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Chapter 137 - The Glory That Belonged to the Disciples!

Chapter 137: The Glory That Belonged to the Disciples!

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Mu Hongzhu felt like she had gone mad.

Instead of taking Lan Yan back with her, she had played games with them for one night!

However, she felt great as she leveled up with them, and the warrior qi in her body had increased by a small realm!

This was beyond fun; it was insane!

Later on, she had found that the people in the team that led her in the game included not only Lan Yan but Song Qingfeng and the others as well!

“How come you’re here too?!” Looking at Song Qingfeng and his friends, Mu Hongzhu’s face turned dark. “Aren’t you afraid that you will be expelled from the academy?”

“Instructor Mu, they won’t know if you don’t tell on us!” Song Qingfeng said, “Besides, it’s more than playing games! We play with faith!”

“Faith…” Mu Hongzhu almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

“We must redeem the honor of our punished classmates!” Lin Shao said, “That’s why we must work hard and increase our strengths!”

“Are you kidding me?” Mu Hongzhu asked, “What’s your realm now?”

“Level 3 Master Warrior Realm, Instructor,” Song Qingfeng said mildly.

“Level 1 Master Warrior Realm,” Lin Shao said in the same cool tone.

“Same for me.”

“I’m at level 2 of the Master Warrior Realm,” Lan Yan sounded mild as well.

Mu Hongzhu froze.

“I remember that you were only official warriors when you entered the academy!” She had thought that these disciples increased their strengths in the Lingyun Martial Arts Tower, but these huge jumps were…

“Hush! Don’t tell anyone!”

“Instructor Mu! This way!” When they came close to the main gate of the academy, Mu Hongzhu asked them curiously, “Aren’t you returning to the school?”

“We are!” Song Qingfeng said, “We came out by jumping over the wall, and we must return the same way!”

Mu Hongzhu felt like she, an instructor, had been dragged into the camp of these disciples.

“The wall is so high; how can you scale it with your current cultivation strengths?!” She was amazed by their audacity!

They even dared to jump over the academy’s wall and get out without being discovered!

“Move! Move! Move! Show Instructor Mu our wall jumping skills with the sword control technique!”

Mu Hongzhu watched while they each took out a sword and sent them flying in the air, forming steps before them!

She froze at the sight. “You even learned spiritual spells?!”

“We are controlling the swords with qi!” Song Qingfeng said smugly, “Instructor Mu, don’t tell people about this. When we’re in the national examination, we’ll beat the sh*t out of those who dare to mess with us!”

Watching her students jumping over the wall one after another, Mu Hongzhu followed them without thinking, feeling like her previous beliefs all collapsed.

These disciples had reached the Master Warrior Realm while in the Huang House, and the other disciples were still at the Official Warrior Realm!

Besides, they could even move the swords in the air, which meant that they could attack from a distance.

Of course, she didn’t know that there was a late-stage Master Warrior in her class!

She would be even more astonished if she knew.

– Meanwhile in the Heaven House –

“Old Guo, have you heard the news? Wang Zhishui is back!”

“Yeah, I know,” Guo Xiong answered with a muffled voice. As a low-profile player, he had recently taken time to practice the sword control technique and the close-range combat skills. After all, the national examination was drawing near, and he must work harder.

– Meanwhile in the Xuan House –

Xu Zixin was carefully cleaning the Magnum Revolver in her hand.

“Zixin, I heard that Li Haoran did some modifications to this gun?” Shen Qingqing asked with envy.

“Yeah, it’s much better than before. I think I can use it to defeat late-stage Master Warriors.”


Meanwhile, Fang Qi was playing games in the internet cafe.

“It’s almost done…” He clicked open the Skill Interface and added the last point to a skill.

[Skills Expert: Become proficient with 10 skills in games (10/10) and master the sword control technique.

Task reward: flying on swords (proficient).

Task description: you should thank your powerful system.]

[Do you want to claim the reward?]

Fang Qi immediately selected [Yes].

Then, rows after rows of data flashed before his eyes as if new knowledge was injected into his brain. Gradually, Fang Qi felt like a lot of new information entered his brain!

Besides information, there were all kinds of tricks on controlling swords. Just as he did in the games, he instantly understood them!

Meanwhile, he received a new task.

[Mastery: Master the newly-learned skill of flying on swords

Task reward: Laotan Chinese Sauerkraut Instant Noodles

Task description: Hug the sky]

[TL Note: Laotan Chinese Sauerkraut Instant Noodles is one of the most popular instant noodles in China. Also, hug the sky is one of their slogans in their commercials.]

“What? Hug the sky? The reward is instant noodles?” Fang Qi looked at the task in doubt. “Isn’t this messed up?”

Today, all the elite disciples of Lingyun Academy gathered on the Lingyun Square; they were going to Jingshi to participate in the national examination!

In Class A of the Huang House.

Sad howls sounded in the class since half of them were not qualified to participate.

Also, wherever they went in the academy, they were pointed and laughed at.

It was all because they had been expelled from the Lingyun List and became wastrels!

Xi Qi looked extremely lost since this blow was quite heavy to this talented young man.

In fact, some people in his family began to demand for his return to punish him.

He had thought that he might be defeated by someone with greater talent one day, but he had never imagined that he would fall in this way.

“Don’t worry, Old Xi.” Song Qingfeng felt gloomy at this sight.

He patted Xi Qi on his shoulder and said, “I ensure you that I’ll win back your honor!”

“Work hard on your cultivation!” Lin Shao gave him a light punch on the chest and added, “I hope that you won’t be so lousy that you can’t even defeat me when we come back!”

“Got it!” Xi Qi felt touched. He had never imagined that they would get so much closer due to the games.

He tightened his fists and said, “Win glory for me… No! Win glory for our class!”

He knew that his future was counting on this!

Otherwise, the academy’s punishment would be finalized, and it would bring huge blows to most of the disciples here.

“Of course!” Song Qingfeng laughed. “If I can’t beat the sh*t out of the opponents who are one level above us, I will be too ashamed to call myself a player at Mr. Fang’s shop!”

They gave each other a fist bump and said their farewells.

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