “We heard of Diablo from the customers who are also visitors of the small shop named Origin… It’s very likely that this book is a scheme of that shop…”


Dong Qingli felt as if she had been struck by a lightning bolt when she heard that the author whom she admired a moment ago was actually her enemy.

How could this happen?! It is impossible!

The person whom she had admired and sung high praise about was in fact the mortal enemy she was trying to beat viciously?!

Dong Qingli’s expression changed many times in one instant.

“Master!” Seeing the hesitation on Dong Qingli’s face, they immediately said, “We suggest that we burn the book and forbid anyone from talking about it. We will kick out anyone who breaks this rule!”

“Kick them out?” Dong Qingli’s smirk was faint, but her voice sounded like a heavy mountain on their hearts.

“Then, the Wind and Moon Pavilion will close the door?!” Dong Qingli said in a cold voice.

They were at loss for words.

“How could they come up with this plan!” Dong Qingli gritted her teeth.

“Qinghe!” She asked, “Are you sure that this book comes from that shop?”

“I’m 80% sure of that!” Xiang Qinghe said, “It’s the shop that you dislike the most. The tiny shop that encourages its customers to criticize the snacks in our shop, saying that they are not as good as those in that shop. The incident of that drunkard guy…”

“Huh?” At Dong Qingli’s cold stare, he immediately shut up.

“Master, you must be careful! It must be a scheme of that small shop! They want to hook you with this book so that we won’t boycott it!”

Dong Qingli had a sudden urge to go into that small shop and experience the so-called virtual reality games. She said in a cold voice, “If that’s what they want, then their scheme is successful!”

“What?!” They looked at Dong Qingli dully.

Their scheme was successful?!

“You’ve always disliked that small shop, right?” Xiang Qinghe’s heart lurched as a bad feeling struck him.

“I only like this novel.”

“We’ll go and see if they have the second volume. If they do, we’ll buy one and won’t stay long in the shop,” Dong Qingli said earnestly. “Qinghe, Wanyu, which one of you wants to go to that shop with me?”

Due to the incident of that drunkard, she had a deep dislike for everything from that shop. However, she felt like her determination was shaken.

“After all, there’s no deep hatred between me and that small shop, right?” Thinking back, she remembered that she had just gotten mad over that incident once.

“Wanyu, you go with Master.” Xiang Qinghe felt unsettled with this sudden change of plans!

He felt bad that all his plans and arrangements were disrupted suddenly.

It was in a mess!

“I hope Master just wants to go and take a look…” He comforted himself even though he didn’t believe it too much.

“Oh! Prepare two scarves so that we won’t be recognized!”

“Dad, this is the place!” Young Master Chen pushed open the door with a flattering smile.

“Shut up!” Chen Feng gave him a dirty look. “Hush!”

He looked very mysterious in black clothes and a large bamboo hat.

After all, he had joined Huo Chong’s side in boycotting this small shop, and it would reflect badly on him if he were discovered.

With squinted eyes, he looked inside and found that it was quiet.

It seems like the boycotting is effective. He nodded.

After all, Huo Chong had called all the businesses in Jiuhua City to boycott this small shop. and it was a miracle to him that this shop was still open.

He was confident in the combined power between the Southern Business Alliance and Lingyun Academy. Even An Huwei felt pressured, let alone this small shop!

While he thought about that, a dignified middle-aged man in a white robe and a tall hat came from one end of the street with a team of about 100 people.

From the other end of the street, a middle-aged celestial-looking Daoist in a black Daoist robe with embroidered white clouds was also coming this way, followed by about 100 people.

Seeing each other, the two men stopped walking, and the air sizzled as if a storm was coming.

“You came again?! Another group training?!”

“You are doing the same! Daoist Ye!”

“Sure enough, people came to destroy the shop.” Chen Feng nodded slightly.

In the next moment, he heard a command!

“Take my order, disciples of Liuyun Daoist Palace!”

“Take my order, disciples of Cloud Ocean Faction!”

“Grab a seat now!”

“???” Chen Feng was surprised.

With a dark expression, Young Master Chen dragged his father into the shop while yelling, “Xiaoyue! Activate the computers!”

He finished the routine of booting the computer and opening the game at top speed!

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