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Chapter 136 - Fang Qi’s Scheme

Chapter 136: Fang Qi’s Scheme

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“Scheme! This must be a scheme from that unscrupulous shop!” Zhang Wanyu got the book, but she was sure that this was a scheme from the small shop that they had tried to suppress!

“They even tried this trick?! It’s fortunate that we found out before they could do us any harm!” Zhang Wanyu declared in a loud voice.

“Well!” Dong Qingli turned to the first page of Diablo while she murmured to herself disbelievingly, “Is this book really so good?”

Xiang Qinghe felt like something wasn’t right.

Anyway… It won’t hurt to read it… He wiped the cold sweat from his forehead while he thought.

“The writing is ordinary…” At first, Dong Qingli read with a frown. However, the more she read, the more surprised she got; the novel described a completely different world!

She felt neither envy nor admiration, but the strong curiosity hit her when she learned something new and wondrous.

When she read the book, she even felt like it broadened her vision and knowledge. It felt like she was getting to know a new world!

Of course, she didn’t know that this logical and fantastic story never occurred in her world.

Driven by this strong curiosity, she couldn’t stop reading. She felt as if she were in a world engulfed in mist, and she received an unprecedented sense of achievement whenever she saw a new thing or gained a new understanding of this world.

Fang Qi had had the same feelings when he read novels in his old world. Like any fiction lover, he would get extremely excited by the author’s imagination and wait breathlessly for the plot to unravel itself.

As a fan of novels, Dong Qingli was first hooked by the wondrous beginning of the novel. Without her awareness, she sank into the story until she turned to the last page.

I’m still a bit confused… Dong Qingli thought with a hand supporting her chin.Who on earth are the dark wanderers that they mentioned many times…

No. I have to read it again. She turned to the beginning of the book.

Compared to the games which distracted people from the great plot with all kinds of fun gameplay mechanics, this official novel showcased its fascinating plot!

Xiang Qinghe and Zhang Wanyu looked at each other and wondered if they should grab the book from her hand and burn it! She looked possessed!

Zhang Wanyu felt like if they didn’t do that, something more unthinkable would happen.

Soon, her ominous feeling was confirmed since Dong Qingli turned to the beginning again when she finished reading the book for the second time.

Some people would read the best parts of a book repeatedly. There were not a lot of such people, but Zhang Wanyu gaped as she finally understood what a bookworm was.

She felt like crying, regretting that she hadn’t burned the book before she brought it back. Now, it was too late.

Xiang Qinghe felt bitter inside as well.

After making many plans with Huo Chong, he got uneasy when seeing this, wondering if his master would surrender to their enemy in the next instant! After all, he had just mentioned to her that the unscrupulous shop even had a game for it!

Damn it!

Meanwhile, Young Master Chen was excited when he heard that Blue Flame Pavilion could make guns and had even produced one with success!

As a loyal fan of Counter Strike, he was elated to find that he could lay his hands on one of these miraculous weapons in the real world!

When he did more investigation and learned that Blue Flame Pavilion had made a Magnum Revolver for someone, he was stoked.

As to the cost, he didn’t lack funds since he could always get money from his father.

“Dad!” When he was having dinner at home, he brought up the topic. “Give me some crystals to buy a weapon.”

“Buy a weapon?” Chen Feng was astonished.

He knew that his son was a good-for-nothing, but he loved his son too much to give the latter a hard lesson since he only had one child.

But today, his son asked to buy a weapon?!

“What weapon do you want?” Chen Feng waved his hand generously. “I’ll get you the best!”

“Give me 1,000 crystals; I want to buy a pistol,” Young Master Chen said mildly.

“One…” Chen Feng froze. “How much did you say?!”

Despite the great wealth of the Chen Family, 1,000 crystals were still a big fortune. He had thought that a weapon that cost a few hundred crystals was good enough for his son whose level was quite low.

However, his son requested 1,000 crystals!

“I’ve made an appointment with Palace Master Xue of Liuyun Daoist Palace and Faction Master Ye of Cloud Ocean Faction to buy the weapons together,” Young Master Chen said calmly. “I can’t look bad before them, right?”

In fact, they were the only people who were at the same level as him right now.

Besides, Young Master Chen had been teammates with Xue Daolv while they used the RUSH B strategy.

“Who??!!” Chen Feng’s face twitched, and he felt like giving his son a slap to wake him up from his dream!

“Palace Master Xue of Liuyun Daoist Palace! Forget it, I’m playing Counter Strike with them after dinner.” Young Master Chen waved his hand.

“Play what?!” Chen Feng felt like he couldn’t follow his son’s logic.

“Counter Strike,” Young Master Chen said, “It’s in the shop which all the businesses in the city are boycotting.”

Chen Feng’s face turned dark since he had joined the boycott as well. He said in a cold expression, “How dare you go to that place?”

“Why not?” Young Master Chen said, “Palace Master Xue promised me that he will take me into the Liuyun Daoist Palace as a disciple if I take him into my team and play Counter Strike together… With my talent, I can reach the Yuan River Realm even though I began cultivation quite late. I didn’t even care to give him a reply yet.”

Chen Feng’s face twitched hard this time.

“Is he really Palace Master Xue?!” Chen Feng asked again, “Are you sure that you’re not being tricked?”

“Although I never met Palace Master Xue before, I know Castellan An,” Young Master Chen said, “This person doesn’t have to bow to Castellan An. Do you think I’m a fool who doesn’t notice the details?”

Chen Feng knew that An Huwei was partial to this small shop, and he had thought that An Huwei had a special relation with it. Now, it seemed like he had been wrong.

Still feeling like something was off, he said, “Son, take me to the shop and play the so-called Counter Strike after dinner, okay?”

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