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Chapter 134 - Tricking Instructors to Play in Internet Café - A Smart Move

Chapter 134: Tricking Instructors to Play in Internet Café – A Smart Move

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“Is it really so good?”

“I can’t find a seat if I’m late?” The fat guy murmured to himself while he watched the two warriors leave. “Shall I go and have a look?”

Yu Rui was speechless.

The same scenes happened not only in Dongguan Book Forest, but in other big bookstores as well. Soon, people began talking about and asking about this novel in all the restaurants of this area and even in Tianfu Street.

People learned that they could hear this novel in the Fusheng Restaurant. In the last few days, the place was full whenever Diablo was told!

Due to the great popularity of the novel, Li Fusheng asked the storyteller to retell the portion of the story from the previous day at noon during dinner time.

– In the Wind and Moon Pavilion –

If the most luxurious restaurant in Jiuhua City didn’t have the entertainment option of storytelling, An Cheng and Bu Che wouldn’t have known about novels.

“It’s convenient that we can now buy the newest volume of Celestial Warrior in Jiuhua City.” A woman lay lazily on a soft recliner behind a gauze curtain.

Wearing an apricot colored gauze blouse and a milky-white silk skirt, she had a charming faint smile on her face while she had turned to the last page of the book in her hand.

She closed the book reluctantly and asked, “Qinghe, when will be Mr. Duan tell this volume?”

“He’s telling it… But…” Xiang Qinghe felt embarrassed since he had never encountered such a situation before.

“But what?” Dong Qingli’s only hobby was reading books including the history of Dajin and pre-establishment times. Also, she enjoyed novels when she was free; it was one of her favorite entertainment options.

Since her grandfather was one of the few top officials who supported the idea of managing the country using civil methods instead of military methods, she had gained these hobbies from her elder generations.

“But it seems like there are fewer listeners!” Xiang Qinghe pointed toward the outside.

“What?” She put down the book. “Don’t you think that this volume is good?”

There were lots of customers in the Wind and Moon Pavilion, but few people cared to listen to the story anymore recently.

“It seems that they’ve all gone to Tianfu Street.”

“Ugh?” She put down the book. “Where’s Wanyu?”

“She’s gone to Tianfu Street as well,” Xiang Heqing said in embarrassment.

“What is it?” Dong Qingli gave him a hard look. “What do you want to say?”

“Wanyu is gone for a long while, and I haven’t had any messages from her yet…” Xiang Qinghe said awkwardly.

“Can’t you contact her with the communication jade?” Dong Qingli asked in bafflement.

“She didn’t respond…”

“Didn’t respond?” Dong Qingli arched her eyebrows. “Do you think that something happened to her?”

“Shall I… take some people with me and check up on her?” Xiang Qinghe asked uneasily.

At this moment, he received a message on his communication jade.

“Listening to a novel in a restaurant… It’s superb, but it seems that no one knows where to buy this book.” After hearing the message from the communication jade, Dong Qingli murmured and asked in bafflement, “With the ninth volume of Celestial Warrior out, there’s a book that is even more popular than it?”

“It’s impossible!”

It must be noted that these kinds of novels mostly originated from the biographies of previous emperors, which was why these novels were most popular in Jingshi, the Capital of Dajin.

As in Jiuhua City, storytelling in restaurants was started by her.

But now, people claimed that another novel was more enthralling than Celestial Warrior!

That is nonsense!

“Have you found out where we can buy this book?” Dong Qingli asked immediately.

“No?” Dong Qingli’s face fell. “Send more people on it!”

“Instructor Mu.” In a cafe inside the Lingyun Academy, Nalan Mingxue had a cup of high-quality red tea in her hand.

The aroma floated from the cup, and one sniff of it could lighten one’s mood.

“Mingxue,” Mu Hongzhu felt a bit weird. “If you have any questions about the combat techniques, you can ask me in my office. You don’t have to invite me to this place…”

“It’s not about the combat techniques.” Nalan Mingxue said with the tea cup in her hand. “I wonder how much you know about the games at the Origin Internet Cafe…”

“Those things?” Mu Hongzhu frowned. “Aren’t they addictive evil things that attempt the disciples to take the risk of being severely punished by the academy? Why did you bring them up?”

Nalan Mingxue sighed faintly. “Yeah. Lan Yan… has sneaked out to play the games again.”

“What?!” Mu Hongzhu stood up immediately.

“Since I can’t go out of the academy,” Nalan Mingxue said gloomily, “Only you can help me now…”


“Aren’t you afraid that I’ll report her to the academy?” After hearing what Nalan Mingxue said, Mu Hongzhu was surprised that Nalan Mingxue expected her to bring Lan Yan back without notifying the academy!

How could she do such a thing?!

However, she soon realized that she couldn’t refuse this request!

“Most of the disciples in Class A are not on the Lingyun List anymore,” Nalan Mingxue stated this fact calmly, “These disciples’ situation is…”

Mu Hongzhu’s face fell, and she finally agreed to help. Just as Nalan Mingxue said, she didn’t want to lose another disciple.

After all, she had taught them. When she saw most of them being punished, she felt as bad as them.

Meanwhile, she was curious about the charm of the games which enthralled her disciples.

Nalan Mingxue’s request gave her a good excuse to satisfy her curiosity.

“Diablo Two, and her usual room number is…”

“After putting on an aura-concealment cloak, one would reveal their true identities only in the games?”

“It’s indeed a strange place…”

Addicted? She was amused. I’m just going there to fetch a disciple; there’s nothing to be worried about.

After a day of teaching, Mu Hongzhu was supposed to prepare tomorrow’s lessons and then cultivate in the Martial Arts Tower or a cultivation room.

In fact, many ambitious warriors lived this onerous life, and the only additional thing that they did was going out to do missions.

However, she took off her fiery-red leather armor today and changed into black clothes before putting on a black cloak.

She had to personally investigate the place that enthralled her elite disciples.

After all, every disciple in her class was a genius, and she hated to lose them.

Also, she was an instructor of the academy and thus couldn’t let the disciples see she enter the place which was forbidden by the academy.

Nalan Mingxue continued to sip her tea. Instructor Mu… is quite naive sometimes.

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