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Chapter 135 - Come and Gain Levels!

Chapter 135: Come and Gain Levels!

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When Wanyu found this small bookstore in this remote corner, it was already dark.

After searching for the book for most of the day, she saw a long line of people waiting in front of the shop when she came to this narrow street with some servants.

Usually, the closer to the downtown in Jiuhua City, the safer it was. This area was obviously better than the location of Fang Qi’s shop.

Of course, Zhang Wanyu wouldn’t stand in line as everyone else did. She walked to the front of the line and asked, “Is this the place where the Diablo novel is sold?”

At this moment, a servant-looking young man paid for the book happily. Yu Zhiwei looked up at the woman standing in front of her and said politely, “I’m sorry, but they’re sold out.”

“Sold out…” Zhang Wanyu froze. “We just arrived, and the books are sold out?!”

The servant-looking young man who was about to leave looked at Zhang Wanyu as he noticed her luxurious dressing. Then, he said with a smile, “Hey, Lady, I can sell my book to you if you want.”

Zhang Wanyu was pleased. “Thank you! How much do you want?”

“One crystal.”

Zhang Wanyu’s face fell. “What did you say?!”

One crystal?

It was more than enough to buy all the volumes of Celestial Warrior that were out at the moment!

“No?” The servant-looking young man said with disdain, “Then forget it.”

Zhang Wanyu snorted, thinking that she would be a fool to pay so much for a book!

She walked to Yu Zhiwei and asked, “Miss, when will you restock the books?”

Yu Zhiwei said, “I’m sorry, but I was just selling them for a friend. There are no reprints.”

She pointed at the sign beside the door that said, [Only 1,000 copies for sale.]


Besides Zhang Wanyu, all the other people in the line were stupefied!

Only 1,000 copies? No reprints? With such booming sales, is this author stupid?!Zhang Wanyu thought.

As to pirated versions, it never crossed her mind.

After Dong Qingli worked with the official force in Jiuhua City and gave a brutal hit to the people who were selling pirated books, few people dared to do such a risky business!

But, how could she find a copy now?

Time was essential to business. The Wind and Moon Pavilion was losing its customers. Although they could afford it, Dong Qingli wouldn’t like her incompetence.

Besides, the loss of profit in the Wind and Moon Pavilion would be much more than a crystal!

Finally, she gritted her teeth and said, “Stop! I’ll take it for one crystal!”


All the people around them were stupefied.

“Pay one crystal for one book?!”

“Is she crazy?!”

“What’s she thinking about?”

“She’s obviously rich…”

Even Yu Zhiwei who was sitting in her shop was stupefied by this.


Diablo?  Zhang Wanyu found this name quite familiar.

“The game?!” She suddenly remembered that some customers of their restaurant had once mentioned this name!

It was night when Mu Hongzhu came into the internet cafe in a black cloak.

However, when she entered the shop, she found that the Origin Internet Club didn’t look like an evil place as she had imagined.

In her mind, this shop should at least look like a casino with some brawny guys guarding the door!

But when she entered, there was nothing of that kind!

In the neat and clean shop, a cute loli was sitting behind the counter.

What’s this?  She was confused. “Is this a disguise to confuse the customers?”

At this moment, the battle between Liuyun Daoist Palace and Cloud Ocean Faction had ended, and it was quiet with a few players.

Before Mu Hongzhu came here, she had talked with Nalan Mingxue and knew that the students seemed to be playing a very interesting game.

“If that’s the case, it’s not a big deal…” Mu Hongzhu thought.

She didn’t know that Nalan Mingxue had prepared a whole package for her.

“Room number…” Following Nalan Mingxue’s instruction, she activated the game, created her character, and looked for the room number.

In fact, the moment that she entered the game, she felt something wasn’t right.

Is this an illusion?! How come it feels so real?

Find a blue portal, go in, and find her? At this stage, she had a stronger feeling that something wasn’t right. However, she couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

[Lan Yan is inviting you to join her team. Do you accept?]

Mu Hongzhu was surprised. This girl is indeed here?

She selected [Yes] immediately and saw a few figures running over followed by a large group of monsters.

“Careful!” As a high-level warrior, she rushed over at the sight of danger.

In the next moment, a level 1 assassin was sent flying on the screen!

Then, all kinds of lights flashed, and the monsters dropped dead on the ground!

How come my injuries are healed?! Sitting on the ground, Mu Hongzhu was puzzled, not knowing that she had just leveled up.

“Instructor Mu?! Are you playing this game too? Let’s go and level up!”

Mu Hongzhu, “…”

Her face turned dark. “Level up? Go back to school with me!”

“After we level up a little!”

Just like that, Mu Hongzhu, a level 1 assassin was dragged away.

Ten minutes later, Mu Hongzhu began to understand the game after leveling up and killing lots of monsters.

“While I fight with the monsters, I can increase my cultivation strength by leveling up?!” After killing a zombie, she said in astonishment, “I can increase my cultivation strength so fast?!”

After leveling up several times with her team, she felt that her cultivation strength had grown a lot in only ten minutes!

The speed was horrifyingly fast!

“Of course.” Lan Yan said casually, “Otherwise, we wouldn’t have come here every day.”

“I understand now…” Mu Hongzhu sank into deep thought. She had heard that one could increase cultivation strength here, but she hadn’t taken it seriously, especially after the academy declared that it was evil stuff.

But now, she felt that the warrior qi in her body had increased, and it was very pure, not something full of impurities. It meant that there were no side effects in her newly gained cultivation strength!

One hour later, she found that in this illusion-like game, one not only could increase cultivation strength but could also learn skills and techniques from the characters!

Besides, I can get inspired by the character’s own understanding and experience?! This is so powerful! If one can cultivate in this place, the Lingyun Martial Arts Tower would look lame!

At this thought, she began to understand why Qin Bing was trying his best to suppress this small shop!

His reason was probably not that the disciples got distracted from their cultivation by playing the games!

Of course, she hadn’t noticed that the games were fun to play!

Before she knew it, she had killed quite a few bosses and changed into a set of golden items under the guidance of her teammates.

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